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Chapter 1 – A Little Drop of Blood

"Well don't you look nice, are you throwing a surprise release-party?" Harry said as he pocketed his wand in his jeans pocket. Harry had just finished dressing in the clothes Hermione had brought to the Hospital Wing the night before when Poppy had said she would release him.

"It's much worse, but I promise you I had no idea." Hermione said and ran a hand down her knee-long, one-shouldered purple dress. Her hair, which she had cut short a few weeks ago, was styled perfectly.

"Let me guess, one of Riddle's idiotic followers has claimed his throne and challenged me to a duel? Or maybe old Tom has found yet another way to come back to life?" Harry said with a smile, nothing had been able to put a downer on his mood over the last three weeks. Riddle and his minions had attacked Hogsmead on the last weekend before summer break, but with the help of Snape had the Order and several Aurors been in the village ready to attack. Harry had used all of his magical reserves in his duel with Voldemort but the Dark Lord had lost in the end. Harry had then spent about a week in a magical induced coma to help his reserves heal enough so they could start refilling.

"As I said: much worse. Ron has, with the help of Dumbledore, made a Marriage Contract binding you and him." Hermione said and instantly saw the anger in Harry's green eyes.

"What? Why would he do that?" Harry said running a hand through his hair not believing that the boy he had considered his best friend since he was eleven could do this to him. Harry knew that Ron hadn't taken the news of Harry being gay all that well when he had told them a year go, but he had accepted it and Harry couldn't believe that Ron was still bitter about Harry being the 'Big Saviour', he thought that they had talked it over.

"Because being a Bearer makes you a valuable asset in the reestablishment of the Weasley name. Ron sent me to get you to the Headmaster's office and he also wants you to wear this." Hermione said enlarging a short white lace dress, looking at in disdain; Ron really had bad taste.

"Oh really? We'll see about that." Harry said and had Hermione turn his jeans and tee into a pair of slacks and a white shirt; he was finally free and nobody was going to take that away from him.

"There you are my boy, wonderful that you came." Dumbledore said with a smile and that damn twinkle ever present in his eyes. Ron was standing beside his parents, dressed to impress, looking like the cat that had caught the canary. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley both looked excited and confused, Harry had the feeling that they didn't know the complete truth. Remus and Severus was standing on the Headmaster's other side glaring at him and Ron.

"Not like I had any choice." Harry mumbled making Hermione stifle a giggle, even in the worst situations did Harry manage to have a witty mouth.

"Now that we are all here we should get started." Dumbledore said sounding way to happy.

"Actually Headmaster, I would like to take a look at the contract before I sign anything." Harry said making the Weasley matriarchs turn a shocked look to their son; they had obviously not heard about the contract.

"Well of course dear boy." Dumbledore said sounding mildly surprised, he had apparently hoped that Harry would just go on with it, but let Harry see the contract so he wouldn't look bad in front of the adults in the room. Harry quickly looked the contract through, he and Hermione both knew a lot about magical contracts as they had researched them in the hopes of finding a way to break Harry's connection to Riddle earlier on that year.

"I you don't mind me asking Professor, but when exactly did you take my blood that was used?" Harry asked not even looking at Dumbledore or Ron, he knew that if he looked he would lose his cool.

"When you were in the coma." Ron answered; Harry could easily hear the smugness in his voice making him want to gag. Harry knew very well that Bearers were seen as property, gender-indentified as female and he could effortlessly end up being auctioned off to the highest bidder if the wrong people were to find out the truth.

"Very well, I guess we're done then." Harry said turning to leave.

"Are you sure you want to go Harry? You could lose everything if you break the contract." Ron said sounding even smugger, if that was even possible, and boastful, it was clear that he thought he would get everything that Harry owned. If Harry had to be honest he would say that the redhead almost reminded him of Malfoy back in their first years at Hogwarts.

"Actually Weasley, that's where you're wrong. This type of contract only takes the amount of magic in the blood used from the party that breaks the contract." Harry said sounding tired, he had only just left the Hospital Wing, under strict orders from Madam Pomfrey to keep calm, and the stress he was under wasn't doing anything good for his still healing body.

"Are you really willing to lose your magic?" Ron said sounding shocked for the first time, he if any knew how much Harry loved magic.

"Didn't you hear what I just said? I will only lose the amount of magic that is in the blood at the time it was drawn from the body, and as all of my magical reserves has just started filling up again after the final battle does it mean that there was next to no magic in my blood. Now if you will excuse me." Harry said and swiftly walked out the room, Hermione close at his heels.

"I can't believe that you are taking it all so calmly." Hermione said when Harry finally slowed down as they reached the ground floor and the Entrance Hall.

"Calmly? I'm breaking down fast." Harry said, tears pouring from his eyes, as he turned and sobbingly fell into Hermione's waiting arms. It only took a minute or two before Harry was out cold, his body had been way too weak to hand it all, and had to be carried to his rooms in the dungeons by Remus, who had followed them with Severus by his side. Harry had been living with Remus and Severus since the summer before his sixth year, as they had discovered the abuse Harry had suffered from at the Dursleys', when Severus had gone to check up on him as they hadn't heard from Harry, only to find him bloody and bruised in the cupboard under the stairs.

Seeing the boy she considered her best friend and brother made Hermione want to march right back to the Headmaster's office and kick Ron a place she knew would hurt, but she also knew Harry would disapprove, even after everything that had happened, and would need her by his side when he woke.

Author Notes

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