The Knight of Mahora Academy

Period 16: Raid In Kyoto


Eishun sped through the halls of his home while avoiding everyone in his path. He had to be careful not to nudge them. Not to risk them falling over.

If they did, they were gone. Shattered. Forever.

While the former warrior sped through the halls between his petrified servants he could only think about how this could have happened. One moment everything seemed fine and the next it was all ruined. Someone breached their barrier and made their way into his home. One of the servants tried to warn him but they were already in the middle of petrification when they reached him. If his reflexes were any rustler then he may not have been able to catch her before she was completely stoned over and snapped on the ground.

Eishun concentrated and attempted to sense those around him and where they could be. He couldn't find the attackers so they either hid their presence perfectly or were using a spell or charm to conceal themselves. There were still a few servants running around but they were being picked off one by one. Konoka was still safe! And some of the students as well, but only some of them! He needed to act quickly.

Eishun burst into his room and looked around to locate his weapon. He went over to the drawer and pulled the doors open to reveal his spare blade. He quickly reached out and took it in both hands before holding it to his chest. The movements and habits and motions slowly returned to him as his muscles unconsciously tightened.

Something behind him.

Eishun immediately spun around and pulled his sword out enough for the enemy's blade to strike the metal. His ambusher quickly disengaged once his attack proved fruitless and jumped across the room. It wasn't enough to escape Eishun's range. The older swordsman gripped the handle tightly before unsheathing his sword in a flash of light before immediately pulling it back into its sheathe.

The entire room split right down the middle as the blade disappeared in a silver slash. His attacker was sent bodily flying into the wall and cracked into the wood before dropping back to the ground. Despite the sudden attack the intruder effortlessly stood back up, not at all injured by the sudden swing he had to block.

"I don't know who you are but I would advise you to leave now before you get hurt." Eishun faced his attacker, seeing the young features of his assailant a little clearer in the light of the moon. The black eyes looked at him coldly, unwavering and composed under Eishun's threat. The former solider narrowed his eyes and raised his sword to point at his stoic attacker, "Invading my home and attacking innocent bystanders would be enough for me to fight back, but the fact that you are trying to kidnap my daughter has brought me to a breaking point of anger. So I won't just advise you...I'll beg you. Leave now...before I start to hurt you."

A pressure started to emanate from Eishun's form that physically shook the room. However even under the pressure his attacker didn't falter, instead increasing his own power and attempting to match him in the effort. His ki was astounding, very impressive for one so young. But Eishun slid into his form as his hand lowered for his blade-

Something behind him!

Eishun turned around and aimed his swing behind him but it was too late, "AGH!" The Kansai leader groaned as a magic blast hit him in the back and staggered his form. He flinched and tried to stand back up but couldn't fix himself. He struggled to look back and see there was already a coat of stone climbing over his back. He narrowed his eyes, "Naruto-kun said that he saw you in the city, but I thought it would just be another doll down the line. I have to say that I'm surprised to see you again after all this time."

"Don't bother resisting. The petrification is already taking hold of you. You'll only be straining yourself and risking breakage if you continue to struggle, Eishun Konoe-San."

" a risk...I'll happily take!"

Before Eishun could make his move the sword was smacked out of his hand with a sharp strike, sending it up and impeding it into the ceiling. Eishun looked back ahead and saw his blade-wielding attacker had disarmed him before he could make any semblance of an attack. Eishun saw the glean of the blade as it was slowly pointed towards him.

"Don't waste your energy executing him."

"It won't take much energy at all."

"He's already incapacitated. The petrification will take care of the rest."

"After all this time I'm still puzzled by the fact you won't ever take the final strike against an enemy. It assures that your they can never get the upper hand on you."

"And I told you that the killing blow should only be reserved against enemies you can't easily incapacitate or debilitate. As a last resort. We've taken care of the civilian element. We'll find Konoka Konoe-San. And our mission will be finished."

"Heh." The two looked to the man quickly becoming covered in stone. His face looked pained and there was a sheen of sweat over his cheeks and brow, but Eishun forced a smile and looked between them, "Unfortunately all you've done is waste your time coming here. If you think you'll get Konoka and succeed with your mission then you are greatly mistaken. Negi-kun. Naruto-kun. All of them. They will protect her."

"They will fall just like everyone else."

"If you think they'll go down that easy then you are fools." The last of the rock covered Eishun's face but not before he spoke one last warning, "And if you think you can stop them...then you've already lost."

The taller figure walked around the petrified man and stood over the short white-haired boy, "And if we can't stop them?"

"Then...last resort."


Kotarou was worried as he stared warily at the door to the chamber. His guards had heard something going on outside and quickly went out to check, leaving him sitting in his cage like a bored animal. But then he heard screams for a moment before they were instantly silenced.

No one had returned to the room since then. And Kotarou was still locked in his prison, unable to escape from this side and subject to whatever these infiltrators wanted to try. His breath hitched and he tensed his arms as he heard a rush of footfalls come to the door. He might not have his abilities, but he still had his fighting skills. And if that was all he had then these guys were in for a rude awakening.

"Hey!" The door slammed open and the young Hanyō was surprised to see Naruto run in. The whiskered blond looked at Kotarou before letting out a long breath of relief, "Oh good, at least you're okay. Hey what happened to the people watching over you?"

"They ran out there when they heard screamin'. What's goin' on out there?"

"Someone invaded and turned everyone to stone. No guesses on who that could be." Naruto muttered angrily before stepping up to the barrier as Kotarou stood up as well, "Negi is going to find Bells and Konoka while Kyūbi looks for anyone else not affected by the petrification."

Kotarou frowned, "And I guess ya came t' check on me before they decide they don't need me."

"No. We need you." The Hanyō looked up in surprise as Naruto stepped up to the barrier confidently, "My friends need help, and some of them haven't experienced battle like this. Negi's smart, but his battle instinct hasn't been honed yet. And Bells has barely been in any fights before. Konoka needs protecting, so I'm coming to ask that you help us."

Kotarou crossed his arms and scowled at the older boy, "I'm guessin' this is one of them 'help, or I'll leave ya stuck in here forever', right?"

Naruto's hand whipped out to the side and tore the paper charm off the wall, making the barrier falter and fall right before Kotarou's eyes. The Hanyō blinked in shock before he looked up at Naruto crumbling the paper into a ball, "If you want to run that's fine, but I still think you've got a lot of good in you and there's a lot you can do with it." Naruto reached out and offered his hand, "Will you help?"

Kotarou looked blankly between the offered hand and who offered it. Kotarou scoffed and looked aside, "W-Wow, ya gotta be desperate t' be comin' t' me fer help. Man Nii-chan, jus' how gullible are ya? Got played pretty easy, eh?" Kotarou chuckled, but failed to hide the pink hue covering his cheeks. He looked up at the older boy before reaching out and taking his hand. Naruto smiled as Kotarou grinned, "B-But I guess I can help once."

"Brat!" Kyūbi yelled out as he scurried over the ground and ran up on Naruto's shoulder. The little demon fox with the deep voice spoke with urgency in his voice, "Can't find anyone else! Even Eishun was petrified as well! I haven't found the Little Red Moron, the Woman, Sword Girl, or even the Princess!"

