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Quick history lesson for all those who didn't understand my reference. The Little Boy is the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima August 6, 1945. It destroyed two-thirds of the city, killing approximately 70,000 of the estimated 350,000 population immediately with the explosion, and 70,000 over the next five years due to radiation.

Disclaimer because I own nothin' but Angela, and even then not really, cause she my fem!harry.

But back to the story, Angela just jumped out of the vent.

"Oh, and Dr. Banner, Selvig would have to heat the Cube to 120-million Kelvin. 130-million would cause an overload, resulting in an explosion that would make the Little Boy in Hiroshima seem minute, and almost pleasant. Though, you were quite close, and you cannot take all of the blame, Stark didn't correct you. But I don't blame him either-I mean, he did say he just learn this all last night. Oh, and I'm Umbra Mortis, you may call me Shadow."

Angela's POV

Looking around it seems I have left all the new people in shock (Mentally give self pat on the back), and even some of the people that know me are a little surprised. Steve is in all out gapping mode. Bruce is holding his chest little he is about to have a heart-attack. Tony is smirking, but I can see the surprise in his eyes. Natasha looks like nothing just happened, but I knowing her, the nth her eyes had widened gave away her Thor, well . . . Thor, much like Loki, appeared to have figured out my secret.

"Or you can call her Angela."

I froze. That voice, I hadn't heard it, in person, since I took a break from working full-time with Shield. Turning, I see him step out from a shadow behind Tony and Bruce. The prefect hiding spot. Smiling at me reassuringly, he brought his hands up slightly, inviting over.

Squealing, I ran forward, using the table as a spring board, I launched myself at him. Catching me, he used the extra force to spin us in a circle, before I tucked my head into his chest. Whispering softly, I told him, "I missed you, Philly."

It was a nice moment, a soft, fluffy, loving moment, before-

"Philly, why didn't you tell Pep and I you had a kid."

Glancing at each other, Phil and I rolled our eyes in sync. He kissed my forehead, then set me down beside him. Smirking he turned back to Tony.

"Well Stark, I don't see how it matters, even if I did have one."

"That's rather cruel to say, especially with her stand right beside you."

Smirking, Phil turned towards me, telling me I could drop the bomb. Reaching into my pocket, I grabbed my phone. "Well, Tony, you are the one speaking as if I can't hear you. And Phil didn't say cruel or wrong, I'm not his daughter." Pause for it. "I'm his sister."

Priceless! Whipping out my phone, I quickly snapped a few pics of their faces, cause the new peoples reactions were some of the funniest things I've ever seen. Tony, Bruce and Steve were beyond shocked, while Thor looked like he's heard weird, probably has, but still the other three's reactions more than made up for it. "Fury, I think I broke them."

Laughing slightly, Fury went over to each man and hit them upside the head-Gibbs style-break them all out of their shock. Glancing at my phone, he smirked at me, "You know your'e going to have to send you me those pictures."

"Sir, yes, sir. Dictator Fury!" Angela replied in a soldier like tone.

That seemed to snap the three out of it, cause suddenly Steve was looking at me offendedly, Bruce cautiously and Tony with interest.

"I like her!" He said with a triumphant smirk.

"Thank you Tony, cause it is my life's goal for you to like me. I am honored." I replied with as much pureblood dignity I could, to my left Phil chuckles.

Abruptly Thor was in front of me. Seeing that he was almost twice my height, he knelt on one knee. "It is an honor to meet you, I haven't met a nyta fróðleikr other than my brother in a long time."

With a quick curtsey with my imaginary dress, I smile pleasantly at him. "It my honor to meet you, Prince Thor, first in line for the thrown of Asgard." Glancing around, I can tell almost everybody is curious about our little conversation.

"What does 'nyta fróðleikr' mean?" Questioned Bruce, his inquisitive nature showing itself. "How is she like Loki."

I steel myself a little, for anything comparative to Loki will probably not help my possible friendships with them. "Roughly it means user of magic." I hold out my hand so the group may see it. After making sure they are all watching, I reach out to my right and tap my brothers arm while I whisper, "Interioribus."

