"Alright! Time to sleep I suppose!" Teddy grinned, "you already know where you will be staying, so you'll forgive me if I leave you alone, I'm knackered"

"Go ahead, good night Teddy" Mr. Weasley said, one by one everyone began to leave the room and going into the bedrooms, that were really different one from the other, fro, what they could see.

The girls bedroom was just like the one in Gryffindor, with five poster beds around a heater, the room was decorated in Gryffindor colors, and all in all it resembled the room that all the girls had grown accustomed to. The girls waved their goodnight and closed the door to their room, Adhara giving George a quick kiss before following her sister.

"Well, I call the bed near the window" Zania said, dropping down on the bed

"I'm taking the one on the other side, if no one minds?" asked Lily, walking to the other bed, smiling amusedly at Zania, who smirked back at her

"Not at all, I'm sleeping on the one next to my sister" said Adhara "it's closer to the heater"

"Any preference on your bed Ginny?" Hermione asked "if not then would you mind If I take this one?"

"Not at all, I'm fine here" she smiled and sat down on the bed next to Lily's "reckon there's some pajamas on the drawers?"

"There are! These guys thought of everything!" exclaimed Adhara taking hers out

The girls followed her lead quickly enough, taking the pajamas from the drawers and changing, some of them making small talk and then jumping into their beds one by one

"I would love to stay up and chat, but I'm exhausted" Lily sighed "good night girls"

"Good night Mrs. P" Zania nodded

"Just call me Lily, Aunt Lily is fine if you want" Lily smiled at the girl

"Alright then, goodnight Auntie" Adhara grinned and closed the curtains, Lily followed soon after chuckling slightly, Hermione sat down and took out a book, ignoring the other two girls completely

"No, it's best if you go for chaser once we graduate, that way you'll only have Ron to worry about" Zania was telling Ginny "there's nothing worse than overprotective brothers, specially if they're the beaters"

"You think Ron will try out" Ginny asked, burying herself under the covers

"Well, he'd make a pretty decent keeper I think, and Oliver graduated this year" Zania shrugged "it wouldn't really surprise me"

"I guess you're right then, it might be a good idea to wait" she said with a sigh that quickly became a yawn

"Better go to sleep soon, sweet dreams Gin, talk to you tomorrow" Zania yawned and closed the curtains around her bed as well, Ginny stayed up for a small while before following, unable to stay awake any longer, and Hermione stayed up until she finished three chapters of her book before blowing out the last candle and going to sleep.

The boys' bedroom was much different than the girls of course, since there were a lot more boys, the golden door opened up to a small hallway with a door on each side, the Marauders quickly went to the one on the ride, followed by Romulus, Leon, and Harry, before Ron could join his friends however Fred and George caught him

"Oh no, little brother, you're sleeping with us" Fred said, ignoring Ron's protests

"Yep, you're sleeping with your family today Ronniekins" George laughed

"Good night guys, see you in the morning" Bill sighed and got into the room on the left

"Good night Ron, good luck!" Leon laughed

"LET ME GO! I'M ALREADY IN THE ROOM" Ron yelled, being dragged to the bed on the far corner "HELP ME! GUYS!"

"Well, goodnight" Charlie grinned at Leon "wish me luck?"

"You'll need more that luck if you want to survive with them for as long as we'll be stuck here" Leon laughed

"Good point" Charlie laughed "sleep tight then Leo"

"You too, and good luck" Leon joked before closing the door behind him, since everyone was already inside the room, it soon became obvious that there was something wrong though "We're missing a bed"

"So it seems; anyone up for sharing?" Romulus asked, already walking to the bed closest to the door

"I can share with Moon-shine" Sirius said, jumping on the bed near the window and smirking at Remus

"As long as you don't scar my son for life I don't care Pads" James sighed with Remus, who walked and sat on the bed with Sirius

"Alright, I'll take the bed next to the door then" Harry said and sat on the bed, Leon just went wordlessly to the bed next to his dad, James looked around and saw that the only bed free was the one next to his friends, he groaned and sat on his bed

"No funny business you two" he glared at them

"Don't worry Prongsy" Sirius said and then hugged Remus "It'll be strictly Sirius business only"

There were groans all around the room and Remus just facepalmed, trying to get out of Sirius embrace

"I'm being scarred for life, I hope you realize that" Leon raised an eyebrow "I will need years of counseling just for that image of my uncle you've put in my head, and they will be coming out of your pocket"

"Ok, change the subject now, before any more mental scarring happens" Romulus exclaimed

"I have a question, earlier today Remmy said he was an unspeakable or going to be anyway" Harry asked "What exactly is an unspeakable? And how come he is that at the same time as being a Healer? Like he said at the beginning?"