"Shit." Naruto started to fear the worse. The sight of people replaced by statues and rock was unnerving. It unsettled his thoughts and made a cold chill run up his spine. It was just like it was before, just cleaner. And there was a chance to reverse the whole thing if they found the one that had cast the spell. And like he said, he had a good idea about who that was, "Well then we gotta keep looking."

"Fine. But why did you let the mutt out of his cage?" Kotarou furrowed his eyes as the fox jumped to the ground and skittered away, "Just remember if you start misbehaving then all we'll have to do is neuter you!"

"That fox sucks."

"I know."


Asuna hurriedly put some clothes on before anyone - Chamo specifically - could get a clear look at her. She pulled her top down before speaking over her shoulder, "Setsuna-San, are you sure you're okay to fight? That little boy hit you really hard, didn't he?"

"Yes, I was shocked by how strong he was." Setsuna's hand lowered to where the white-haired boy had struck her ribs and sent her ricocheting off the wall. It was a humiliating defeat when she was trying to protect her friends and charge, but one she had to accept in stride in order to continue with her duty, "But Negi-sensei healed me already, so I'm ready to fight again. Don't worry about me."

"Yes, the damage looked worse than it actually was. Setsuna-San also has a very high physical resistance." Negi said while looking down at his hands, "Even my limited healing abilities should be able to help with small wounds like that. B-But I'm not sure about more serious injuries, s-so please do try to avoid those."

"Geez Aniki, you don't really inspire confidence, do ya?" Chamo shook his head before cupping his mouth, "Hurry up, Ane-San! How long does it take to put on a skirt?!"

"Shut up, Pervert Ermine! I'm not going out there naked!"

"Negi! Setsuna! Konoka! Bells! Someone answer!"

"Nii-San!" They all sat up when they heard Naruto's desperate call echo through the halls. Negi jumped to his feet, "Nii-San! We're in here!"

Naruto came bursting through the doors with Kyūbi on his shoulder and Kotarou on his tail. The whiskered teenager gave a shaky smile of joy when he saw them together and safe. His joy quickly fell as he looked around the room, "Where's Bells, and Konoka?"

"Ojou-sama was taken." Setsuna muttered pathetically as she stood up and hung her head. The short swordswoman shook her head before focusing her eyes and steeling her resolve, "We are going to go after her once Asuna-San has finished."

"And what is Bells doing exactly?"

"Getting dressed! And it's hard to do that when people keep talking about it!" Asuna's shriek carried over the room.

Naruto blinked in surprise and looked to his friends for clarification just to see them hiding their blushes, "W-We found her in here naked. We think perverted things were done to her."

"They weren't!"

"Naruto-sensei?" Setsuna stepped up to the blond but looked at the boy casually standing to the side with his hands in his pockets, "Why is Inugami-San out of his chamber?"

"I let him out." They looked at him accusingly and Naruto held his hands up to defend his position, "I wanted him out here because despite the bravado and immaturity, he's a good fighter. One of the only ones our age with experience in battle."

"The hell ya mean immaturity? I'm 10. What ya expect?"

"Nii-San, are you sure it is such a good idea to let Kotarou-kun out so recklessly?" Negi asked worriedly, "We were fighting him just a few hours ago."

"Yeah and I'm expecting t' get that fight outta ya once this is over!" Kotarou spoke up and made Negi jump in fright. The Hanyō scowled and crossed his arms, "I promised Nii-chan I'd help, so Imma do that!"

Setsuna and Negi still looked apprehensive but Chamo interrupted their worry by scurrying up Negi's head, "Yo Aniue, while we're going with your crazy, irrational plan, why don't ya take a minute to hear mine? I said that Aniki should totally swap spit with Setsuna-neesan and make a Pactio with her!" The young teacher and swordswoman's faces went atomic at the kissing plan being brought back up as the ermine countinued, "If he did that then he could pile his magic atop her ki and make a super mega ultra powerful warrior-"

"That's not a good idea." The ermine cracked after his plan was shot down as Naruto shook his head, "You need serious training and skill to be able to utilize magic and ki at the same time properly. Otherwise when you do the result would be explosive but dangerous."

"And trust him, he knows."

Naruto coughed into his fist before Negi could ask what that meant, "Bells! Hurry up! We gotta go!"

"R-Right!" Asuna came hopping around the corner while pulling up her shoe. Once she did she grabbed her fan and gave a confident nod, "Okay, let's go save Konoka!"

There was a unanimous cheer as they stormed out the door and after their kidnapped friend. However in the rush Asuna failed to notice she hadn't remembered everything. And the undergarments came to a slow descent to the ground after the wind picking up from their run.


"W-Wow, you weren't kidding about grabbing her, were you Newbie?"

"I said that we would procure Konoka Konoe-San, and we followed through with it." Fate spoke quietly as he looked up to the terrified girl, tied up in rope and being carried by the ridiculous monkey construct that followed Chigusa everywhere, "We won't be pursued by Eishun Konoe-San either."

Konoka's eyes widened and she muffled into her gag before Chigusa quickly came to her side, "Don't panic Ojou-sama, he sounds cold but he doesn't usually resort to killing. I'm sure Eishun-sama wasn't killed. Was he?" She looked back and Fate shook his head, "Then there's nothing to worry about. We just need your help, we summon something we've been after, and everything will be over. No one else will even have to be hurt."

"That might not be completely true." Fate spoke up again, "I encountered Negi Springfield-kun and his compatriots in the compound as well."

"Oh that's fine. You took care of them as well, didn't you?" Fate shook his head and Chigusa blanked, "Why..why not?"


"AHHGH!" The buxom woman yelled and pulled on her hair before sighing and taking a deep breath, "It's fine. It's all fine. We shouldn't have to worry about them. They aren't stupid enough to look a gift horse in the mouth and risk their lives-"

"Hey monkey! Let the sweet girl go!"

Chigusa lost all color in her face before turning around and facing the group of teenagers that had come to stop her. Standing at the front was Setsuna as she gripped her sword and glared at the older woman, "You will release Ojou-sama now and come with us! This fight is over!"

"This is why you stop them while you can, Newbie! Where's your friend? You two should be the ones to handle this!"

"He left after we had a disagreement about our methods. My apologies, he's much more in touch with his emotions than I am."

"Oh great! Well what the hell are we supposed to do here?!" Chigusa huffed before blinking in realization and looking at Konoka. Her smirk turned just the wrong side of vicious before she stepped up to the captured girl and flicked the charm wrapped around her neck, "My apologies, Ojou-sama, but I need to borrow a tiny bit of power for a moment."




"Let her go now!"

"Sorry, but no can do. Not when we're this close." Chigusa pulled out a few charms and chuckled, "Sorry you lot had to get involved, and Kotarou-kun, I'm disappointed to see you on the other side. I thought you would like to fight on our side."

"Sorry Nee-chan, but they kinda begged me t' fight fer 'em."

"Well if it's a fight you want," Chigusa raised her charms and a bright light shined from Konoka's convulsing form. The lights surrounded the summoner before Japanese characters started to appear within the lights as well. She smirked, "Then I'm more than willing to supply you with one."

Twisted figures started to rise from the glowing water around them; massive bodies and inhuman forms three times the size of any of the kids. They huddled together and watched as they were surrounded by demons and oni of every shape and size. Naruto clicked his teeth, "Crazy bitch."

