First story. Ever! So, please be honest but non-insulting in reviews. Also, Derek/Scott—there's not enough of that around here. M/M relationship. AU as of Season 2, post episode 10 'Fury'. No like, no read.

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He tossed restlessly, half awake, feverish and uncomfortable.


Voice. So familiar. Whose?

"Scott, it's time to wake up."

A hand tugging covers away from his face, the shock of cool air making him whine low in his throat.

"Scott?" the hand moved to his forehead as he came to full consciousness.

"Oh, Scott, you're burning up. I'll call school."

His mother left his room and he heard her make her way over to her own and the phone therein. Scott forced himself up, wavered, and moved to drag a shirt on. By the time he was actually dressed, his mother was back in his doorway.

"Scott, you can't go to school like this."

"Not," he grunted, glad his mother knew of his… condition. "Werewolves don't get sick, Mom. I need to see Derek."

Melissa paused, then nodded. "I have enough time to take you before work. I'll have to leave you there, though—is that all right?"

"Derek has a car," Scott pointed out, "and, despite some evidence to the contrary, he's not heartless."

Melissa chuckled and led her boy out to the car, "Fair enough."


Derek's head snapped up at the sound of a car outside—Scott's mother's car—and the worried question from inside.

"Scott, are you sure?"

"I told you, Mom, if Derek can't help, I'll just go home and sleep it off. You need to get to work."

"All right, honey. Call me if you need anything."

"I will."

With the way the light breeze was blowing, he caught Scott's scent a moment after the car door opened and went completely rigid. From Erica's lack of reaction, he already had an idea as to what was going on. Only… it wasn't possible.

The car pulled away.

"Erica. Go out the back. Run. Tell the rest of the pack—no one comes here until I say it's safe."

"What? Why?"

Derek kept his eyes fixed on the door, hearing and smell monitoring every slow step Scott took towards the ruined house.

"Betas tend not to live through what Scott has," he decided on. "I'll survive. You probably won't. Now run."

Erica ran.

Derek forced himself to remain still as Scott opened the front door, despite the sudden increase in the pheromones that could not be coming from a male or a Beta yet were somehow being produced by one who was both.

"Derek," Scott's voice was low, gravelly—strained.

The world dissolved into blinding heat.