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General POV


Five teens gathered around the computer. Dylan, who was the brains of the group, sat in the chair. Kyle, who was their best male fighter, had his arm laying on the back of Dylan's chair. Ryan, who was the best strategist, had his arm around Chloe's shoulders. Chloe often assisted Dylan and Ryan when they made plans. That left Amanda. Amanda was standing near Kyle and she was their best female fighter and the strongest of the team.
"So this is it." Kyle said. "After two years, we finally beat him."
"He can't come back, can he?" Amanda asked.
"That's statistically impossible." Dylan said as he looked around at all his friends.
"So we defeated XANA." Chloe said.
"Took us long enough." Ryan said. "Now maybe I can get a good nights sleep."
"And maybe you can stop snoring." Kyle said because the two of them shared a room at the school that they went to.
"I don't snore." Ryan said, defending himself.
"Please, the only reason XANA ever attacked at night was because he was woken up by your snoring." Kyle said, which made the rest of the group chuckle. In a blink of an eye, Ryan started to chase Kyle. They were careful not to trip over the cords laying on the ground.

Amanda couldn't help but smile as the two chased each other around the room. As she thought about everything that her and her friends have been through, she couldn't help but feel saddened. When she started to lean against the computer, Chloe looked at her.
"What's wrong?" She asked, stepping to Amanda's side.
"Nothing, it's just..." Amanda let out a sigh. "There's something I haven't told you guys." When Ryan and Kyle hear Amanda, they stopped chasing each other.
"What is it?" Kyle asked. Amanda looked around at all of her friends before reluctantly deciding to tell them.
"My dad got offered a better paying job and he wants to move the whole family."
"You can't." Ryan said with sadness in his voice.
"I have to." Amanda said. "My dad already took the job offer. The only reason I didn't tell you is because we were too busy defeating XANA and I didn't want there to be any distractions."
"When are you leaving?" Dylan asked.
"Not for three weeks at least." Amanda answered.
"We have to have a going away party for you." Chloe said with a small smile.
"You don't have to."
"I think we should." Kyle said. "You're moving away and we just defeated XANA. The least we can do it have a party." Amanda looked around at all of her friends. They all were encouraging her, by nodding. She eventually sighed.
"There is no talking any of you out of it, is there?"
"Nope." They all said at the same time, which made Amanda smile.

~End of Flashback~

Amanda's POV

I moved my hand and slammed it on top of my alarm clock. I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling. My dad had taken the job offer and moved into a house, but they've sent me to Kadic Academy. My dad had given a donation of money and I had good grades, which allowed me to get my own room. It was nice, but it was also lonely. At my old school, I shared a room with Chloe, who became my best friend and the sister I never had. It was nice at the same time. I could decorate the room the way I wanted to and even leave a little mess every now and then. Although I've been in the city for a few months, I've only been going to the school for a few weeks.

I knew some of the people. I had met some of the sixth graders, who were nice to me. There was Milly and Tamiya, who knew everyone else in the school. The eighth graders, my grade, were somewhat harder to get along with. The principal's daughter, Sissi, was one of the first people to talk to me. She said that her dad told her to show me around. I thought she came across as the popular person that's used to getting her way. She even had Herb and Nicholas follow her around. They were nerds that had a hopeless crush on her. They actually slightly reminded me of Dylan. Although Dylan never had hopeless crushes on anyone.

Sissy pointed out a group of people she disliked. There was Yumi, Ulrich, Odd and Jeremy. I knew them because we shared a couple of classes. Odd was in my art class. The three guys shared a chemistry class with me. Some of them also shared my math glass and gym. I didn't really talk to anyone much besides Milly, Tamiya and Sissi because I was still getting used to my classes.

I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria, eating breakfast. It was scrambled eggs, toast, and a choice between ham and sausage links. I also grabbed a little container of pancake syrup, which was the only way that I was going to eat scrambled eggs. The food was actually better than my old schools food, but not by much.

I was taking a sip of my orange juice when Sissy stepped up to the side of the table.
"Eating all alone again?" She asked. "You know if you want to make friends, you should sit with me." I held back rolling my eyes. I didn't mind Sissy, but she seemed stuck up and it could get slightly on my nerves. It wasn't anything I haven't dealt with before.
"But it's better than hearing you talk about your not-so-secret crush." I said, trying not to be mean. "Besides, I want to sit alone." She let out a huff, because she didn't get her way, before going towards Herb and Nicholas. Out the corner of my eye, I could see Ulrich and Odd with small smirks on their faces. I turned my attention back towards my food.