"We're gonna have to leave you to my associates, but don't worry they won't kill you. But they'll rough you up really, really badly." Chigusa jumped on her giant monkey as they leapt off and she waved back mockingly, "Bye~!"


"No!" Naruto grabbed Setsuna and pulled her back before a slash blew through the water she had stepped through. He looked to the side as the rain came splashing down on them, "You lot wouldn't mind stepping aside and letting us get our friend?"

"No can do." The demon said as his compatriots all raised their voices in agreement, "This is the first time we've been summoned in ages and we were asked to do a duty. It does feel weird hurting some kids so we promise just to incapacitate you. But no, we can't step aside."

"Well damn, shoulda know that wouldn't work." Naruto grumbled.

"Get in close!" Negi yelled and waved out his hand, "Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister! Veratur tempestas veris! Dona nobis protectionem aerialem! Flans Paries Venti Vertentis!"

A giant typhoon picked up around the teenagers and blocked them from sight of the demons. Once the wind barrier was set, Negi sighed and lowered his hands, "Okay, that should protect us for about three minutes! We need to do something and fast!"

"T-That was a lot of monsters." Asuna muttered in fright, "Why were there so many monsters?!"

"She must've used Ojou-sama's power to summon more of them then she ever could. This is going to be a problem." Setsuna said to herself before looking between her group, "I should stay behind and fight off the demons. With my Shinmei-Ryū style I should have the best chance against them."


"You can't do this alone, Setsuna-San! Did you see how many demons there were out there?!"

"Of course I did. And I'll do everything I can to hold them back." The swordswoman faced her companions, "So I want to trust with the rest of you the duty to protect Ojou-sama."

"I-It'll mean nothing if Konoka finds out you got hurt fighting here for her!" Asuna fumed and pouted before shaking her head, "I'll stay and fight too!" They looked at the twin-tailed girl in surprise before she raised her fan, "This thing beat back all those summoned creatures and charms before, right?! So this thing can work on them too, right?!"

"She's right!" Chamo cheered, "Ane-San's silly artifact might just prove essential in this fight!" Asuna growled but the ermine continued, "If Setsuna-neesan and Ane-San can hold off these demons for just a little bit while we grab Konoka-neechan, then we can make a quick getaway! Snatch and grab! All we need are two teams and we can totally win this!"

"Sounds like a plan!" Kotarou grinned and punched into his own palm with a resounding thud, "I'll stick round here and help these nee-chans with the fight!"

"No you're not. I'll stay and thin out the numbers." Naruto bumped the short Hanyō in the head and made him cradle his skull before looking up at him with a scowl. Naruto took it in stride and pointed to the little redhead looking at the scene in worry, "You're gonna go with Negi to save Konoka and make sure they're safe, got it?"

"I wanna fight!"

"You can have your fight after you've finished the rescue." Naruto firmly responded, making Kotarou huff and cross his arms angrily as Negi tried to thank him for his help, "But we can't send you two alone. So..."

"Dammit." Kyūbi complained, "Why the hell am I always getting stuck with babysitter duty? Can't these brats look after themselves?"

The fox jumped to the ground and Chamo spoke up, "Okay then we got our jobs! Ane-San, Setsuna-neechan, and Aniue will stay around to fight the demons! Aniki, Boss, and the Pup will go out and rescue the princess!" The ermine clapped his paws and grinned menacingly, "Then there's only one thing left to handle before the job begins!"

"Oh no." Asuna palmed her face, "Is he gonna-"

"We need to make a Pactio!" Negi and Setsuna blushed in response as they knew that they were going to be the subject of the discussion. Asuna and Kyūbi groaned in unison. Naruto palmed his face. Kotarou just blinked in confusion, "Setsuna-neesan needs as much help as she can get! An artifact of her own! A trump card in our corner! You fools underestimate the crucial advantage a Pactio can give a person!"

"A-Another weapon to even the odds?"

"I-I don't know."

"If Negi can't do it, I will." The group all looked at Naruto in shock as the scar-faced boy gave a gentle, unconcerned shrug, "Chamo has terrible timing but he is right about the advantage a Pactio can supply to a party. Plus it can make you stronger, Setsuna, and we might need that for the battle ahead."

Setsuna' face burned red as she muttered, "R-Really?"

"Hold on Whiskers, you can't be serious about this, right?"

"Enough chatting. Let's do this." Naruto boldly stepped up and Setsuna sunk into herself. The short girl looked up at the larger frame of the boy over her and felt more nervous than she had this entire trip. Which was something because this school trip had been a stress test on her mentality. With all these people watching, the demons just outside the barrier that would fall any moment, and the reminder that Konoka was still in trouble, Setsuna didn't know what to do. She bit her lip and steeled herself before closing her eyes.

Negi and Asuna watched with blushs as they finally got to see someone other than themselves make a Pactio. Chamo watched with apt attention and some drool coming down his chin. Kotarou watched in silent confusion as he tried to figure out what they were all nervous about. Kyūbi didn't care. Naruto stood over Setsuna and reached down for her side.

And pulled out part of her sword, "Okay, let's do this quick." Setsuna opened her eyes and blinked in surprise as Naruto lowered his hand down to Yunagi, "This will be really quick. Make sure you don't cut yourself too deep or the bleeding will take longer to clot."


"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, ANIUE?!" Chamo blurted out and startled all of them, "DON'T TELL HER TO CUT HERSELF!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "What? We have to make a Pactio so we need blood-"

"No you don't! Grab that little hottie and plant a wet one on her!"

Naruto looked at Setsuna and finally noticed the blush that brightened her pale cheeks. He looked between her, the ermine, and all the other pairs of eyes looking solely at them. The blond boy let go of the sword and stepped back with a blush on his face as well, "W-We don't have to kiss to make one! Why would we kiss?!"

"Ya have t' kiss t' make one of them things? Ewwwwwww." Kotarou gagged."

"You're ruinin' the mood, Aniue!" Chamo complained, "It's so much easier just to kiss her! Your hearts are beatin'! Blood is pumping! You're both in the mood! Give her a kiss and let her see all the wonder and experience you've got! Come on, just kiss her like all the other girls you've kissed!"




Naruto's face burned bright red.

Asuna giggled and covered her mouth, "Really?"

"I have!" Naruto indignantly responded, "I kissed someone when I was younger! W-We kinda screwed it up, and I think I had a bloody lip, but I did kiss her!"

Chamo sighed, "Oh Aniue, I expected so much more from you."



"That's it!" Naruto grabbed Setsuna's shoulders and faced the girl directly as his face turned red and his eyes shook uncontrollably, "S-Setsuna, I'm sorry about this!"

"I-I d-don't mind a little cut!" The ponytailed girl protested and stuttered through her blush, "S-Shouldn't I have a say in this!"

Setsuna' voice was muffled by the sensation of Naruto's lips pressing against hers. Even though he leaned down for her, Setsuna lifted herself up on her feet to meet him halfway. She felt a powerful warmth fill her chest and spread out through her entire body as if something were lifting her up. Even though they were both inexperienced, she did feel her heart speed up along with the whispers around her.


