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I decided to post this prologue today in honor of Harry's and JKR's birthday, and hopefully I'll have the first chapter ready by tomorrow

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Time, unlike what many people thought, was in constant state of changing, nothing was written in stone, and the actions of an individual could change their destiny along with the fate of the whole world and sometimes changing what was written is the best course of action. This is a fact that a young wizard kept repeating in his head as he prepared for his journey.

London, December, 12th, 1978

It had been a long day for everyone, Voldemort kept growing stronger day by day and the war kept claiming lives day by day, so it was that four friends decided to keep themselves some company and eat together, those friends were Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, and Lily Evans.

"Sirius Black and James Potter, it's been such a long time!" A man with brown hair smiled from his place at the table the moment the friends crossed the threshold "and who might this lovely lady be?"

"Lily Evans, pleasure to meet you" the redhead smiles, shaking his hand.

"I'm Romulus Lupin, at your service my lady"

"Romulus! Great to see you! What are you doing here?" Sirius Black grinned at the man before him, sitting beside his friend James Potter while Remus Lupin was hugged by his brother.

"I wanted to congratulate you all on graduating! And to thank you Sirius" Romulus' smile turned softer "Carol and I are happy to have a chance at raising a child, and it's all thanks to you"

"Thanks for letting me see them every once in a while, they deserve a happy home, something I'm not able to give them" Sirius grinned, sitting next to Remus

"it's the least we could do, Carol was ecstatic" Romulus smiled back "I don't know if you were told, but we're keeping the names you gave them"

"really? You know you don't have to right? I mean, thanks and all but…"

"oh it's fine, believe me, besides, Carol likes them, she says they're original"

"If you're staying you could stay for dinner, we were going to order something" Remus suggested

"no, that's fine, I have to get back home soon anyway, but thanks for inviting me" Romulus smiled to his brother, but before he could reach the door a bright light appeared right in the middle of the room "ehm, is this some of your magic trick guys? Because it's pretty neat"

"Rommy, we're not doing anything" Remus tried to explain but before he got a chance everything went black.

Hogwarts, August 20th, 1995

"I don't think I'll ever grow tired of this" Harry announced as he relaxed, laying down under the shade of a tree, he had just arrived to Leon's house, where he would stay a couple of days before they left for the Quidditch World Cup in a couple of days.

"I know, it's very nice out here" Leon sighed, sitting next to his friend, watching as his sisters splashed in the water along with the Weasley twins and Ron.

"It is, but I meant your home, its amazing" Harry smirked at Leon once he saw him blush, laughing a little when Leon kicked him

"Hey you two! Let's go inside, it's getting cold, and we're hungry" Zania said, getting her towel.

"We were just waiting for you to finish" Leon smiled "I'm sure Remus and Mrs. Weasley prepared something"

They stood up and joined the other five as they made their way home, where their parents, siblings and Hermione were waiting, on the way back they joked and laughed all along. Once they arrived they were surprised to find the house empty.

"Where's everyone?" Harry questioned, looking at the empty living room

"Not in the kitchen!" Zania yelled

"Or upstairs!" Leon and Adhara called back. They came back down and everyone sat on the living room.

"Where could they have gone?" Fred scratched the back of his head. Suddenly, in the middle of the room, they saw a bright light floating, just above the table

"What's that? Did you guys do something?" Ron glared at his brothers

"No, this is not one of ours I'm afraid little brother" the twins said in unison

Before anyone could say anything else the bright light expanded and then everything turned black.

The next time Harry opened his eyes he was in a big room, beside him there was Leon, fast asleep. He stood up and saw Ron and Hermione in the same state; he turned around and saw the entire Weasley clan unconscious, along with Lupin. He looked up once he hears a groan from the other side of the room.

"Jesus all mighty, Remus! This is the last time I come visit" a man that seemed to be in his late 20s or early 30s complained, before kicking a lump that groaned and moved at the contact.

"Hey! Don't blame us, or Moony, it wasn't us, we didn't even had a wand" said a very familiar voice, the man stood up and Harry gasped once he recognized him

"Sirius?" He breathed; the three men looked at him quickly.

"Who are you? How do you know who I am?" Sirius asked, Harry tried to explain but couldn't find the words before he saw everyone start to wake up. Soon everyone was on their feet with their wands ready, the confusion and panic in the room were visible.

"What's going on? Are you Death Eaters?" asked James, pointing his wand at Harry

"no, they are not" said a voice from behind them, everyone turned to look, Harry could barely see two figures, both dressed in muggle clothes, one of them had a red hoodie that covered his head and ripped jeans, Harry couldn't see his hair and it was hard to see his face but he could see he had grey eyes, beside him there was a taller boy, with shocking blue hair and brown eyes. The blue-haired boy spoke again "they aren't death eaters, and if you let us, we will explain what is going on, and why we brought you here"

"so it was you who brought us here" Charlie said, glaring at the two strangers

"yep, but we have a very good reason" the boy with the hoodie said "you see, we come from the future, and my friend here and I, decided to come to the past, gather you lot (since you play quite an important role in the future) and fix everything that needs to be fixed"

"and why should we believe you?" asked Sirius

"you don't have to believe us, in fact, all things considered, we don't really expect it" the blue haired teenager said looking sad "but we are telling the truth"

"but, even if it's true, why would you risk coming to the past? Or bringing all of us together? I mean, it's illegal! And changing the course of time could bring terrible consequences!" Hermione exclaimed

"we know the consequences, but the fact is…" the blue-haired boy hesitated "there were many losses from the war against Voldemort and though we live in a time of peace, we can still see the shadows left by the war"

"we were sent back in order to change the outcome of the war, to save lives" said the boy in the hoodie

"and how are you planning on doing that?" said Mr. Weasley, speaking up for the first time

"we'll explain later, for now we would like to introduce ourselves, and then you can introduce each other, it'll be easier to talk that way" explained the hoodied boy nodding at his friend

"right, my name is Ted, or Teddy if you want, I'm 19 years old and I'm training to be an Auror" the blue-haired boy-Teddy- smiled at everyone and gave a little wave

"and I'm Remmy, I just turned 19 and I'm a Healer" he waved as well and smiled widely at everyone "now it's your turn, unless you have any questions?"