After breakfast, I had to go to Chemistry. I was walking towards the building when someone came up to me.
"I don't think we've met yet." Out the corner of my eye, I saw Odd. "I'm Odd."
"I know." I said. "I'm Amanda. I've only been here a few weeks."
"I saw you talking to Sissy earlier." He said. "She didn't seem happy."
"She wanted me to sit with her and I didn't want to."
"I don't blame you." He said as we stepped up the Science building steps. "I can't stand to be around her for more than a few minutes."
"I know. I've seen you walk away from her a couple times last week. She can't stand you either."
"What about you?" Odd asked as we walked into the Chemistry room.
"What about me?"
"Can you stand me?" I couldn't help but smile.
"Well, I haven't insulted you." Odd smiled as we sat down. He had sat down in his seat, which was behind me. When the teacher walked in, I couldn't help but feel Odd's eyes on the back of my head. I thought I felt myself blush, knowing that I got a boy's attention. I sat straight in my seat and focused on the lesson.

All of my classes had Odd in them and for most of them he walked with me to them. When it came to lunch, he asked me if I wanted to sit with him, but I said no because I like to eat by myself. He was funny, but there was something strange with him. In the middle of our last class, he asked to go to the nurse, even though I could tell that there was nothing wrong with him. At the end of the day, I was on my way to my room when everything changed.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting in the cafeteria. As I looked everything was the same as it was in the morning. 'Please don't tell me it happened' I thought to myself just before Sissy stepped up by the table.
"Eating all alone again?" She asked. 'Just like this morning' I thought. "You know if you want to make friends, you should sit with me."
"I'd rather eat alone." I said, not wanting it to feel more deja vu than it already was. She stood there for a minute before walking away. I decided to look towards Odd, who had been sitting by his friends, just like before. He looked towards me before I could feel my phone vibrated in my pocket. Since it was before class, I wouldn't get in trouble by having it on. When I checked it, I noticed it was Dylan. 'Maybe I was right' I thought before answering.
"Hi." I said.
"Hi Amanda." Dylan said to me. "It's nice to talk to you, but I wish it was under better circumstances."
"Is it about before?" I asked, not saying anything specific.
"Okay, let me get a little more privacy." I said before putting the phone between my ear and getting up with my plate. I crammed some sausage links in my mouth before tossing the food away and going outside. Before I even left, I could see everyone at Odd's table looking at me strangely.

I walked behind the nearest tree.
"I can talk now." I said to Dylan. "Are you sure it has to do with Lyoko?"
"I don't think anything else has a 'return to the past' program."
"So, it's not just me then." I thought out loud. "Do the others know?"
"Yeah." Dylan said. "We've noticed before, but we didn't want to bother you."
"We're all in this together, remember? Besides it took us about two years to defeat him." I paused for a minute and thought about what Dylan said the day we defeated Xana. "How can he even be back? I thought you said it was statistically impossible for Xana to come back."
"I didn't think that there would be a situation like this."
"You mean the possibility of another Lyoko. You are the smartest of us Dylan. How come you never thought of it?"
"I thought about it, but there was never any evidence supporting the possibility of another Lyoko."
"Have you checked the computer?" I couldn't help but ask. "Are you sure no one accidently turned it on and has been using it?"
"Kyle and I checked it out after we noticed when we went back in time the second time around. No one touched it since we shut it down before you left."
"Since it's not that..." I stopped and thought about all the weird things that have been happening during the few months that I've been here. Not to mention I've noticed Odd and his friends sometimes running off somewhere "... I think there is another one where I am."
"What makes you think that?"
"Well, I've noticed things."
"What kind of things?" Dylan asked and I started to feel like someone was watching me.
"I'll tell you later. I have to hang up before I get in trouble." I said, slightly lying before hanging up.

