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The Horcrux

Lord Voldemort stood in Malfoy Manor surrounded by all of his followers. He had summoned everyone to reveal startling information he had just learned. "My faithful servants. Today is the day! Today is the day we take the final step in crushing Dumbledore and his band of heroes."

There was a chorus of applause and cheering.

Voldemort put a hand to stop them. Naturally, it had its desired effect. "You may be wondered how I intend to do this. First let me ask if any of you know what horcrux is?"

Most looked confused, but there were a few who showed a face of recognition.

"For those of you who don't know, it is a person's way of becoming immortal. It involves splitting one's soul and putting the pieces into objects. You see, in my youth, I created several Horcruxes. Seven to be exact," Voldemort told them.

Many of the death eaters looked shocked to hear this, but didn't say anything in fear of what would happen to them.

Voldemort ignored them. "Of course the seventh horcrux was completely by accident. I did not intend to make the last, nor did I intend for it to be who it was."

This time, no one could keep the gasps from their lips. Even those who'd heard of horcruxes had heard of a human host for one.

"That's right, my friends. I have created a human horcrux. Of course, not all of him is a horcrux. Just a small piece of him. A tiny part of him, say a scar," Voldemort said.

Another collection of gasps was heard, this time louder than the last.

"Yes. My seventh horcrux is no other than Harry Potter. It seems that when the killing Curse rebounded onto me and destroyed my body, a piece of my soul landed onto him. It was quite unexpected. It changes things quite a lot. I am sure you all know what we must do now," Voldemort said.

"Kill the boy!" one yelled.

Voldemort pointed his wand at the man and yelled "Crucio! Goyle, you moronic buffoon! Have you lost whatever brain cells you actually possessed?!"

Goyle was bent over and screaming in pain.

Voldemort held the spell for about a minute before ending it. "When a bridge stands between you and greatness, do you tear it down? No, you use it. When you are in a duel to the death, do you break your own wand? Of course not! No, Harry Potter will not die. He will never die, for his death would be one step closer to my own downfall."

"But, My Lord, if you didn't intend to make the boy what he is, surely it wouldn't be a big deal if you were destroyed," another death eater said.

"Crucio!" Voldemort chanted. "Nott, if you found a sack of gallons on the ground, would you toss it away just because you didn't mean to find it? No, you would keep it. You would use it to expand on your wealth. It is the same principle. Potter is no longer an enemy. He is an asset. He is something to covet and protect. He is invaluable."

Lucius Malfoy stepped through the crowd a little. "My Lord, surely Dumbledore knows of this development."

"Of course he knows," Voldemort said with mild irritation at his servant for stating the obvious.

"But then why protect him to such degrees. Why not get rid of the boy?" Lucius asked curiously.

Voldemort smiled evilly. "Because the old fool wasn't expecting me to find out. He probably planned for me to kill the boy himself, after getting rid of the rest of my horcruxes of course. He probably would've considered it to be delicious irony. But once again, I have ruined the old man's plans. Harry Potter will not die."

"But what if he learns that we know. He'll kill the boy himself," Crabbe said.

Voldemort growled in irritation. "Do you really think I'm stupid enough to allow Dumbledore continued access to my most prized possession?! Do you take me for a fool?!"

"N…no, My Lord. Of course not," Crabbe said backing up.

"Potter will not spend one more night under Dumbledore's influence. The boy has a part of me in him. That makes him mine, and tonight, I will take back my property," Voldemort said with a smirk.

"How shall we accomplish this, My Lord?" Lucius asked.

"It is quite simple. Through our mind connection, I was able to conclude that Harry Potter lives with his muggle aunt and uncle," Voldemort said in disgust. The idea of his property being with muggles infuriated him. How dare that old man give muggles what rightfully belonged to him?

"But there must be some protection in place," Rabastan Lestrange said.

"Oh, indeed there is. Blood wards that protect him against those wishing him harm. However, I no longer with him harm. There should be no trouble in taking the boy. Tonight I will go and retrieve my horcrux from Dumbledore myself," Voldemort said.

"What of the order, My Lord?" Severus asked. All the while, he was trying to figure out how to prevent this. He had been as shocked as the others to learn that Potter was a horcrux or even that the Dark Lord had made any. If Dumbledore had known about it, which seemed likely, he hadn't shared that information with him. It made him wonder if the Dark Lord was right. Did Dumbledore plan for the Dark Lord to kill Potter?

Severus shook those thoughts aware. He could question the headmaster on that later. Right now, he had to find a way to thwart the Dark Lord's plans.

"Ah, yes. Dumbledore's cronies. That is where you come in, Severus. You are of course technically one of Dumbledore's people, however traitorous you might be. You shall offer to take over watch of the boy tonight. That is when we will strike," Voldemort said.

"Of course, My Lord," Severus said. He was actually grateful that it was going this way. Now he would have time to warn Dumbledore to move the boy before it was too late.

"Go now," Voldemort ordered.

Severus nodded and disapparated.