When Alec walked inside the house, it was pitch black. The grin that had plastered his face vanished, his only thought that Clara might be in trouble. He almost lost her once, and he wasn't too keen on almost loosing her again.

"Clara!?" He cried desperately, rushing into the living room. He was about to call for her again when he saw her sitting on the large couch in the sitting room, watching a film and eating a - it couldn't be - a lolly? She turned her head to look at him and smiled,

"Hi Alec," she said, lips stained the color red. His eyebrows knit together when he asked,

"Why are you eating a lolly? It's 50 degrees out." Clara chuckled and turned away from him, patting the spot next to her on the couch. Alec shrugged out of his jacket and laid it neatly on the back of the ottoman, toed off his shoes, sat down next to Clara. She smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder, taking a bite our of the cherry lolly and slurping it down.

"It's gonna be ages until it's the right weather for them, and I wanted some." She smiled and brought the frozen treat back up to her lips, sucking down the melting pop. The way she sucked on it, swiveled her tongue around it and nibbled alone the edges reminded him of when she'd do the same exact thing to a certain part of his body and he groaned when he felt the stirrings of arousal in his trousers. Clara seemed not to notice the effect she had on him, her mind focused on the film she was watching. Alec tried to think of other things, trying and failing at staving off his now aching erection. Clara was making little noises in the back of her throat, the same ones she made when she was getting him off, a reminder that she enjoyed giving as much as he enjoyed receiving. She looked innocent enough, but there was a mischievous glint to her eyes that he was sure she had tried to hide. She blushed, clearly embarrassed, but she also seemed to enjoy it.

"You're doing this on purpose aren't you?" Alec asked, panting. The erection in his pants had swelled double in size and it was proving difficult not to squirm in his seat or sigh in pleasure. Clara looked back at the screen but smiled softly.

"Maybe a bit," she said. She blushed severely then, creeping not only across her cheeks but her chest as well. Alec groaned but smiled, running his fingertips across her thigh.

"Not fair if you can't do anything about it," Alec said, hitting Clara with what she dubbed as the oncoming pout. Clara had got her monthly two days ago and so they hadn't made love, which made Alec even hornier than usual.

"My mouth still works," she said, blushing from head to toe, but her gaze stayed steady. Alec gulped, his thoughts drifting to the time Clara gave him the most amazing blow job he'd ever had in his life. This no sex was really making Alec horny. Just this morning Clara had dipped her finger into the peanut butter jar and licked her finger clean, and sure enough he had a whopping erection. He then skipped out on breakfast, muttering about wanting to take a long shower, and proceeded to pleasure himself amongst the roar of the pounding water. Just thinking about the release he got then, a release he desperately wanted now, he debated telling Clara he had to go do something and get himself off. He was weighing out his options when - out of the blue - Clara did something unexpected. She shoved half the stick in her mouth and swallowed down the rest of the lolly in one go, slurping and sucking and moaning all the way. Alec's mouth dropped open in shock, staring at Clara with bug eyes. His erection swelled, if it were even possible to get harder than he already was. Clara looked back at Alec and winked. Alec sat shock sill, waiting for Clara to make the first move. And she did.

Slowly, Clara turned away from the telly, program long forgotten, and slowly made her way across the couch to Alec. He laid back on the couch, lanky form spread out across it as Clara climbed on top of him and sat in his lap. Her sex rubbed up against him and he let out a large and very audible exhale. Clara giggled and ran her hands across his abdomen, playing with his dress shirt. Then she leaned in towards him and whispered in his ear hotly,

"You look really sexy in this outfit. Too bad its has to come off." Alec looked up at Clara when she backed away from his face and let out a long sigh. He wanted her so badly it wasn't even comprehendible anymore. Slowly, and never breaking his gaze, Clara unbuckled Alec's belt, letting her nails graze against his swollen member. He let out small noises in the back of his throat in appreciation, sighing and pleading and moaning. Clara moved onto his trousers and unbuttoned the button, then - with deliberate slowness - pulled down the zip tooth by tooth. Alec was resorted to a panting mess even before she'd touched his cock; by now he's on fire. When Clara finally got his zip down, she whispered "Off" into his ear, indicating his trousers. Alec shucked them off in what must be record time, leaving his pants on only because Clara stopped him when he attempted to remove them.

Clara smiled down at him, tracing his ribs with her fingernail, smiling at every indentation. She then brought her hand down, achingly slowly, to his cock. When she got there all she did was trace the outline. Alec could feel the bubbling of an orgasm and cursed because he wanted to come so bad. Clara could sense the tell tale signs of his upcoming release and didn't touch him again until the feelings subsided.

"Minx," Alec said, groaning as she began to slowly pull down his pants.

"Yes," she agreed, positioning herself between his legs. She brought her small hands to his cock and slowly began pumping him from root to tip. Alec closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath. Clara smiled and blushed, but continued in her ministrations. Alec clenched his jaw and moaned, the throbbing between his legs exciting him further. He leaned his head against the back of the couch when suddenly Clara stopped beating him off and he wanted to cry out, but then the sensation was back and 10x better. He opened his eyes to find Clara's head bent and he realized she was giving him a blow job and he cried out when she sucked on his the head of his cock. She rolled her tongue across his shaft and sucked him. Clara backs off until she has only the head in her mouth and pushed the tip of her tongue through the sensitive opening.

"Clara - that feels.. Oh Clara that feels so good - " It's hard for him to finish a sentence without a lot of starts and stops. Alec begins to feel the familiar tightening in his balls that ensuring orgasm. Clara seems to notice too. By now she's passing his member more quickly between her lips, teeth slightly grazing in cock. She then takes her hand - which had been resting at the root of his cock - and twisted it when she sucked. Alec felt as if he were being lifted off the couch.

"Clara I'm gonna - " He couldn't even finish his sentence but she understood. She stopped moving him past her lips and instead sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing as she wrapped his cock in an iron-tight grip that ripped his seed from his body.