The feeling of warmth and light around them slowly faded as Naruto and Setsuna pulled away. They tried to look each other directly in the eyes but struggled from embarrassment. Luckily their attention was pulled by the card materializing in front of them from his magic. Chamo jumped up and snagged it, dropping down before popping back up with the original and a copy in his paws. The two teenagers picked them out and looked at the image of Setsuna wielding her Yunagi and a long white cloth bending and stretching over her.



"We'll save her." Naruto stated with complete certainty. He smiled, "You'll see Konoka again."

"Yes." She nodded and clutched her card, "Absolutely."

"If you two are finished with your chemical joy and staring blankly into each other's eyes, the barrier is falling and we're gonna get killed." Kyūbi reminded them as he grew to the size of a horse, his snout extending out with all seven tails swaying behind him rapidly, "Anyone hoping to live, get on."

"That means you two." Naruto grabbed Negi and Kotarou by the back of their shirts. He ignored Kotarou's complaining and flailing arms before dropping them on the back of the demon fox. The last of the magic spell started to fade and Mini Rubra got a good look at the demons surrounding them. The wind died down-




The demon fox took off like a missile over the gathered demons and dashed into the forest. Some sparse attacks followed after them but missed before the fox and his riders disappeared completely.

"Damn, that thing is speedy." One demon said while watching the large animal run off. Their summoner wasn't gonna be happy to see they didn't fulfill her order. Probably throw a shit fit if they ever saw her again. He and the other demons turned back to the center of the clearing, "But looks like not all of them got away."

Setsuna drew her blade and fell into her stance at the ready. Asuna raised her fan and attempted to mimic Setsuna's stance with her artifact. Naruto held up his fists and cracked his knuckles in preparation.

All the demons needed to hear was a cry of war and they all dashed in to face their foes.


"We find fight, yes?! Very good fight, yes?! We'll get to stretch-Aru!"

"That's right, Ku-Dono. By the sounds of it we'll have a spectacular fight, de-Gozaru." Kaede double checked her phone to make sure they were in the right place. The green-haired ninja turned to her dark-skinned classmate and gave a disarming smile, "And I'm glad you came to join in the fight, Mana, de-Gozaru."

"Well it seemed like my talents might be needed. For a fee of course." Mana hefted her bag on her shoulder and followed them through the thicket of trees. The dark-haired student cupped her chin and furrowed her eyes in deep thought, "Travel expenses. Late hours. Not to mention the cost of each bullet and the wear each gun will take firing them. It'll be quite the hefty bill once this is over."

"Yes, well I'm not sure how much I'll be able to pay once this is over, de-Gozaru."

"I'm not forwarding the bill to you." Mana informed, "I believe it would be more appropriate to front it to someone who required our services on such short notice."


"I think since Naruto Uzumaki will be at the center of this problem, he should have no trouble paying."

"B-But he didn't make a request or ask-"

"Yes, tonight is going to be very expensive." Mana smirked evilly and chuckled with a cold edge to her voice, "I'll be doing quite a lot of work."

Kaede and Ku shared a nervous look at their companion's clear intentions. They heard a bush shake to the side and the three girls were quick to respond; drawing kunai, a pistol, and falling into a fighting stance. However the tension immediately dropped when the little purple-haired librarian stumbled through the bushes. Yue heaved for air when she came out and hunched over on her knees before wiping her face, "I-I can't run anymore."


The short girl looked up and felt a sense of relief once she saw the trio of strong girls. She stood up and almost toppled over but Kaede came to her side in a flash, scaring her again with just how quickly she could do that. The ninja looked back the way she came before asking the short girl, "What happened, Yue-Dono, de-Gozaru?"

"I'm not sure." The short girl tried to calm down before recalling what happened just a few minutes ago. Even now she couldn't totally explain what happened but did her best, "This boy came to our room and then suddenly Haruna looked like she was made of stone. Nodoka panicked and took my hand before she pushed me out of the room and told me to run. She...she wasn't behind me when I looked back." Yue felt her eyes sting, "Is she-"

"Don't fret, Ayase." Mana attempted to ease the short girl's worry with her monotone voice. However Yue's eyes widened in surprise when Mana pulled a rifle from her bag. She cocked her weapon and lowered it to her side, "If the attackers went out of their way to petrify everyone they met, then the same should have happened to Miyazaki. And if they were petrified, then there's a chance they can be reverted back to normal."

Yue felt a hand pat her head and looked up at Kaede's soft smile, "No worries, Yue-Dono, you asked for our help and we promise to do everything we can, de-Gozaru."

"Enough talk! Enough talk-Aru!" Ku Fei bounced and shook with energy as the Chinese girl looked around, "Where we go now-aru?"

"Hmm, very good question, de-Gozaru." Kaede nodded, "Mana, do you think you can take lookout and see if there is anything you can see-"

The girls stopped as a massive beam of light shot up into the air followed by a number of explosions happening in the forest.

Mana gave an amused chuckle, "How about we just follow the noise?"


Fate watched in silent intrigue as the pillar of light grew in size and intensity in front of him. The water surrounding the tiny wooden port violently rippled and shook around him. He watched as Konoka's back arched and Chigusa continued to chant her spell.

"Yes, this is it! Arise, great demon! Arise!" The giant light underneath the surface of the water burst open as four arms slammed into the water. The gargantuan demon slowly started to pull itself out of the lake as Chigusa and Konoka floated up inside its body. The buxom Kansai Mage cackled triumphantly, "Behold! Ryomen Sukuna no Kami! The demon god sealed by The Thousand Mage and Eishun Konoe-sama! Time to shake, Kantou, we'll crush the west now with barely any effort at all! We've won! Ahahahahahahahahaha!"

She certainly seemed impressed with herself. But Fate had to admit that the demon god was an interesting sight to see. Only time would tell how effective it was in battle.

Fate's ears twitched and he looked back to see a speedy figure dashing over the hills and heading directly for the port. He slowly turned to face towards the hill and stalk over the pier as his hair whipped around from the wind. He narrowed his eyes as he spotted a mop of black hair, some red hair in front of it, and...

Was that orange?


Fate stared in silence as a blast of energy washed over his barrier like a rush of water. He was blinded by the attack for a moment but immediately raised his guard as he felt something slip into his flank. However even with his strong defense, a powerful claw swipe lifted him off his feet and sent him flying across the lake like a skipping stone.

"Get back up from that, little bastard!" Kyūbi snarled as he slid to a stop over the pier and spit to the side, "Don't get so high and mighty just because you blocked my blast! I'll roast you into raw meat and tear you apart without a sweat!"

"K-Kyūbi-San, you don't have to be so aggressive. He might have an impressive magical barrier that blocked your initial attack but-" Negi's mouth clamped shut when the demon fox turned to glare at him. The redhead ducked his head and muttered, "I-I'm sorry, please continue if you wish."

"This fox is freakin' me out." Kotarou whispered quietly over the cowering redhead's shoulder.

"Don't do anything to piss Boss off and ya'll be fine." Chamo warned the Hanyō before he made a mistake. The ermine then ran around Negi's throat and looked up at the massive demon god rising up from the lake. The little rodent shook with fear and stuttered incoherently. He gulped and pointed up, "I-I-Is that real?"

