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Not one to ever be left out…not anymore, Maura used her fingertips to widen Jane's already parted lips and covered them with her own. She speared her tongue deep wanting to taste herself from Jane's tongue. Maura groaned into the contact, reveling in the heady sense of satisfaction.

In a sudden flurry of movement, Jane somehow became divested of her clothing. Maura did not stop to ponder this as she was pulled into Jane's lap, straddling her. The first skin to skin contact was cataclysmic, leaving pleasure behind that was bone deep and radiating. Nipples scraped against nipples and hips surged against hips.

Little needy sounds fell from Jane's lips and Maura swallowed them all while adding her own to the foray. Jane's blunt nails dug into Maura's shoulders then trailed downward over fleshy globes before grabbing a hand full and holding on for dear life as she began to thrust upward with a vengeance. The friction was beyond delectable and the smell of their mingled arousal…delicious.

Maura cried out. "God! " She had no choice but to match Jane's every movement.

Jane moaned loudly and simply held on tighter. Her fingertips dipped into the crease of Maura's ass, spreading her open only to increase the tempo.

"Fuck!" Maura sobbed. It was the only word that would come as bright light flashed in her vision. Flashes and twinges of pain brought back some coherence. Maura dug her nails into Jane's forearms.

Jane whimpered but she got the hint. Her face looked pained as she willed her body to slow down…to still. "Maura," she husked. Black eyes were pleading.

Their foreheads touch, and Maura murmured, "I know." She closed her eyes for a second, trying to control her breathing.

Jane moaned in protest of the inactivity.

"I'll take care of you…promise. I just need to gather myself."

Flicking her tongue over Maura's lips, Jane whispered, "What if I don't want you to gather…yourself?"

The sound that escaped Maura's throat could only be described as wanton. She sucked Jane' tongue into her mouth, but slid from her body anyway, pillowing herself against Jane's side.

"No," Jane murmured petulantly, needfully.

Their gazes collided, setting off further sparks around them.

Maura circled dangerously hard nipples with her finger tips, and whispered. "Yes."

Jane arched into the caress.

Maura hummed in delight when toned abdominals tensed and jumped from her touch alone. "You want to be inside me?" Maura whispered hotly in Jane's ear, causing her to shudder.

"God yes," Jane groaned.

"Show me." Maura nipped at Jane's ear lobe before slithering her tongue inside.

The sound that Jane made in response took Maura's breath away literally. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to alleviate some of the building pressure so she could think.

Jane drew her knees upward and spread her legs wide. Her hand skimmed her breasts, plucking at turgid peaks before sliding over Maura's and twinning their fingers, leading them toward a downward path.

They both cried out as they encountered a torrent of wetness.

"I…do this to you?" Maura husked. Her finger tips whorled over swollen flesh that seemed to throb even more with each caress. Jane guided her where she was wanted…where she was needed.

"Yesss," Jane hissed in reply. Her other hand gripped the headboard, making biceps flex in sharp relief.

Something tightened inside Maura and it was near the breaking point . She threw a thigh over Jane's and rubbed herself shamelessly against her. "Show me…show me what you want to do to me," she burred.

Their fingers trailed along Jane's slit and her hips pumped helplessly until they slid home together, deep into dripping warmth. Maura gasped into Jane's mouth and Jane groaned as if she were coming apart at the seams.

Maura mapped the walls around her slowly at first, enjoying the way they clenched around her. She had no choice but to clench in return. "You love being inside me. Don't you?"

Jane's answer was a throaty moan.

Maura speared deeper and curled upward, making sure they touched every nook and cranny, grazing Jane's clit with each pass. "You're inside me…right now, Jane. Do what you want." Maura could hear the quiver, the strain in her own voice. Her hips bucked against sweaty, slick skin.

Apparently, it was all Jane needed.

Without warning, Jane increased the cadence of their thrusts. The wet click of flesh permeated the room. Jane cried out, "Maura!" He hips lifted off the bed, increasing the powerful tide of pleasure.