The teachers couldn't get me in trouble because I wasn't using my phone during class hours. I quickly slid my phone into my pocket before turning around. I was slightly surprised at who I saw, but after what happened, I wasn't too surprised.
"Odd." I said, trying not to sound surprised. "Hey...umm, how much of that did you hear?" I asked, hoping that he didn't hear me say anything Lyoko or Xana. If my thoughts were wrong, then he could just be another one of those people were innocent and didn't know anything.
"Enough." He said and by his expression, I knew that he didn't find any of it strange.
"So you know about Lyoko and Xana?" I shyly asked.
"How do you even know about all of it?" I let out a sigh, hoping that if I just talked about it, I could avoid a future problem.
"Before I moved here, me and my friends spent two years fighting against Xana until we defeated him, or so we thought." I stepped closer to him. "Please don't tell anyone. I've just started to get back to a normal life and it's a new school so I can't really afford to do all that again." Odd opened his mouth, but I spoke before he could say anything. "Please?" I practically begged him.
"Thank you." I gave him a smile before going towards the drink machine, hoping that one of the drinks could make me feel better.

General POV

Odd walked back into the cafeteria and sat at the table where his friends Yumi, Ulrich, Jeremy and sat at the table.
"What was that about Odd?" Ulrich asked. "Why did she act differently after the return to the past?" Odd let out a sigh. He wanted to tell them that Amanda had fought in Lyoko before and defeated Xana but he actually liked her. At the same time he didn't want to say anything because he saw Amanda as a friend and friends keep each other's secrets.
"It's nothing." Odd said before eating more of his food. The others looked at him, not believing him and he noticed. "What?" He asked with a full mouth.
"Are you sure she didn't say anything?" Jeremy asked. Odd just nodded his head as he swallowed his food.

Amanda's POV

I leaned against the wall with a hot chocolate in my hand. 'How can there be another Lyoko?' I asked myself. 'How did Odd seem to know about Lyoko?'
"He would have had to gone there." I thought out loud. 'The only people that would know about Lyoko and remember it are the ones that have gone to Lyoko. Maybe his friends are also part of it.' "That would explain it." I thought out loud when I pictured how they looked at me after the return to the past.

My classes went the same as before the return to the past, with the exception of Odd leaving near the end of the school hours. During lunch, I had told him to meet up with me outside my room so we could talk. He said he didn't tell his friends about what I said in the morning which I was glad for. I was just about to relax on my bed when I heard a knock in the door. When I opened it, Odd was standing on the other side.
"Hey." He casually said to me.
"Come in." I said before stepping to the side and letting him come into my room. I subconsciously checked to see if anyone had followed him before closing the door. When I turned around, Odd was sitting cross-legged on my bed.
"Nice room." He said as he looked around. "How'd you get a room to yourself?"
"My dad donated a lot of money and my grades were pretty good." I said as I sat on the chair at my desk. "And I like it better than sharing my room. I had to at my old school." I said with a small shrug. "How do you know about Lyoko?" I asked, not wanting to stall.
"I've beaten XANA's monsters." He proudly said. "They don't stand a chance against the mighty Odd." I slightly chuckled, which made Odd smirk. "I always get him running scared." I laughed a little.
"XANA doesn't get scared. At least not easily. I've learned from experience."
"You should help us." Odd basically blurted out. "You've had experience fighting XANA and we need all the help we can get." I slightly smiled. "We've only been fighting him for a few months, but you have two years of experience. Plus you could see how good of a fighter I am."
"That is tempting, but I can't. I spent two years trying to balance Lyoko stuff with my normal life. I mean, sure we had the return to the past program to, but with all the training my cousin had us do on the weekend, I never really had time for myself. Despite knowing that there is another Lyoko and the occasional return to the past because of your group, I've just started to feel like I've had a normal life. I want to go back to Lyoko, but I have to live and do things other than battle evil computer programs."
"Normal life is boring." Odd complained. "Fighting XANA's monsters and showing them who's boss is the highlight of my day."
"It was mine to." I said with a small smile. "Until we defeated him, or at least we thought we did." The day we defeated XANA flashed in my head and I couldn't help but feel sad. That was the last day I saw my friends, the last day I was in Lyoko and the last day I had to worry about it. "That doesn't matter though." I said as I shook the thoughts away. "I can't have a normal life if I start fighting in Lyoko again."
"Just because you don't want to help, doesn't mean we can't be friends."
"So, we're friends?" I asked and Odd nodded.
"Of course." I smiled, knowing that I had at least one actual friend at Kadic.

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