"Y-Yes. Yes I think so." Negi took a deep breath and looked up at the massive abomination over them. The pressure and presence coming off of it was enough to make them feel like they were choking. The shadow it cast enveloped them and most of the forest as it rose to the sky. Negi shuddered at the thought of fighting this behemoth but forced himself to stay calm as he tightly gripped his father's staff, "I think this is what that woman has been aiming for this whole time. This is the demon my father and Eishun-San sealed years ago."

"Yeah cool, yer dad is awesome. But just how are we gonna deal wit' this thing?" Kotarou asked, "I mean I'm up fer punching it but I ain't sure that'll be the fastest way."

"Then I can handle this." Kyūbi smugly stated as the large fox stalked forward and looked at the towering demon god, "Maybe a few point-blank blasts to the head should obliterate this fat bastard-"

"No!" Negi exclaimed, getting the fox's attention as he stood in front of Kyūbi and pointed upward, "K-Konoka-San is in there! We can't attack that demon until we've freed her!"

"Look out!"

Kotarou dashed in and grabbed Negi by the arm before yanking him back. The boys and Kyūbi leapt back as one of Sukuna's fists came dropping down and shattered most of the pier. The water from the lake splashed out violently around them as Kotarou yelled over the deafening noise, "We ain't gonna get near that thing if it keeps throwin' punches! We gotta stop it!"

"Fine. I guess I'll handle this too."

"Huh? What do ya..." Kotarou questioned sharply before the large fox beside them slowly started to grow larger. The boys and ermine stared in shock while Kyūbi grew to massive scale, his large legs now stomping on either side of the pier and finding their footing in the lake. The seven massive tails swishing and flailing behind him eclipsed them completely as the demon fox stood up to face the demon god. The young boys blanked in shock, "O-Oh."

"Come here!" Kyūbi' booming voice rattled the entire area as he reached out and grabbed the four-armed monster by the shoulders. He tried to claw into the demon god's body and rip Konoka and Chigusa out of it, but its flesh was quickly healing and steeling itself around Kyūbi's nails. The demon clutched the fox's arms and punched it repeatedly with its other two fists before Kyūbi snarled, "Bitch!" Its tails came swinging around and wrapped around the demon god's limbs and body in order to subdue it. But the four-armed monstrosity continued to struggle.

"Damn monster!" Chigusa yelled out, summoning her shikigami to swarm and attack the fox's face, "Let us go now!"

"Little Red Moron! Mutt! Grab Princess now and get her out of here!"

"R-Right, Kyūbi-San!" Negi yelled at the top of his lungs so the demon fox could hear him. The young redhead jumped on his staff, "Kotarou-kun, hop on!"

Negi waited for Kotarou to respond but the Hanyō ignored his offer and stared off into the lake. Negi looked over and saw the white-haired boy that was swatted away slowly stalk back towards the pier while walking on water. Chamo let out a terrified squeak and slipped down Negi's shirt as the young Springfield jumped off his staff to stand beside Kotarou.

The stone-faced boy slowly strode forward across the surface of the lake, his gentle footsteps rippling over the water as the two behemoths wrestled to the side. Even after being knocked aside violently by Kyūbi there wasn't a single scratch on the stoic boy. The cold indifference and lack of emotion sent a chill up the boys' spines as they prepared for a fight.

"We went through quite some effort to bring the demon back to life." He said as he stepped onto what remained of the pier and looked between the nervous children, "I can't let either of you intervene. So Kotarou Inugami-kun, Negi Springfield-kun, will you stand aside...or must I make you fall?"



Asuna swung her fan out and dispersed the demons that stood in her way. They had started to see that coming into contact with her fan was futile, and were avoiding her like the plague. It was actually kinda cool to see that she was making some demons afraid to fight her, but constant avoidance wasn't going to dwindle their numbers. So she had to pick up the pace and keep going for a finisher.

When Asuna's eyes panned to the side she saw Setsuna effortlessly knock aside enemy weapons and slash them through the body. She moved with the grace of a feather, but her style and speed were so much like a blade that it was startling. She utilized technique after technique to rend through the hordes of demons without pause. Asuna was still shocked by how much explosive power and strength such a small girl could summon. It honestly made her a little jealous how great the swordswoman was.

And on the other side of the field was a blond tank barreling through his foes with little pause. Asuna was shocked to see Naruto fight for the first time. Even with her naturally good eyes she hadn't seen him move from her side and push through the demon crowd so swiftly. His movements were heavy and brutal, knocking away all the towering demons and larger fighters like nothing she had ever seen. He didn't have the method to put them away like she or Setsuna had, but it was clear that he had the advantage over them in pure power.

"Don't get too distracted, young lady." Asuna quickly turned back around to see several demons patiently waiting for her to turn back around. They definitely looked scary and menacing, but many of these demons were very chivalrous and honor bound. They didn't attack when she was looking away and even when they did it was clear even to her that it wasn't with lethal intent. One of the large red ones held up his mace and gave something Asuna was sure looked like a smirk, "I mean it would only make sense to attack you when you aren't looking considering you're carrying around a fan that beats us in one blow, but that just don't sit right with me."

Asuna giggled and held her weapon up defensively. Her arms and legs were getting tired but she was gonna keep pushing herself while her friends needed her, "Geez, can you guys stop acting all cool? I'm having a hard time thinking of you guys as scary demons when you're so gentlemanly."

"You don't deal with many of us, do you little lady?" A female voice spoke out from the group of demons directly facing her and Asuna focused on the one that looked most human in a priestess outfit and mask. The female demon nodded her head, "Your friends don't seem to have the same reservations as you. The little lady over there is clearly experienced in fighting multiple enemies, and demons as well. She also uses the Shinmei-Ryū style we're so very weak to. You're lucky to have her on your side."

Yes, she really was.

"Don't forget the lad." Another demon with a gruff voice chortled heartedly, "I thought I recognized him. The whiskered blond with scars along his face, and power to fight some of our strongest fighters without even being armed. Naruto Uzumaki, Bold Knight of Mundus Magicus. Never thought we'd be facing the promising youth that's settled problems in Hellas, Ariadne, and Megalomesembria. I heard back in the capital that he had disappeared for a while, but here he is fighting back in the realm of man. Quite an honor to see a young hero fight so up close."

Geez, Whiskers had a reputation? Now she was getting even more jealous.

"That's Naruto Uzumaki?" Another voice spoke up in surprise, "He's much younger than I thought. Goodness, he must have been just a child when the massacre occurred."

The what?

"But don't discredit yourself just yet, young lady. For your first outing fighting demons you've done exceptionally well." One warrior praised her earnestly with a smile, "Your movements are a little rough, but your battle sense is extraordinarily honed like an experienced warrior. You have a lot of heart and you aren't scared even with the injuries you've sustained. What's especially remarkable is how you've been able to do all this despite your lack of undergarments."

"H-Hehehe." Asuna blushed and giggled softly at the praise she had received. She knew they were still her enemies but there was a small part of her that was giddy to know she was still making some impression. She might not have had Setsuna's training or Whisker's experience, but she still had her own way of contributing. Given enough time...



"W-What was that you said before?" Asuna muttered with a horrified expression, "Something about under..."

"Undergarments. You aren't wearing any." The demon repeated, "We thought it was just one of the fashion trends this new generation practices." Other demons nodded and spoke up in agreements, "Is that not so?"

Asuna blanked in terror before with a careful movement she reached down to touch her skirt. When she did she pressed further in and flinched with the blush on her face turning just a little more heated.

O-Oh god!


Asuna's cry echoed out across the whole battlefield. The fighting and clashing swords and explosions and roars of effort all halted as every set of eyes turned to the twin-tailed girl. Her whole face went bright red and she desperately tried to hold her skirt down while also hiding her backside with her fan. Baka Red stuttered, "I-I-I-I can't believe this actually happened! Oh god how embarrassing!"

"Oh, then I suppose it isn't just a fashion trend."

"Don't know how I should feel about this not being a huge trend for all the other lovely ladies of this generation."

Asuna wanted to curl into a ball and die! Why did the demons have to see her without underwear?! Did they see her butt?! Did they see her - her - eyaaaa! If Takahata ever found out about this-

Asuna's meltdown was halted when a black jacket was firmly pressed into her chest. She looked up and saw Naruto offering his clothing while looking away. She could spot his ears turning red as she grabbed the jacket and looked at it, "W-What am I supposed to do with this?!"

"I don't know! Tie it around your waist or something! Better than nothing!" Naruto yelled back with a hue on his cheeks, "How do you not have underwear on?!"

"W-We were in a hurry!" Asuna yelled back indignantly even as she took his advice and tied the jacket around her waist, "You were already running out to help Konoka! I-I needed to keep up!"

"But you forgot your underwear!"

"Stop yelling at me! This is a stressful situation!"

"But how did you not notice until now!"


The two arguing teens looked over and saw Setsuna standing close to them with a faint blush on her face. When she got their attention she pointed around to show them the remaining demons were all watching the argument unfold.

"We don't mean to intrude on the lover's quarrel, but there's still a fight to be had."

"It's not a lover's quarrel!"

"Are you kidding? With that much tension in the air? Clearly there are a few unresolved matters between you two."

"Unresolved - I only met this guy a few weeks ago!" Asuna missed the tiny twitch on Naruto's face when she said that, "We're just friends! P-Plus if there's anyone with tension it's him and Setsuna-San! They kissed!"

"A-Asuna-San!" Setsuna squeaked in shock and flushed with embarrassment, "W-Why would you feel the need to bring that up now?!"

"Ah, a boy that plays with the hearts of girls."

"Is he considered a Casanova?"

"I think the modern terminology is a boi who fuc-"

"I'M NOT!"

"Well, your romantic affairs aren't really ours to dredge up." One of the larger demons spoke up and hefted his massive spear on his shoulder before he stepped forward. The arguing teenagers quickly focused back on the task at hand and prepared for a fight, "We're here to do one thing and one thing only! Fight-"

Several gunshots rang out through the night as the spear and demon were riddled with holes. The demon let out one grunt of surprise before he was sent back to where he came from. Naruto, Asuna, and Setsuna stared in shock as the rest of the demons raised their defenses, "W-What was that?! Do they have reinforcements?!"

"They do. And we would appreciate if you stepped away from our classmates." Mana slowly stepped out from the forest as she slipped her rifle over her back and drew two pistols instead. They spun in her hands before she gripped them and pointed them at the assembled demons, "If Setsuna and Kagurazaka get lost on the trip, there'll be big trouble."

Naruto raised his hand, "Ugh, Captain Trigger Happy? You remember that I'm here too, right-"

"Leave the two girls alone. They're precious." Mana interrupted, "Just the two. No one else. Feel free to continue as you were."

The two girls and all the demons looked between the gunslinger and the blond knight. Asuna leaned in, "What did you do to her?"

"She can't take a joke." The blond stubbornly responded. Mana was quick to jump off the rock and sprint into the surrounding demons with her guns at the ready. She ducked and weaved through the swinging weapons and strikes that aimed to debilitate her. When she did she turned in the air with amazing skill and fired several shots off in an instant. Demons were felled and sealed in moments. Mana slid along the ground and came to a stop beside her associates before she dropped her mags and switched them out for fresh ones. A particularly smug sneer was sent Naruto's way as he rolled his eyes, "I hope you aren't our only backup."


A little missile came dropping down between a group of demons and unleashed a flurry of kicks and punches. Their bodies went flying in every direction and they fell to the ground in heaps as the blonde kenpo fighter stood in her stance and beckoned for her next challenger, "Come face Ku Fei, master of Chinese kenpo-Aru!"

"Ku-chan!" Asuna called out to her classmates as Baka Yellow happily waved her greeting, "T-Tatsumiya-San, what are you all doing here?"

"We were summoned to assist you, de-Gozaru." Kaede appeared in a flash with a giant shuriken held behind her back. Asuna gasped in surprise before a second Kaede appeared as well with Yue carried in her arms. The tall ninja smiled, "Yue-Dono escaped the compound before she could be attacked and called us for help. If you want to give any thanks, it should be to her, de-Gozaru."

"Thank you, Yue-chan!"

"We owe you a great debt, Ayase-San."

"Thank you Yue!"

"It's no problem." The short girl nodded, "I just thought you could use the assistance and I wanted the people at Konoka's house to be safe. You don't owe me anything."

"You owe me." Mana pointed out, "My services aren't cheap, and they climb a little higher every second." This got her some rather pointed glares from both Setsuna and Naruto who had a rough estimate about the cost of her services. She was a hired gun, and her prices didn't waver just because she was helping out some classmates. Why would she sell her skills for free? Mana pointed out into the forest at the blinding light and massive figures coming up from the lake, "And shouldn't that be the most pressing matter for you all?"

They looked out and could see two giant monsters vying for superiority over the top of the trees. Setsuna felt her heart sink as she realized one of them must have been the demon god she had been warned about. Which meant that Konoka was still in trouble, "Ojou-sama!"

"Isn't it just fantastic, Setsuna-senpai?" Setsuna's skin crawled as she recognized the sweet, girly tone of voice speaking her name behind her. She turned around and saw the familiar little figure dressed in a frilly outfit and large hat. The little girl carrying two blades stopped just on the edge of the battlefield with the demons and gave a gentle curtsy to her older practitioner. Tsukuyomi smiled sweetly, "Ojou-sama really came through with summoning Ryomen Sukuna no Kami. With her help, we're on the precipice of realizing our goal of starting a war with the west. Ohhh, I can't wait!"

"Tsukuyomi!" Setsuna raised her voice to booming degrees as she lost control and flared her ki for an instant. The demons quickly reacted and reached for their weapons as the brunette pointed her sword at her fellow Shinmei-Ryū practitioner, "I'm tired of playing these games with you! Stand down now or else I will release all of my anger solely on you!"

"Ooooooohhhh, don't tempt me Senpai." Blushing furiously at the idea, Tsukuyomi shifted in place, "I'm supposed to be doing a job, you know."

"You, odd little girl. Are you with that woman that summoned us earlier?" One demon spoke up to the bizarre girl that had suddenly appeared on their battlefield, "If so you should speak up before we have an accident."

"No worries. We're part of Chigusa-han's plan." Tsukuyomi happily answered, "We're just here to watch and provide support so no one else might attempt to interrupt."


Tsukuyomi nodded and then looked back as another figure slowly exited from the forest. A young man about their age if not a little older slowly walked up to stand by Tsukuyomi's side. While the short girl was attempting to be pleasant and smile, the tall boy stared around with indifference and little emotion in his eyes. The black-haired boy looked between all the humans with his piercing black eyes before they stopped on Asuna.

The twin-tailed girl gasped as she recognized him as the boy she met on the second day of their trip. The one she had struck a conversation with as she gave her prayer at the statue. But as Asuna stared at him longer she couldn't help but feel confused...

Had they met before? Not here in Kyoto but...somewhere else?

Setsuna still looked moments away from losing her temper and glared at the new face with disdain, "Are you another of Chigusa Amagasaki's followers?"

"No, not a follower." The older boy coldly respond to the annoyed swordswoman's inquiry, "Truth be told I find her constant nagging and whining to be very irritating. But this job may have some benefits and we're here to see what that demon god can do. So far all it seems to be doing is struggling futilely against another behemoth. I guess this was a bust."

"Oh, don't say that Sasuke-han!" Tsukuyomi giggled, "I got to meet Setsuna-senpai, you, and Fate-han! I'd call that a win in my book!"

"And Fate continues to be set in his ways as usual." The black-haired boy looked over the gathered students before his eyes landed on Setsuna, "He has had ample opportunities to finish off his foes and rid us of loose ends. But only in this matter does he decide that he doesn't wish to go any further." Sasuke shook his head, "With just a little more effort...we can rid ourselves of some bothersome pests."

And in an instant there was a silver flash as a blade came swinging into Setsuna's neck.

The demons didn't react in time to see it.

Mana and Kaede only barely set up their guards but were too late.

Setsuna noticed at the last possible moment that his swing promised death.

But the tip of the blade stopped just an inch from cleaving through her neck.

"HAAAAA!" Naruto roared as he slammed his elbow into Sasuke's sternum and sent him skidding back through the water and rocks. Demons had to jump and dive out of the way of the sliding swordsman before he dug his feet into the ground and came to a stop. Onyx eyes lifted to stare at his attacker as his other palm steamed from taking the brunt of the sudden elbow strike.

Naruto stood up again by Setsuna's side. She blinked and realized that she would have been slain if he hadn't stepped in to help her, "N-Naruto-sensei-"

"Setsuna. Bells. You need to go to the lake." Naruto interrupted and pointed to the bright light, "Kyūbi showed me that he's trying to fight that demon god but he can't with Konoka stuck inside it. That means Negi and Kotarou are facing off against that little white-haired bastard...and they can't beat him alone. Go there and save her before you try to escape. Ku Fei, Kaede, and Captain will handle the rest of the guys."

"Whiskers, what about you?"

"I'm pretty sure this guy isn't gonna let any of us just walk away. And he's strong. Really, really strong." Naruto's eyes narrowed as his opponent spun his sword around, "So I'm gonna do what I can to take care of him."

"And you think you can-"

"WRAAAAHHHHH!" Naruto charged ahead and slammed into Sasuke, ducking under the boy's initial swing and then throwing a punch for his chin. The black-haired boy dodged it and jumped back into the forest as Naruto followed after him. The two boys destroyed every tree that got in their way as they disappeared into the Kyoto forestry.

"Setsuna-San!" Setsuna looked back and saw Asuna already sprinting for the lake, "We have to go!"


"No you don't!" Tsukuyomi jumped over the crowd with both blades pulled back and dropped on Setsuna's head-

But Kaede's giant shuriken came flying over and forced the little swordswoman to guard herself. Tsukuyomi knocked the giant metal star back and it landed back in Kaede's palm. Tsukuyomi dropped to the ground and pouted, "Hey, don't get in the way of mine and Setsuna-senpai's reunion!"

"Sorry, but we've been tasked with picking up the pieces of this battle, de-Gozaru." The ninja girl smirked as Mana and Ku Fei prepared for battle and her clone carried Yue away to safety, "So not one of you is getting past here. But we promise to treat you kindly, de-Gozaru."


"This technique is far more intricate and complex than I had originally imagined. There's little possibility for even an experienced old man like me to ever be able to break it down and give you time to help. Truly I should have expected nothing less from The Thousand Master." The old headmaster nodded sagely and stroked his beard, "My apologies Evangeline but it seems we won't be able to-"

"Bullshit!" The little vampire stomped on the old man's face and snarled, "You don't get to bring up the idea of me finally getting to leave this stupid hellhole after 15 years of torture and then just take it back like it was a slip of the tongue! I won't let you!" She grabbed the old man by his beard and pulled him into her sneer, "Let me set one thing straight, old man, if you don't follow through with this I'm going to shave your beard and eyebrows and leave you hairless until you look like the perverted abomination straight out of Ridley Scott's mind! Now get to work!"

"Master, I believe the headmaster won't be able to actually work if you don't let go-"

"Shut up Chachamaru!"

"Very well."


Naruto dodged to the side and avoid the blade that lunged for his head. He threw a fist to his enemy's head but the sword by his ear quickly turned around and swung in for his head. The whiskered blond ducked beneath it as the wind pressure from the slash was enough to cut down several trees. They crashed into the ground behind him but Naruto ignored it to swing his foot up towards Sasuke's chin.

The black-haired boy easily leaned away from it and dropped to his knees to cut at Naruto's feet. The blond flipped over the sword and turned in the air so he could stomp down on his opponent's back but Sasuke rolled out of the way as Naruto's feet cratered the ground. The blond stomped down a little harder and dug his foot into the earth before kicking up a massive portion of it to blind Sasuke. The black-haired teen sliced through all the oncoming rocks and stones like they were made of butter and dashed to the side as Naruto came flying through the rubble, his leg stretched out in a kick strong enough that it would have knocked Sasuke's block off if it landed.

"Adeat!" A light shot out of Naruto's pocket and slipped into his hand as it changed into a black and red blade. His blade crossed with Sasuke's at blinding speeds, the clash of swords happening so intensely and quickly that the ground around them was uprooted. Naruto's blade glowed as its shape changed from a heavy axe to a long spear, the whiskered blond changing his fighting style to match the length and weight of his weapons in order to trip his opponent up. But Sasuke sent his electricity through the length of his sword so that it vibrated at intense speeds until he cut through Naruto's weapon like it was butter.

"Don't underestimate me!" Naruto grabbed the broken end of his spear out of the air as both pieces started glowing. They secured themselves around his forearms like gauntlets as he roared and charged Sasuke. Naruto changed his ki to electricity and sent them through his gauntlets to counter the black-haired fighter's sword. Naruto's punches were swatted aside by the flick of Sasuke's sword at precise points, but the bolts of lightning coming off the two attacks dug through the grass and dirt around them.

Naruto grit his teeth and let his feet become coated in flames. He dug his hand into the ground and spun around as the flames over his feet swirled and swarmed around him, "Crimson Spiral Art: Hell Spin!" Sasuke was forced to jump back from the intense flames that threatened to roast him alive. The flames dissipated and Naruto came to a sudden stop before throwing out his hand, "Trīgintā Ūnus Spiritus Ignis! Sagitta Magica Series Ignis!"

Sasuke's eyes narrowed and he chambered his arms before swiping through the onslaught of magic arrows like they were nothing. He ignored the explosion each destroyed arrow let out and charged for his blond opponent on the other side of the destruction. When he emerged it was in time to see Naruto gathered a storm of lightning and wind in his hand, "-Tempestas Austrina!"

