So, I heard that the tenth Doctor is coming back for the 50th, but, what about all the others, this story is the ultimate multi Doctor story everyone has been waiting for, I give you THE ELEVEN DOCTORS! Btw, the first chapter begins with the eleventh Doctor and Clara, and then they meet all the others in chapter 2!

Chapter one – the arrival

The Doctor was standing in the TARDIS, he turned and looked at Clara

"Clara" he said

"Yeah?" came the reply from across the room as Clara emerged from another corridor

"Clara do you know what year it is on Earth, relative time?"

"Twenty-thirteen" she said, slightly confused "why?"

"Because this year, 50 years ago, that was when my adventure started" the Doctor smiled, Clara giggled, until


A strange siren went across the TARDIS

"DOCTOR!" Clara screamed "what is that?"

"Well, I installed it a couple of years ago, that alarm goes off, when the TARDIS senses my presence nearby, the presence of, A PAST ME!" the Doctor yelled

In the next moment the Doctor pressed the materialization button and the siren stopped as the TARDIS came to a halt. The Doctor opened the TARDIS doors and they stepped out, they were on Earth, in Cardiff, at the rift. Clara looked around until she spotted, ANOTHER TARDIS!

"Doctor Look!" Clara pointed towards the large blue box, but the Doctor was too busy looking at something else, Clara saw what he was looking at and gasped, right before their eyes was another 9 TARDIS's .

A group of men, some seeming very old, in bowties and old fashioned dress, others in bright rainbow suits that look younger, one was wearing a leather jacket and another a long over coat, they were all converging and talking.

"Clara" the Doctor said slowly "these are the other ME's"

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