The wedding between Shikamaru and Temari was a rather historic occasion, representing a rare union of shinobi from the Konoha and Sand Villages. After Shikamaru's unromantic proposal, news of their engagement spread quickly. There was much arguing and consternation among the elders of both Konoha and Sand Villages as to who would leave which village, but in the end, it was decided that Shikamaru would be the one to leave Konoha to live with Temari in Sand Village.

"There's a very specific reason why we decided you should be the one to go," Naruto said as he and Shikamaru ate lunch together one day alone. "We" meaning him and Tsunade.

"We are the ones who have discovered the secrets of sex jutsu. You're one of the first disciples of the art. It is written that we must spread the gospel of sex jutsu to all the nations. You shall be the first ambassador of fuck."

"Damn," Shikamaru said, slightly chagrined, "I never imagined I would leave Konoha. I love Konoha from the bottom of my heart."

"I know you do. You and I will always be brothers."

Naruto patted Shikamaru on the shoulder as the two parted ways.

"Let's just never speak of that 'training' again. I don't want to ever think about your dick again."

It was the unfortunate burden of being the master of sex jutsu. Every time he needed to teach it, Naruto unfortunately had no choice but to get his students to whip out their dicks for "practice." Luckily Tsunade was there to have sex with him every night afterward so he could quickly forget those sordid memories.

The wedding took place within three months of the engagement. Many in the Sand Village, both men and women, were most curious to learn why the great and beautiful Temari had chosen to commit her heart to such a lazy asshole as Shikamaru. Once Temari shared all the intimate details of her hot encounter with Shikamaru, word spread like an inferno through Sand Village. It was a sand storm the people had no control over, not even the great Gaara, who had no choice but to assent to marriage after seeing how deeply his sister loved Shikamaru. As representatives from both villages gathered for the wedding, witnessing the union of Shikamaru and Temari, men and women from both villages were talking amongst themselves, asking who knew the art of sex jutsu and how could they take part in that action? A number of wild one night stands took place that night between the singles: Konoha men and Sand women, and Konoha women and Sand men. The Konoha people, by now most educated in the art of sex jutsu, fucked the shit out of all the poor unprepared Sand people, reducing them to putty in the wake of their devastating orgasms. The Konoha-Sand orgy would go down in history as an event forever remembered by all those who participated in it, to be recalled with blushes and fluttering of the heart among those who were there. By the following morning, it was apparent to all in the Sand Village that Konoha people were really fucking good at sex. Who would teach them the art?

Why, Shikamaru, of course. Having memorized the ancient sex scroll and being such a fast learner, he was more than up to the task of "educating" the Sand people on the forbidden art. And Temari, for her part, permitted it, as long as Shikamaru's dick stayed out of any pussy or other bodily orifice but her own.

A legend had been born.

Three Months Later

Naruto and Tsunade waited at the outskirts of the village for their special guest.

It was none other than Mei from Kirigakure, accompanied by her guardians Ao and Chojuro.

"This is a most welcome pleasure," Tsunade said, "what brings you here to Konoha?"

Mei blushed.

"We in Kirigakure have heard all about what has happened at Konoha and Sand. That you have discovered the secret to having incredible sex. I am... most intrigued."

"What a bother," Ao complained loudly in front of Mei and Chojuro. "This sex jutsu shit is old news. I don't know why you made us come here."

Mei, hearing only the words "old maid" in Ao's utterance, angrily slapped him in the face.

"Shut up and die asshole!" she shouted. "How dare you call me an old maid?"

"What the... I never..." Ao muttered, stepping back in confusion.

Mei immediately returned to being the "nice" Mei and smiled once again. Chojuro looked at her from her side and found himself admiring that smile.

Naruto noticed the way Chojuro looked at Mei. It was obvious to him. He was in love with her, but unable to do anything about it because of his position in the village.

"I'll have to change that," Naruto thought to himself.

"You know what?" Naruto said. "I think it would be good if we had some one on one discussions."

He whispered something into Tsunade's ear, and she nodded at him enthusiastically.

Naruto grabbed Chojuro by the arm.

"Here buddy," he said, "You come with me and let's go talk somewhere."

Tsunade stepped forward and took Mei by the hand. "Let's go have some girl talk, shall we?"

Ao looked from side to side, confused as the others walked away from him.

"Hey," he said, "what about me? What am I supposed to do?"

"Oh, you?" Naruto said. "Why don't you just go fuck off and go jerk off somewhere. We'll call you if we need you!"

Mei, Tsunade, Naruto, and Chojuro departed, walking back into the village, leaving Ao by himself.

"What the fuck am I doing here then, that fucking Mizukage," he muttered. "This is such fucking bullshit!"