Darkness and lighting pooled into Sasuke's hand in an instant as he threw his arm out to match Naruto's thrust.

"Iovis Tempestas Fulguriens!"

"Fulguriens Tempestas Obscurans!"

The two attacks of wind and darkness clashed at point blank range as the lighting from both spells shot out in every direction. Lighting arched and jumped, rending through the surrounding landscape and splitting every tree within their range. The dirt and sand around them burned together into glass before both attacks exploded with enough ferocity to send a sonic boom out over them.

"BAH!" Naruto pulled himself out of the trench his body made flying backwards from the intense explosion. He coughed and gasped for air while waving at the smoke and spitting up ash in his mouth. He looked over himself to see his sleeves below his gauntlets had been burned away as well as a portion of his shirt and pants. The whiskered boy looked around at the destruction they had caused and paled, "Oh damn, Eishun-San is gonna be pissed when he sees what I did in his backyard."

"That implies a future. Rather optimistic, don't you think?"

Naruto looked up and glared once he saw the raven-haired warrior step out from the smoking field. His clothes were burned but he didn't seem visibly damaged in any way. Naruto snarled, "I really wish you would just stay down. I want to go help the others! And I'm still pissed off after our last fight in that parking lot!" The blond stepped back onto the field and faced his opponent once again, "What do you even get out of this? Did that little jerk and the monkey woman promise you something for all this fighting? Must be something important if they got someone as strong as you helping them."

Sasuke silently stared at the scarred blond before narrowing his eyes, "Do you know who I am? My name is Sasuke Uchiha. Does that name ring any bells?" Naruto gave a small shake of his head before Sasuke sighed, "You have been gone longer than I have. I suppose there's no fighting that. Well then," Sasuke dragged his sword through the dirt and ash, "Does this symbol look familiar?"

Naruto looked down at the pattern before his eyes widened when he realized what it was. It was identical to the rough drawing he made on his headband when he was just a child before coming to this world. A spiral within a leaf. The blond stared at the design in silence before glaring at the swordsman, "How do you know this symbol?"

"The same way you do." Sasuke clarified as a smirk grew once he saw the shock come over Naruto's face, "Hokage. Konoha. Ninjas. The village you come from is the same place I called home before I came here. The same way you did. By the help of The Twilight Imperial Princess."


"When I was brought to this side I was dropped into the middle of a destroyed forest. Smoking and burning from the result of a vicious battle that only just stopped. That's where Fate found me. I was promised strength and power beyond my wildest imagination. I just had to be willing to push myself to do it." His eyes changed from their onyx black to red with three tomoe encircling the pupils. The sudden change startled Naruto, "I was tested, put through trials with my body changed and enhanced. My chakra was split into magic and ki, and the only remnant I have of my old life are these eyes and my memories. And my desire to return."

It was just like him. But instead of Ala Rubra this man found himself saved by the white-haired doll and his group. He knew who Asuna really was.

"Look back there." Sasuke motioned behind Naruto and the blond risked the opening to look back. He could clearly see what was happening at the lake; Kyūbi still holding off the giant demon god as blasts of magic littered his body and his face was swarmed by an array of shikigami. He couldn't see them but Negi and Kotarou were down there too, with that little albino jerk holding them off. And soon enough Setsuna and Asuna would be there too, "Once I'm finished with you, I'll go down there for the rest of them. Once I'm done, I'll finally be able to face the Twilight Princess without interruption."

What would this guy do to her? What would he demand of her?

Sasuke raised his sword, "Time to end this."

"I couldn't agree more."

Sasuke had to quickly shield his eyes as a burst of searing hot air rushed out from the blond's body. The swordsman narrowed his eyes and could see Naruto's body surrounded by a heavy aura of flames that scorched the ground around him. Within the veil of fire were sparks of lighting jutting out from the whiskered boy's body. Naruto's hair stood up from the sudden electricity as blue eyes narrowed dangerously...

"Crimson Spiral Art: Herald of War."

[[[[[[[[Omake: And Now for Something Completely Different]]]]]]]]


"Take it off! Take it off!"

"Paru, you're bigger than I expected! And I mean that in the gut department!"

"Honya-chan, you're braver than I thought!"

"Tell us girls!" Misa cheered with a giggle as the members of group 6 continued their strip show and undid their yukata. The purple-haired beauty clapped along with her class at the free view they were getting, "What made you wanna do this for us?"

"I'm Konoka!"

"I'm Yue."

"I'm Haruna."

"Makes sense!"

"That's enough! Did you girls lose track of your morals on this trip!" Ayaka reprimanded as she stormed to the front of the room and attempted to confront the stripping girls. She ignored the boos and jeers from her complaining classmates as she tried to cover them as best as possible, "Asuna-San, what has come over you?! You were never the smartest but you still had shame and decency! Why are you doing this?!"

"I'm Asuna!"

"I'm aware! But that isn't a valid reason to be disrobing!" Ayaka growled and pushed the empty-headed girl back before storming out of the room, "If you girls won't behave yourselves then I'll just have to go to our teachers for discipline!"

"My my Ayaka, you are very concerned about this." Chizuru noted with a giggle as members of her group followed after their class president.

"Hey Iincho, lighten up, they're just having fun." Kazumi attempted to defuse the situation, "Maybe they just dipped into the bar in the hotel and are coming back a little tipsy. It's still a fun time!"

"Don't you start, Asakura-San!" Ayaka came to a stop in front of her teacher's room and wiped a tear from her eye, "Unfortunately I have to interrupt dear Negi-sensei's slumber in order to deal with these rowdy girls but I know he would want to be informed of this matter!" She knocked on the door, "Negi-sensei, Asuna-San and the rest of group 6 are acting strangely! Please assist me-"

"I'm Negi!" A shirtless boy came running out in his underwear and streaked down the hall in joy, "I'm Negi!"

"Oh for god sake." Chisame groaned as she and the other members of her group looked down at the unconscious class president with a bloody nose. She looked at the others and they all stared at her expectantly before she growled, "Am I the only sane person in this class! Unbelievable!"

The bespectacled girl looked up and saw the whiskered blond walk out in his yukata. The orange-haired girl fixed her glasses up her nose and pointed in his face, "You! You have some semblance of sanity right?! We got the little kid running around in his tighty whities and the girls acting like they just came off duty from the red-light district! So can you please give us a helping hand or something?!"

Naruto stared at the huffing girl in silence before reaching up for his collar. In one swift move he pulled his yukata off to leave him only in his boxers. Of course unlike Negi he had the muscles and body tone to show off when he did. The girls stared at him in shock before he innocently stated while walking by them, "I'm Naruto."


"Chiu-chan~." Kazumi snapped her fingers in front of the stunned girl and finally knocked her out of her daydreaming. Chisame blinked and looked over to see her group watching her with amusement, "You done staring? Or do you need another minute?"

"I-I wasn't staring! He pulled his robe off and it was disorienting! That doesn't mean anything."

Zazie only blinked and stared at the orange-haired girl in silence.

Chisame scowled viciously, "I don't understand you, but I'm gonna cover all my bases and just tell you to shut up."



So Negi's crush was finally revealed, Nodoka and Yue had their hearts crushed, and we get a peek at the final battle between possessed father and ridiculously ambitious son!



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