"All I want is nothing more

To hear you knocking at my door

'Cause if I could see your face once more

I could die a happy man I'm sure"

Thursday nights were family nights in the Foster house. Thats the way it's always been and that's the way it will always be. I, unfortunately, was no exception. After asking Stef and Lena if I could visit this old record store in the city with Wyatt after dinner, I was lectured on the importance of family. What a joke.

I had only been here a month and a half and I guess you could say I was happy. I had Jude (my only real family left) with me and we were both safe from those who made our pasts a living hell. Mariana and Jesus recently took it upon themselves to teach Jude things he was never taught in other homes. Jesus was teaching him to ride a bike, hoping one day he could teach him to longboard with him. Mariana was teaching him all the new styles to wear to school. I think Mariana's help was more beneficial for herself, however. She now had two other siblings to watch out for - her reputation even more at stake. Lena and Stef were good 'moms'...if I even had the right to call them that. Sometimes, when they walked away after we had a conversation, I will call them mom, just to see how it fits. I think I'm working up to the idea. Although this is just a temporary ordeal, it's still nice to believe that maybe I can stay here until I turn 18. Only a couple more years. Brandon was nice too. I always saw him ruffling Jude's hair when he walked by or giving him an extra slice of pie even though Lena said he could only have one. He was teaching me how to play the guitar better too. I was just a beginner when I moved into this house but I've been seeing improvement everyday.

I guess I could stomach one night of 'family fun.'

I sat down on the living room couch in between Jude and Brandon. I never really noticed the way Brandon's hair...never mind push that thought away. Tonight's family activity was a game of charades. Great.

We split up into three teams. Jesus and Mariana. Lena and Jude. Brandon and Me. Stef was the 'Charades Referee' as she put it. It was the first night back from the hospital so she was just trying to relax anyway. First up was Jesus. While Jesus laid still on the ground the only things moving were his legs in an up and down movement, I took out my phone to send a text.

Couldn't make it out. See you at school tomorrow, maybe we can leave campus for lunch?

"They're going to take that away if they see you with that you know." I looked up to see Brandon smirking at me. I laughed at him, noticing the phone in his hand too. His background photo was of him and Talya at some breakfast place. He never could change it, even after they got into a fight. I stopped laughing as a response came from Wyatt.


His response was cruel and short. Things were finally okay with us again and he was making things difficult. After he told me to go for Brandon and I saw him with Talya, I went back to Wyatt. I told him Brandon wasn't the one I wanted. I wanted Wyatt. I wanted Brandon.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna go grab a water." Everyone waved me off and I went to the kitchen. I fell into one of the barstools and put my forehead on the counter. The touch was cool and it was a wake up call. Suddenly, I heard fingers tapping on the counter.

"I think we should talk you know." Brandon said this as if it was no big deal. What could he possibly have to talk to me about. I could watch him talk all damn day...stop that Callie he is your brother!

"What is there to talk about?" I held my glass under the faucet and noticed my hands were shaking. Why was this happening to me? What kind of power did he have over me?

"I saw you at the hospital, in the hallway. You looked like you were going to come over and talk to me but Talya wouldn't let me leave, she was asking too many questions about my mom."

"Oh, yea I wanted to tell you something but I remembered that you were with Talya so I..." My mouth snapped shut. I closed my eyes and prayed for some type of miracle. Maybe I didn't really just say that or maybe I will open my eyes and a time machine will be in the corner. I opened my eyes and with luck never on my side, he sat beside me fiddling with his hands.

"Why would it matter if I was with Tayla or not?" You could hear the shakiness in his voice. That shakiness was cute.

"Uh..." I couldn't think of anything to say, "Never mind, let's get back to game night. I grabbed his arm and led him back to the living room.