"Oh, he's an unspeakable really?" Sirius asked "That's pretty cool"

"You see Harry, an unspeakable works at the Departmen of Misteries, it's a branch of the ministery that…well, they test and do different things, no one is exactly sure, because it's very secret, but what they do is important for the magical world" Remus explained

"But it's not something you can just say: oh yes, I want to work there, those that work there are chosen beforehand" James continued "I assume that's the case of Remmy, they do need many healers, since there are many accidents involved in the experiments, they need a bit of everythinh really"

"it's a very interesting job, and I suppose that explains the cloak" Sirius nodded

"That's not a cloak, it's a muggle sweatshirt" Leon shrugged "A hoodie"

"Right, well, that actually explains why they're here, doesn't really explain much else though" Remus sais, stifling a yawn

"Well, as interesting as this is, maybe we ought to go to sleep now, I'm knackered" Romulus said "Goodnight everyone, and please keep your hands to yourself you two, don't want any surprises"

"Goodnight Rommy" Remus grinned at his brother sheepishly

"I'm sleeping as well, I'm dead on my feet" Leon said and closed his curtains "night guys"

"I'm turning in as well, goodnight dad, Remus, Sirius" Harry smiled and climbed into bed

"Alright, before I go to sleep, I want you to know something Pads" James said "I won't ever believe that you'll become a murderer"

"Thanks mate, it means a lot" Sirius smiled honestly at his best friend, who grinned and srew the curtains, falling asleep quickly. Remus and Sirius drew the curtains as well, though unlike their friends-and godson, and nephew-they couldn't fall asleep right away, Sirius laid down on his back, tensing up when Remus laid down on top of him, looking at him in the eyes

"He's right you know? We know you enough to know you're not like your family" Remus whispered "No matter what, I know you're not evil"

"Older you seemed to believe it though" Sirius sighed, relaxing a little

"No he didn't, he defended you" Moony complained

"I meant in the book" the black-haired boy defended "whit the twins and all that"

"Well, something must have happened to make me change my mind, maybe I realized how stupid I was being" Remus said shrugging "but you're right…I didn't believe in you in the book, so can you forgive me?"

"You don't even know what happened, maybe you are right, maybe something happened and that's the reason you…"

"It doesn't matter, I should never doubt you" Remus insisted

"It's not like you wouldn't have a reason, I mean…even after the Willow…"

"Oh would you please stop? I forgave you a long time ago; can we just let it go?" Remus smiled and laid down, his head resting on Sirius chest "You're my best friend Pads, that's it"

"Alright then, goodnight Moons" Sirius sighed, holding his friend

"Night Paddy"

"So what did you think?" Teddy asked

"I don't know, I guess I'm glad I'm here, it's quite different from what I imagined my parents would be like" Remmy whispered, still half-asleep

"It's really amazing isn't it?" Teddy smiled "your mum looks really different"

"I know, she looks so happy" Remmy sighed "she's never looked like that before, she was always…content, but not happy"

"Yeah, I know what you mean"

"And my dad….he's so…so much like I imagined he would be like…so happy and full of life…him and mum are…"

"yes, I know, I'm glad you're enjoying this Rem"

"I'm sorry we couldn't bring your mum Ted" Remmy said honestly

"That's alright mate, you never know, we might still be able to bring more people" Teddy grinned

"Well, you can try if you want, I think I did enough, I'm too tired to try right now" Remmy laughed and took off his hoodie

"About that, you have to be more careful, they almost saw you without the hood on" Teddy warned handing his friend some pajama pants

"I'll try to be more careful, but I really was exhausted, it won't happen again" Remmy yawned "At least not until we finished the books"

"Well, after the books they're going to know who we are anyway" Teddy pointed out , taking the rest of the books out of his pack, staring at them intensely "I've been wondering, do you think we're doing the right thing? I mean I know all that we were told, and in a way I can see where they were coming from, but what if we mess it up Rem? What if we make this worse? Maybe we shouldn't have been the ones to choose who came, maybe we should have talk to someone, maybe…maybe we won't be as good as they hope we'll be…Rem? Remmy?"

Teddy smiled when he saw his cousin had fallen asleep as soon as his head had hit the pillow, he yawned and went over to his bed, kissing Remmy's forehead before laying down on the bed next to his, and falling asleep almost as quckly as his cousin did, all doubts and questions forgotten for the time being.