"I have one! What house were you in?" Sirius asked, while Remus and James facepalmed

"well, I was a Griffyndor while Teddy here was a Ravenclaw" Remmy smiled "anything else? No? alright then, how about you introduce yourselves? We can start with the Weasleys!"

"very well, I'm Arthur Weasley, and my wife Molly" Mr. Weasley said after a small pause, still sounding hesitative smiling at Mrs. Weasley "I work for the ministry, at the misuse of muggle artifacts department"

"I'm Bill, oldest son, ex-Griffyndor and currently working as a curse breaker for Gringotts"

"Charlie here, also a Gryffindor and I work as a dragon tamer in Romania" Charlie grinned as both James and Sirius exclaimed how awesome it was

"I'm Percy, I was a Gryffindor, I graduated last year and now I work at the ministry in the…"

"yeah, yeah, we don't have—" Fred interrupted

"—all day, I'm Forge, and this is Gred" George continued

"we're both Gryffindors, we're on our 6th year"

"and we're the best beaters Gryffindor has ever seen" they finished, causing many people to snort

"and I'm Ron, the youngest boy, I'm on Gryffindor and I'm on my 4th year"

"Ginny, youngest child and only girl, Gryffindor, and I'm going to 3rd year" Ginny blushed a little and looked at Hermione, who was standing at her side

"well, my name is Hermione, I'm also a Gryffindor, and I'm on the same year as Ron" Hermione said then looked at her side, seeing only professor Lupin

"I'll go next shall I? though most of you know me, I'm Remus Lupin, I was a Gryffindor and I am a teacher" Lupin smiled at his younger friends

"wooow, Moony, you're a professor!" James said

"wow Moony, you're old mate" a younger Sirius laughed

"shut up Pads" the younger Remus said, blushing

"well, I'm Adhara Black, and this is my sister Zania" Adhara said after a nod from Lupin, ignoring the faces from the people from the past

"we're Gryffindors and the best chasers ever" Zania finished, before nodding towards Leon

"oh, me? Ehmm, I'm Leon, Leon Lupin, and I'm a Gryffindor, I'm on my 4th year" Leon said, before anyone could say anything Leon signaled to Harry

"and I'm Harry Potter, also a 4th year and also a Gryffindor" Harry said

"Potter? Are we related?" James asked curiously, Harry nodded

"you're my dad" he answered

"wow…I have a son? Really? And I imagine, or well, I hope, that Lily is your mom?" when Harry nodded James grinned and jumped "oh yeaaaah! You hear that Pads? Lily is going to say yes!"

"that's brilliant mate!" Sirius grinned

"not that this isn't great, but can we get on with the introductions so we can explain everything?" Teddy said

"oh, yes of course, well, I'm James Potter, Gryffindor, and currently in the process of becoming an Auror"

"Sirius 'Awesome' Black, Gryffindor and like Jamie-boy here, an Auror in training"

"Lily Evans, also a Gryffindor and currently training to be a healer" Lily smiled

"Remus Lupin, and well, my…older self already said everything else really" Remus shrugged

"and I'm Romulus, Remus elder brother, and I'm a…what do you guys call us? Muggles?"

"yes, you're a muggle" Remus said

"great, so now that everyone introduced themselves this is what's going to happen, we came from the future to change it, and after many months of deliberating, it was decided that the best way to do that was" Remmy took out a book from his bag "was reading about it"

"I'm really sorry Harry, but these are from your point of view, these books will tell your story, starting from your third year and ending at the end of your seventh" Teddy said, sending an apologetic grimace at Harry

"once you are done, we will give you some time to think about these books and what you can do to change the outcome, everything else is up to you" Remmy shrugged

"but…isn't it a little…dangerous? I mean, if we interfere, your future could be worse! Or we could end up the same way" Lily tried to reason

"with all due respect, but many lives were lost because of this war, if we can manage to save even just one…then this will all be worth the danger" Remmy said, looking serious for the first time since he appeared in the room.

"it's all up to you, if you wish to leave we can bring you back to the place where we took you from, we'll erase your memories and you will live blissfully unaware" Teddy told her kindly "if anyone wishes to leave…speak now, or it'll be too late afterwards"

No one said anything, to both boys relief, so they nodded and waved their wands; soon, the room changed, different door appeared and in the center different kinds of chairs and couches appeared, forming a circle.

"perfect, then please take a seat and I'll begin reading" Teddy said, it took a couple of seconds for everyone to be seated, Teddy and Remmy had chosen a two-seater for themselves, to Teddy's left there were Romulus, Moony, and Padfoot on a sofa, then James and Lily on another loveseat, followed by Lupin who sat on one of the chairs. The Black twins sat on a loveseat with Fred and George who chose to sit on the floor in front of them , then there was Ron, Hermione, and Harry on the other sofa, on Harry's side there was Leon and then Ginny, Bill sat on a chair beside Ginny and Percy, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley sat on the couch at Remmy's right side, Charlie, who had been trying to sit on the chair that Bill had taken, finally gave up and sat between Leon and Ginny. Once everyone had sat down Teddy cleared his throat "alright, now that everyone is seating, I'll start"

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban