Here it is! The last chapter! I was going to get this done sooner, but I've been sick, had dance concerts, and because of reasons I am only putting this chapter up now. Sorry!

But here it is anyway :)

Everyone ran in a large group, Ten ran past Clara and grabbed her hand "You need so be fast!" Ten yelled at her, Clara scoffed.

"Okay!" she said as she overtook Ten and the rest of the group, now leading everyone out followed closely by Eleven.

The turned corners and reached the dark part of the corridor again, Clara grabbed Eleven's sleeve and he led her to the TARDIS. The ten other Doctors piled in after them. A loud explosion forced Clara to shove her fingers in her ears, and the TARDIS rocked violently.

"That button there!" Nine told Four, who pressed the button

"You know you really don't need to tell me all this" Four said "I am you, remember. Or perhaps, you are me!" he chuckled and pulled down a lever

"Let us all fly the TARDIS back to Earth!" One smiled and said.

Two and Three turned numerous knops "Make sure to reverse the polarity" Three said loudly

Four, Five and Six were playing 'catch the jelly baby in your mouth' while pressing buttons. A loud cheer went through the TARDIS as Five managed to catch three at once.

Seven, Eight and Nine squabbled over who looked the most ridiculous, they eventually decided on Six and his rainbow coat, with Four coming up in a near second due to his way-too-long scarf.

Ten stood next to Eleven and whispered "I can't wait to be you." Eleven smiled back at him "Neither could I."

Eventually the TARDIS landed back in Cardiff, where this adventure in space and time had all started.

"Group hug!" Eleven yelled, all of the Doctors from the past 50 years, came closer and hugged each other.

"For the days lived." Eleven said

"And the days to come." One finished.

All the Doctors left in their own TARDISs, Except One and Eleven. The Eldest and Youngest Doctors exchanged looks.

"Well done" One said "Well done on becoming the man I had always wanted to become. I'm proud of what you have accomplished."

"You were the one that started it all" Eleven said "You're the reason I'm standing here today. Thank you."

As One turned around and wandered back to his TARDIS, Eleven looked at Clara.

They smiled at each other, and walked back into their TARDIS.

"Doctor, there's just one thing I'm still confused about." Clara said


"Who was the person that disabled the force fields?"

"I've got no idea." Eleven replied

As Eleven's TARDIS left Cardiff. An old looking man with grey hair stared on. "Well done Doctor" he started "Well done. Me!"

The End.