Glancing around I see yet more shocked faces, and I can't stop my giggles. When they don't stop, I'm now rolling on the group laughing my ass off. To my left, is sitting a fully grown enormous, black and brown Tibetan Mastiff. With a rough, coughing growl that could be compared to a chuckle, it licks my face, which swiftly ends my laughing fit.

Sitting up, but not standing I look at everyone. "Well, I guess you can tell that I'm a witch," I deadpanned.

Steve steps forward, extremely confused, and asked, "What did you do to him." Pointing at Phil.

"Oh, well I used a spell I made on him. It turns the person indicated into their inner animal, the animal that bests suits their personality. My brother's happens to be a Tibetan Mastiff, which are extremely fierce and loyal dogs. And FLUFFY!" I Yelled the last part, hugging my dog-brother.

Looking up, I see Fury giving me his 'fix this shit, we got crap to do' glare. Pouting I whisper, "Abrogare." Suddenly, I am hugging a pair of legs instead of a large terrifying dog.

"As much as I enjoy seeing that idiot confused,"Fury said while pointing at Tony, "I would rather get work done. Stark, Banner, you will be working with Shadow on finding the Cube."

"How is that possible, she barely looks 10," Tony said in an overly curious voice.


"What is that you said my dear?" asked Tony.

"Physically I am fourteen, mentally I am much over," I replied tiredly. I know my soldier eyes are coming out when I say this and turn away and start walking out of the room. Once out I hide in the shadows right beside the doorway to listen in on the conversation.

"Her eyes," I hear Steve say, his voice full of concern. "She has soldier eyes. I saw them on many men while fighting."

"Why does young Angela look younger than she appears?" Questions Thor. Oh that man is a teddy bear. He may be a huge, monster of a man, but he has a heart of gold.

I hear my brother sigh and start to leave the room before stopping at another doorway. "Thats her story to tell, but I can tell you I haven't always known or lived with her."

Hearing this I leave my shadow and start towards the lab I know Bruce has been using, my lab. Prepared to wait for him and Tony.

When I hear the door open and the men's voices flow in, I just leave my eyes closed and relax.

"What kind of magic are you doing?" I hear Bruce ask.

Opening my eyes, I see the two scientists standing ten feet in front of me just watching. Looking down, I see that I'm no longer sitting Indian style on the middle table, near the one Loki's staff is set on, but am now floating three feet above it. Glancing back up, I answer. "To tell the truth, I have no idea, this is new. I was mediating while waiting for you to arrive. Could you just wait a second, I would like to try something, and would rather not bump into you because you moved."

After seeing them nod their understanding, I close my eyes again, focusing on my height and think Up. Suddenly, my head smacks off the ceiling of the lab, I start plummeting the floor. Instead of hitting the ground, I fall into something soft, yet solid. Opening my eyes, I see that it appears Tony had run forward and caught me. "Umm, thanks."

"Your welcome short-stuff," he replied jokingly, while setting me on the ground.

"Hmmm, well I figure out what that was later, right now we have science to do." I say in an excited voice. Looking up I see that Bruce and Tony had a little spark in their eyes, the evil/enthusiastic/crazy scientist spark. The same spark that I had in mine.

This is the start of a wonderfully, insane friendship.

Yeah, so this is kinda a filler chapter, but it got the point across. I wanted Angela to be able to use her power without them all to flip shit and try to attack her. Yeah, they might not trust her, but they don't really trust anybody yet.

Gibbs style, thats a reference to the slap behind the head to reprimand or to get somebody focused again. It's from a show called NCIS really good if you like crime shows. If you would like to see the slap just google Gibb's Slap, its hilarious.

Oh, and the Angela made spells, Revealing Charm, Interioribus, already described in story. Undo Spell, Abrogare-literally just that, it undoes a previously done spell, but only works on simple, non-lethal spells/charms.

Lastly, the dog Phil turned into, the Tibetan Mastiff, I choice it because he is such a loyal person in the films, always routing for them, and is so protective, even giving up his life. And for those that done known what kind of dog that mastiff is, look it up, it fucking terrifying.

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