Maura whimpered and went from watching Jane's face, frozen in need to the moist slide of their fingers inside her and back again.

Their bodies were covered with sweat. Sopping tendrils of Jane's hair were pasted to her forehead. She had never looked more beautiful.

With each thrust, an exclamation of pleasure fell from Jane's lips. Maura attempted to taste each one, but she wanted to hear more. The increased violence of her need was reflected in her going deeper still, slapping against aroused flesh. Her lips covered a hardened nipple, sucking it in until she could taste it on the back of her tongue. Maura's own hips began to grind with definite purpose.

A burning started deep in Maura's belly. She knew what it was and groaned in acknowledgement. It was too good to stop but too good to go on forever. "You make me so…I can feel you…inside me." She whispered hotly in Jane's ear. No truer words had been spoken. "It's so good…Jane. I need to…" A heavy moan was ripped from her throat as the searing heat radiated outward.

"Fuck!" Jane exclaimed obviously picking up on Maura's desperation.

White light flashed and fire raced over every synapse in Maura's body, scorching her as she imploded from the inside out. "Jane!" She screamed as she went flying untethered.

Jane's own hoarse cry filled the room as she came, bathing their fingers in the evidence. Maura removed them slowing when the gripping stopped.

A slight buzz encompassed Maura, leaving her body laden. Darkness swam before her very eyes. She had the wherewithal to nuzzle Jane, who turned obligingly. Their lips brushed as they shared the same air. Arms wrapped around her as the minutes passed by.

Maura's eye lids were incredibly heavy and exhaustion swept over her. Maybe she had done a little too much today. She felt lips on her forehead and honed in on Jane's gaze to see soft brown eyes staring back at her.

"Hey," Jane murmured softly.


"Lights out for you, huh?"

"Love you. Tired."

"Love you more." It was the last thing Maura heard before the darkness claimed her.

Maura tried to turn away from whatever it was that was tickling her cheek. She groaned in protest as it seemed to follow her and get more irritating. She swatted at the invasion out of reflex.

"Ow! Damn it!"

The exclamation startled her. She sat up in bed almost immediately. "Dr. Pike can handle it," she slurred.

There was silence then a loud bark of laughter.

Maura rubbed at her eyes and turned her gaze toward the sound. "Jane?"

"I'll have you know that I can do things Pike can't even spell."

"Mmm." Maura leaned into the kiss to the side of her head. "What are you doing?"

"Butterfly kisses. Isn't that supposed to be romantic or something?"

"Is that what that was?" Maura asked.

Jane snorted. "I brought you tea too. Maybe you'll find that more endearing."

As the cobwebs abated, Maura smiled. "I don't think it's supposed to feel like something crawling on my face, but thanks for the tea."

"Glad I could be of service, ma'am." Jane leaned in for a kiss. She tasted like coffee and toothpaste.

Maura hummed into the caress, before mumbling, "You're in a good mood."

A dark brow hiked as Jane pulled back. "And you're naked. I'd say that's a win win."

Maura chuckled. "I wouldn't say that was the only win win scenario." Her tone lowered to something sultry.

Jane blushed and looked away.

Maura blinked. It was the most precious thing she had ever seen, but she refused to say a word, knowing Jane needed a minute to sort herself out.

Clearing her throat, Jane whispered, "You do things to me Maura."

Maura's heart jumped to her throat as their eyes met. The embarrassment was gone, leaving nothing but sincerity and warmth. "Yes?"

"Oh, yeah."

Maura beamed. Jane caressed smiling lips with her thumb and Maura nibbled at it, causing a shaky exhalation of breath.

"Um, I better get to work. Later?"

Maura nodded and watched Jane swagger her way toward the bedroom door. Before she walked through it, Jane looked over her shoulder and winked. "Maybe I'll even be nice to the guys today."

Maura laughed and added, "Tell them I'll accept gifts and thank you cards."

Jane rolled her eyes and walked out the door.


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