While Ao was left by himself to dick around, Naruto took Chojuro to the ramen shop to have a man-to-man talk. Meanwhile, Tsunade entertained Mei at her home.

"I know you've got a secret," Naruto said as he started digging into his miso ramen bowl.

"What? A secret? Me?"

"Yup, it's written all over your face every time you look at the Mizukage. You're in love with her, aren't you?"

Chojuro blushed in embarrassment. He started stuttering, which in Naruto's mind only confirmed his suspicions.

"I saw the way you looked at Mei. You want her, don't you? But you're afraid to do something."

"I-I don't think-I just admire the Mizu-uh, Mizukage. I am just a humble servant... uh wanting to-to-to-protect her."

"She's really nice, isn't she? She's a very kind hearted woman."

"Uh... yes, yes she... she is."

Chojuro escaped Naruto's stare by turning his attention to his ramen. He took a few bites in silence. Was the redness on his face so obvious? Maybe I can just pretend it's from the steam of the soup, he thought to himself.

"She's also a woman with a rocking hot body," Naruto said. "Nice curves, nice hips, very nice tits. Not as big as Tsunade's but still very bodacious."

Chojuro nodded silently.

"Come on," Naruto prodded him, sticking a chopstick into his side. "You want to fuck the shit out of the Mizukage, don't you?"

"Excuse me!" Chojuro exclaimed indignantly. "The Lady Mizukage is not someone to be spoken of that way. She is a wonderful woman deserving of our respect."

"Oh, I'm sorry, my bad," Naruto said. "You sure want to make sweet beautiful love to the Mizukage, don't you?"

Chojuro made no answer.

"I don't know why the hell I'm even talking to you. I have no chance with someone as fine as her. I'm content merely to stay by her side and protect her beautiful smile."

Naruto pounded the table, causing some of the soup to shift in his bowl.

"See, that's where you're wrong. Stop being such a pussy and admit the truth! Why do you think Mei is here wanting to learn about the sex jutsu? Why do you think she brought you with her? Deep down, she wants to learn the art of lovemaking and she wants you to be the one to do it with her, man!"

"Uh, she brought Ao along too."

"That was just to keep up appearances to make it less obvious! Fuck Ao, who gives a shit about that old bastard anyway?"

"You think I really have a chance with the Mizukage?"

"She wants you man. You want her. Don't let the fucking village stand in your way. Love conquers all. Just look at Tsunade and me. They tried to strip her title of Hokage but we triumphed over all the haters."

Naruto pulled out the sex scroll and unrolled it before Chojuro's eyes.

"I'm going to show you the way, bro. You can thank me after you've fucked the shit out of the Mizukage."

At the same time, Tsunade was "educating" Mei on the same point. That she was secretly in love with Chojuro.

"Chojuro is deeply in love with you."

"What? Really?" Mei said, blushing in shock.

"You've been looking for a good man for a long time. But maybe the man for you has been right in front of you all these years."

Mei looked upward in reflection.

"Maybe I never thought about it. I didn't think it would be good for the village."

"See, that's where you're wrong. Fuck the village. We're in a new age now. The Fourth Ninja War is over. We've discovered the art of sex jutsu. It's the era of 'free love' now. We should be free to have sex with whoever, whenever, wherever we want. This is the highest dream of civilization, isn't it? What's more important than feeling good? That's what Naruto has taught me."

There was a knock on the door.

"Now, who can that be?" Tsunade winked at a blushing Mei.

Chojuro walked in, accompanied by Naruto.

"Lady Mei," Chojuro said, his face very red, "I have something to say to you."

"Yes, Chojuro?"

"I'm in love with you!"

"Why..." Mei said, stepping backward and putting a hand on her chest, "this is all so sudden."

"That boy really wants you," Tsunade whispered in Mei's ear. "Deep down, you know you want it too. Naruto has taught him the art of sex jutsu. Allow him to show you what he has learned. You can use our bedroom. We'll be here in the living room."

Mei nodded as she stepped forward to meet with Chojuro. She held out her hand and Chojuro took it. Slowly, she led him to the bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, neither spoke for a while. They continued holding hands.

"It's my first time holding your hand, my Lady," Chojuro said.

"Please, call me Mei."

"Yes... Mei."

They turned to each other and their faces moved closer together. Their lips touched. Moans escaped both of them as their tongues snaked into each other's mouths and they put their arms around each other. Chojuro hugged Mei tightly and felt her breasts squeeze against his chest. The sensation started giving him an erection and he moved his hips against Mei to let her know how much he wanted her. Mei stepped back. She looked down at Chojuro's erection, straining against his pants and licked her lips.

"It's been too long since I have been with a man," she whispered.

On the other side of the wall, Naruto and Tsunade spied on Chojuro and Mei through a small hole, wanting to watch the action from the next room.