"Good morning sleepy head" was the first thing Harry heard the next morning, he was apparently the second to wake up, his father was already awake, and he could see Romulus starting to stir. Harry knew that Leon would not wake up soon, at least not in a good mood, and he had learnt that Remus was the same way. "Moony and Padfoot won't wake up soon"

"Oh, Leo won't either" Harry yawned "he doesn't like to wake up first if he can help it, though I suppose he has good reasons"

"Are you a cheery morning person?" James asked

"No I hate mornings, but I don't have trouble waking up" Harry smiled at his father, who nodded

"I'm normally a heavy sleeper, couldn't stay in bed today though" he grinned

"Morning" came Romulus voice, still heavy with sleep. Harry couldn't help but compare him with his son, Leon's mannerisms were identical to his uncle but it was obvious just who his father was, regardless of all the similarities between nephew and uncle.

"Morning Romulus, feeling up to some breakfast?" James asked while handing Harry his jumper "I smelt bacon and eggs"

"Oh God yes" said Romulus, stretching and yawning before finally getting up and putting on his jacket over his pajamas.

Mr. And Mrs. Weasley were already awake, as well as professor Lupin and the three eldest Weasleys, Bill, Charlie, and Percy.

Mrs. Weasley had started on breakfast; Bill and Charlie were helping set up the table, while Percy drank slowly from his coffee mug. Mrs. Weasley greeted them cheerily once she sees them enter the room

"Hello dears, come on take a sit" she smiled

"Morning Mrs. Weasley, it smells great" Harry smiled at the woman, taking a sit next to Percy, who nodded at him

"Oh thank you dear, here you go, make sure you eat everything, you're terribly thin" Molly fussed over Harry, handing James another plate, though it wasn't as full as Harry's it still was a very generous serving "you too James, I expect you both eat it all"

It was little by little that everyone started to wake up, the Weasleys were mostly all awake by the time Harry was finishing his breakfast, Professor Lupin had woken up way earlier than his younger counterpart but wouldn't speak a word until after he had finished his first cup of coffee. Lily and Hermione had entered the kitchen fully clothed and chatting amicably and sitting down to eat, Ron stumbled soon after, eyes still heavy with sleep and dropped next to Hermione. The last to come in were Leon, Remus, and Sirius; Leon came in looing half dead and sat next to Charlie, letting his head fall on the table, Sirius smiled and waved at everyone, leading a sleepy Remus to the table, sitting next to James.

"Want some coffee kid?" Charlie asked Leon, amused, looking over at Lupin for approval

"Eugh" was the answer

"That a no?" Charlie laughed "there's also some chocolate milk around here if…"

"Chocolate?" Leon looked up hopefully, ignoring the laughs coming from those that heard the exchange "please?"

"Good morning everyone" Teddy came in, hair a bright yellow, and with a giant grin "everyone ready to read?"

"Do you really have to be so cheerful? Couldn't you at least lower the brightness? Your hair is hurting my eyes" followed Remmy, his hood covering even his blue eyes this time.

There was a collective 'good morning' thrown their way, though mostly everyone continued eating without a second glance to the pair. Teddy and Remmy accepted a plate of breakfast form Mrs. Weasley thankfully, and they sat down to eat, Remmy holding his head up with his hands, Teddy grinned sheepishly at everyone and his hair turned to a duller orange, he chatted with everyone that wasn't dying and patted Remmy in the back while he slowly came back to life.

"So you're a metamorphogus? That's so cool! Can you change all your face or just coloring?" George asked Teddy, looking at his hair

"All of it, I could change and become a completely different person, it tends to leave me a bit tired though" Teddy answered, taking a bite from his toast.

It took a while for everyone to be properly awake, Harry noticed, while some people were cheery very early in the morning, many other looked like dead had come early, it was decided that no one would read the chapter until everyone else was properly awake.

"Ok, before we start guys" Teddy started once everyone was sitting down on the same place as yesterday, the book laying in the middle of the table "You should be aware that more people will join us as time passes, Remmy and I discussed this and we think it's for the best"

"We're still a bit exhausted from brining you here though" Remmy continued "so it won't be for a while"

"however, you should be aware that it's more than likely that we'll bring people that you…dislike" Teddy hesitated in the last word

"Or outright hate in some cases" Remmy corrected

"But from this moment on I want all of you to swear not to attack one another or anyone else that might come into the room, they will also swear once and if they arrive" both Teddy and Remmy watched as people slowly agreed and swore it, some more reluctantly than others.

"Brilliant, now, where were we?" Remmy smiled, looking around the room "I do believe it's Lily's turn to read"

"Oh, yes of course" Lily said, taking the book and searching for the page "here it is, this chapter's called The Dementor"

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