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The breeze on my face was cool, the sun was as warm and kind as her wielder, and the grass was softer than a cloud… Peaceful times like these where nothing is said and nothing is done are hard to come by nowadays. I'm usually helping out at the school house, searching for a job, or teaching Scoots how to fly. And while I love her more than she'd ever know, sometimes I'd just want to relax like this.

Relaxation didn't last long though; Tempest just HAD to break the peace. "Blaze didn't you say you were going to take me on a tour of Canterlot?"

"Yeah. I'll take you tomorrow Broham." I replied, hoping that would suffice.

"You said that last week when I got here from Manehattan!" he shouted and began flailing his arms like a child, much to my dismay.

It's not like I didn't want anypony to hear him, I mean, we're in a field in the middle of the Everfree, so the only thing that can hear him would probably eat him... wouldn't eat me though cause I'd burn it alive. "Has it really been that long? Times flies when you're having fun Brotini…"

"What part about this is fun? We literally JUST laid down."

"Nah, think we've been here for about 10 minutes brotato."


~A Week Before~

"Welcome to Equestria you two! Oh yeah and before I forget." I backed away from Zach and Kyle then smiled, "Since you haven't been properly introduced…" I turned my attention towards the girls, "you girls mind introducing yourselves? I'm pretty sure that each of you wouldn't want us to embarrass you cause I know we'd find a way. Oh and Hottrot and Soulflight, I want you two to introduce yourselves properly afterwards."

The girls all lined up and gave their introductions, with Lucinda being first and Fluttershy being last. After that, Hottrot and Soulflight trotted over.

Hottrot was the first to speak, "Hello there once more! I am Hottrot the Hotspot but you may call me Smokin'. Pleasure to meet you all and hope we get along well." He then whispered, "Don't call me Smokin'."

"Name's Soulflight, great to meet you all."

"Your intro is kinda bland and weak…" Hottrot stated, "but it's to be expected, it's not easy to keep up with my amazingness!" he said and did a 'mane-flip'.

"Amazingness? Yeah sure.. keep telling yourself that." Soulflight chuckled lightly to himself.

"If you insist." Hottrot shrugged and pulled out a hoof-held mirror, "It's not easy to keep up with my amazingness. It's not easy to keep up with my amazingness. It's not easy to keep up with my amazingness. It's not easy to-"

"Stop!" Soul finally shouted.

"Now you want me to stop? Make up your mind!"

"Well Hottrot I can see that we're going to be great friends." I nodded and gave him a high… hoof? 5? High hoof5?

I bro-hoofed him okay?

"Well now that introductions are finally done… Sally." When I'd gotten her attention, I pointed over to a secluded area in the room and walked over, confusing those in the room. A few seconds later she joined me, "So… I have another favor to ask you. And you'll probably get a kick out of this."

"Oh?" she replied. I leaned in and whispered into her ear, and when I asked what she thought, she sighed, "Well for now I guess I can humor you. Hopefully their reactions will be worth it."

"When are you gonna do it?"

"Not telling ya. Won't be as fun if I do." She giggled.

Didn't even know she could giggle… learn somethin' new everyday.

"Hey what are you two talking about over there?" Dash called out and flew over to us.

"Well Dashie" I said in a slightly baby voice, "that's for me to know and you" I plucked her in the muzzle, "to possibly find out."

"Do that again and I'l bite you." She teased.

"I ain't scared of no bite!" I shouted and stuck my finger ou- "OH SWEET MOTHER OF CELESTIA THAT HURTS!"

She let go of my finger and giggled, "Don't be such a baby."

After my finger got out of the ER I grinned evilly, "Oh so I'm being a baby huh?" I quickly grab her and bite her ear, causing her to moan, really cutely.

"H-Hey cut it out!" she begged.

"Not so tough now are ya?"

"Hey stop it you two! This is supposed to be a family friendly event!" Zach sat up and shouted.

"Oh yes… I apologize everyone." I then spoke in a loud whisper to Dash, "We'll continue this later."

"We can hear you!" Shadow said in the same voice.

"It was meant to be heard!" Hottrot commented.

"Are you sure?" Crossback asked.

"Why would he want us to hear that?!" Night added in.

"Because I love seeing your reactions!" I again said in a loud whisper. "Anyways… Is there anything that you all want to know about our trip to Earth before Sally replaces our memories? Or any requests of things you want to do? Sorry to just quickly jump into this talk but my sister is unpredictable."

"Thought you'd never ask!" Twilight said and levitated a notepad.

"I got ya covered Twi." Night quickly commented and handed her a took one look at the book, squeeled, then tackled Night in a hug shouting 'I love you' repeatedly.

I gave a sigh of relief. "So then this means that we don't have to explain anything?"

"Well, I'm still curious as to how you can manipulate dreams to the point that you can assist in recovering forgotten memories." Lucinda asked me.

Seriously, how the hell do they know about this?

"Well, memories are never really forgotten, just suppressed. The problem lies in finding the… 'spark' that triggers the memory. That explain it?"

"Sort of… Luna? Did you know of this?"

"We only knew the principles behind the act, but have never tried it. But for a human to have that much understanding…"

"If I can interject…" Sally began, catching everyone's attention, "He isn't human anymore."

"I'm… not human? You mean I'm a pony right?"

"Not exactly. You see, after you took on Slipstream's powers, you were forever changed. It's closer to say that you're more of a Draconian. Which is just a fancy word for half-dragon or half-breed."