"Ooooh, this is getting good," Naruto whispered to Tsunade.

Inside the bedroom, Mei slowly took off her kimono and the netting around her chest. With each garment removed, Chojuro felt his erection growing harder and harder. He gazed at Mei's large, firm breasts, and noted her erect nipples. He looked down her smooth belly to the triangle of pubic hair that led to her pussy. He continued his downward gaze all the way down her smooth perfect legs.

Chojuro hastily removed his clothing as well as he approached the object of his desire. He gently kissed Mei's breasts, sucking each nipple, before trailing kisses down her abdomen, all the way to her pussy. There, he lingered. He pushed her on the bed, and plunged his tongue into her pussy, slithering it in and out, rubbing it over the nub of her clitoris, enjoying the musky salty taste of her vagina and reveling in the hot wetness of her vaginal secretions. Mei started writhing in pleasure and moaning louder and louder.

"Oh! Feels so good!" Mei cried.

On the other side of the wall, Naruto, getting very turned on, started doing something similar to Tsunade. As Tsunade watched the action through the hole in the wall, on her hands and knees, Naruto plunged his face into her pussy from behind, eating her out and fingering her snatch with wild hunger. With his other hand, he fingered the skin around her asshole.

"Oh!" Tsunade moaned as Naruto ate her out, "be careful or they might hear us."

Naruto answered by slithering his tongue even deeper into her pussy while bringing a hand around to cup her naked breast.

Chojuro plunged his cock deep inside Mei's pussy, drawing fresh moans and screams of ecstasy. As he thrust harder and harder, concentrating all his chakra on his dick, he felt Mei's pussy walls squeezing him with each move, as she was busy doing the same. The pressure and tightness was incredible. All the sensations, the feeling of closeness between him and Mei, the feeling of her sweat on her enormous breasts, the hardness of her aroused nipples, the rapidity of her breathing, the volume of her moans, the thrusting of her hips, the pressure from her pussy, combined in his mind to send him over the edge with pleasure.

"Mei..." Chojuro said as he felt the build up of pre-cum forming at the tip of his cock, "I'm getting... close."

"Come inside of me," Mei said as she kissed him deeply. "Shoot your hot load of cum into my pussy. Fuck me harder!"

The electric tingling sensation on the tip of his dick overwhelmed him. Chojuro, summoning all his chakra, gave one last vigorous thrust of his hips, and the semen exploded from his dick, shooting deep into Mei's pussy, all the way into her womb, and he cried out at the height of his ecstasy, while, at the same time, Mei felt her vagina convulse around her lover's penis and she gave out a great shriek of unbridled pleasure.

"Oh! Don't stop! Fuck I'm coming! Oh! Fuck me, fuck me, Fuuuuuccckkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

At the same time, in the living room, Naruto was busy doing Tsunade doggy style. He loved how wet her pussy was. His cock slid in and out of her pussy with ease. Watching Mei and Chojuro do it had been a huge turn on, it had made her want to do it with Naruto even more. Soon, she could not keep quiet as Naruto's thrusts grew harder and more rapid. Naruto's hands were firmed wrapped around her heaving tits, and his fingers were actively engaged in squeezing and rubbing her huge, erect nipples. He felt the cum starting to gather in his balls and go up his dick, and he knew that he would have to have his release soon.

"Oh," Naruto grunted. "Uh! Uh! I'm going to come!"

"Do it!" Tsunade said. "Come inside of me!"

"Rasengan Pussy Tornado!" Naruto cried as he shot wave after wave of semen into Tsunade's pussy.



The simultaneous cries of sexual pleasure were quite loud and the entire neighborhood took notice.

Nearby, as Shikaku made sweet love to his wife, they heard the cries from Tsunade's home and shrugged to themselves.

"Sounds like someone's having fun over there," Shikaku said.

"Now there," Yoshino said, "Don't be jealous. You've almost got it this time. Make me come hard, okay darling?"

"Yes dear," was all Shikaku could manage as he continued thrusting his dick into his wife's pussy.

The next day, Naruto and Tsunade saw off their friends from Kirigakure. Mei and Chojuro were beaming, still feeling the rush from their first time last night. Ao stood off on the side, looking very disgruntled and pissed off.

"Thank you for everything you have done for us," Mei said as she took Tsunade's hands and then hugged her.

"You're welcome here any time," Tsunade said.

Life went on as normal for the village of Konoha. There was a lot more kissing, hugging, and fucking these days. All the married people found their marriages rejuvenated by the art of sex jutsu. All the singles reveled in their freedom by having lots of casual sex and wanton orgies. It was a glorious time to be alive. Through it all, Naruto and Tsunade had lots and lots of hot, sweaty sex.

