A/N: Written for the 50_digifics challenge on livejournal, with the claim: (character) Lucemon and prompt#067 – devil.

The Fallen Angel of the Digital World

He was an angel.
The devil's farce really
because Satan was an angel too
after all

And he was Satan:
the Satan of the Digital World
with his childish mask of a face –
a façade –
and pearly white skin
and whiter wings
and baby blue eyes

So where had he gone so wrong?

That innocently warm aura he gave out,
the childish look – the wise
intellect underneath -

The Messiah that had saved them
from certain doom
and lead them through an age
of gold, and glittering jewels…

But maybe it was there
the problem lay;
the shoes that grew just a little
too tight in the peace
that followed raging war,
where there came a choice
between good and the best
and where such things actually

For peace brought time and time
allowed boots to fill
so maybe his had filled as well,
filled to create an utopia that coloured
the Holy Ring he wore a rich black
and paint the Hazard sign
upon his hands
in protest

That their peace was not peace
and true peace was turning
to him, little sheep straggling
behind the sweet-sounding song

And it was sweet-sounding
at first, except the angelic face
cracked and became cruel,
centred only towards his own ambition
and the world dwindled beneath
as he tried to seize them all

And then he was overthrown –
cast aside
into the abyss deep
and then he was only an angel by birth

Because who could call such selfish
rage and ambition
to be white robe work?