One month after Mei's visit, Tsunade gathered the entire village together in the same gathering hall where she had once been put on trial.

"I have an announcement to make," Tsunade said to everyone gathered. The entire audience went silent. Naruto, standing next to her, had no idea what she was going to say.

"I have decided to step down as your Hokage," Tsunade said.

The entire room erupted in confused yells and shouts of surprise. WHY? Everyone wanted to yell. Tsunade silenced them with a wave of her hand.

"The reason is, I am three months pregnant."

"What?" practically the entire village shouted in unison, Naruto included. He stared at his lover in shock. He had never in a million years imagined that Tsunade could become pregnant. What was this all about?

"I know, I thought it could never happen either," Tsunade smiled. "But something in Naruto's sex jutsu got my hormones reactivated I guess, because I started ovulating again. I'm going to retire so I can focus on raising our child."

"But who will be Hokage now?" someone cried out from the audience.

Tsunade took Naruto's hand and stepped forward with him.

"Now... who? Who better than this man, who has led us to a new golden age in the history of our village? The hero of the Fourth Ninja War, and now the father of sex jutsu? I nominate Naruto."

Gradually, after a period of silence and whispers, voices began piping up in support of Naruto.


"Yes, we should make Naruto the Hokage!"

"Naruto should be the one!"

"Naruto is our future!"

"All hail Naruto!"

Everyone started chanting Naruto's name and it was all he could do to smile in embarrassment and rub the back of his head, not knowing how to respond.

"Looks like they're taking to the idea," Tsunade said to him softly, "they'll still have to run it through the high council to make it official, but I think it's going to be you, Naruto."

Naruto felt a strange feeling welling up in his heart. It was the moment he had dreamed of his whole life. And standing next to him, the woman who had made it possible for him. He took her hand and squeezed it.

One Month Later

Naruto and Tsunade were playing strip poker in Tsunade's bedroom, which was one of their favorite things to do. They played while discussing Hokage Naruto's plans for the village.

"First thing I'm going to do," Naruto said, "Is have my statue carved on the mountain next to yours."

"Really?" Tsunade said, eyebrows arched. "How... noble."

"That's not all," Naruto said, smiling. "I'm going to have my statue giving your statue the tongue."

"What?" Tsunade said, her face flushed. "Are you serious? That is really fucking perverted."

"Hey... it's me, right? I've got a second proposal for Konoha too."

"Yeah, what's that?"

Both Naruto and Tsunade were nearly naked, down to their underwear. When the game ended, they would have sex. That's how it had always been.

"I have a new design for our headband. It's the new symbol of Konoha."

He showed Tsunade a piece of paper containing his drawing for the symbol: X|X

The two X's intersected each other, with the single vertical line dividing the middle.

Tsunade did a face palm. "Oh boy, do I want to know what this is supposed to represent?"

"See here," Naruto said eagerly, "the two lines meeting at a right angle at the top, that represents the man's legs, and the bottom lines meeting at right angle at the bottom, that's the woman's legs. And the line in the middle, that represents the man's dick sliding into her pussy."

Tsunade laughed. "You're really something else, aren't you. What are you going to do then. Change our village name?"

"Nah," Naruto said. "I'm not interested in fucking with our name. We can keep calling ourselves Konoha. I've got more ideas though. Like including a big orgy during the chuunin selection exam, to test out the candidates' sex jutsu powers of course."

"You're really going to turn our village into the sex party village aren't you?"

"Hey, sweetie, gotta let the good times roll."

Naruto pushed his cards into the middle.

"I'm all in," he announced.

"Really?" Tsunade said. "You're already butt naked though. You lost, dear. Game over."

"No!" Naruto held up a finger and smiled. "As much as I like pregnant sex, and how your hot breasts are even bigger than they are now... and as much as I want to stick my hard cock inside of you right now... I got one more thing to wager."

"And what would that be?"

"My heart. My mind. My soul. All yours."

Tsunade blushed anew. "What are you talking about?"

"Marry me, Tsunade. Let's have a wonderful future together."

"Is that really something you want to wager and leave up to chance?"

"It's not really chance though, isn't it? You're a damn terrible card player. The only times you won, I let you win because I wanted to give you chance so you wouldn't feel bad about losing all the time. Like I said, all in, and no regrets."

Tsunade smiled. She put a hand over her belly, feeling the new life that was growing inside of her. She looked at Naruto and saw him as the husband, lover, father to her child, that she had always wanted. She looked at her cards and admitted, they were really quite shitty. She would never win shit with this hand at any casino. It wouldn't be too hard of a call to make, now, would it?

Tsunade pushed her cards towards the middle and whispered, "I'm all in, too," before leaning in to suck his dick.

The End