Not sure I'd like being called half-breed… sounds more like an insult. But Draconian has a nice ring to it… The Draconian Blaze… perfect! "Wow… so I'm closer to a dragon than a human huh? Sweet! Slips I'll be asking you questions about Dragons! But here's one for you Spike. You said that gems are delicious right?!"

"Oh yeah!" He licked his lips, "I just love the taste of ruby."

"Then that's what I'll try!" I turned over to Sally with puppy dog eyes, and she immediately understood what I wanted. With a single snap of her fingers a ruby, about the size of an egg, dropped into Slips, Spike, and my hands. "YES!"

"Thank you so much!" Spike shouted and stuffed the ruby in his mouth.

"Aww but I'm allergic to Ruby.. got any Lapis?" Slips asked. Sally rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers again, changing the Ruby into Lapis; which Slips quickly stuffed into his mouth.

I looked at the ruby in my hands and licked my lips, I didn't know how it was going to taste, but my taste buds were going wild! "Here we go!" I was about to take a bite out of the ruby, when it rolled out my hand and fell to the ground.

I quickly scrambled to pick it up, "Why! Why can't I pick it up?!" I kept scooping it between my hooves only for it to slip out, "Bucking hands!"

"You're a pony again bro."

"What? I am?" A quick look over my body proved true… "WHY SALLY?! WHY WHEN I'M ABOUT TO EAT THE GEM?!" I look around for her, only to see that she's nowhere in sight. "Then you run away!"

"I'm right here little bro." Following her voice I come face to face with a grey Unicorn with light blue eyes, a long poofy black mane and tail, and three freckles on both cheeks. "Surprised?"

My mouth dropped, "You made yourself look like a pony?!"

"To be fair this is just another of my forms… though I hadn't been in it for a long time." She shrugged. "Oh and you aren't the only one who's back to normal." She gestured behind me, "Take a look."

I was about to turn around when a thought occurred to me… "The gem!" I quickly lunged down and shoved it in my mouth, quickly biting down.

Flavor rushed into my mouth. It was an amazing combination of Sweet, sour, and tangy, all wrapped into a single item! And with each crunch, I relived the experience with even greater intensity. "My life is complete!" I mumbled between chews.

It was strange though… I didn't just get the wonderful taste, there was something else that came with it. I'm just not all too sure what…

I suppose it can wait.

"Hello hooves! I missed you!" I heard Night say.

Turning around I saw each of the guys marveling over their old bodies, even Slips was smiling at his old body.

"Great to be back in our old bodies eh guys?" Crossback asked.

"You can say that again." Solar sighed.

"Couldn't have put it better myself." Fortune chuckled.

Shadow shrugged, "Gonna miss the convenience of opposable thumbs… but I'll make due."

"Just know that you have to clean the dust from your lab." Aurum remind Shadow, causing him to look away and mumble something to himself before turning back and replying with a 'Yes Ma'am.'

Amidst the cheerful group there were two that were knocked unconscious. One was a Unicorn, the other a Pegasus. "Guess we got used to the pain."

"Why do you say that?" Crossback asked.

"Do you not see the pair of Sleeping Ugly on the floor?" Hottrot laughed.

The Pegasus on the ground had a midnight blue coat with blue a mane and tail with red lightning streaks. The cutie mark is a red lightning bolt with a mach cone around the outside. And, rather surprisingly, he has a scar that begins at the top of his right eye and extends to the left of his chin.

The other is a grey unicorn that has a long purple mane with black tips, with a purple tail that has short streaks of purple, and he has a rather wide display of tattoos on his body... made to look like wind I suppose. The cutie mark is two light blue double notes.

"Wonder which one is Zach and which one is Kyle.." I heard Slips mumble.

"So anypony want to wake 'em up?" I looked around and quickly volunteered somepony, "Uhh how about you Aurum?"

"Can I really? Do you really want me to wake them up?" The way that she responded scared me… Think that she' gonna end up sending one of them to the hospital if she tries.

"Nono nevermind, let's just let em sleep." I sighed lightly and turned my attention to the princesses, "I think you two should get back to the castle. But before you go… I have a few requests if you don't mind me asking."

Luna and Celestia exchanged a glance before replying with, "Not at all."


I'm Vague Blaze… a Pegasus. I came to Ponyville from Manehattan a few months ago in search of a… something in my life that I'd been missing. But who would've thought that it was love.

Rainbow Dash.

The beautiful Rainbow-maned mare, that I am proud to say has taken a hop, a step, and a jump into something greater in my heart.

I actually met her when I'd first arrived, and I can remember it very vividly, unlike most anything else.

It was a beautiful day out. I'd just met Pinkie Pie and Applejack, and I knew that we'd be great friends. Actually.. I kinda had sort of a crush on AJ when I'd first met her.

Anyways, I was viewing the scenery and talking with Slipstream, A half pony half dragon who's conscious and very being was planted into me by my very own sister. I call him Slips since it's easier to remember.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so I while I was talking with him, not out loud of course, I heard a sort of whizzing sound, and when I'd tried to figure out where it was coming from… POW.

Knocked out, flat on my back by Rainbow Dash.

When I'd come to she was laying unconcious on my chest. A few ponies stopped to make sure we were okay, but just ended up blushing and walking away. Ignoring them I looked down at her… and had to stop myself from screaming, "SWEET CELESTIA YOU'RE SEXY!"

So I calmed myself then poked her with my hoof, and settled with a simple funny phrase, "Hey there sunshine, do me a favor and take me out to dinner first before you knock me down like this." Which was followed by a wink.

Which of course caused her to blush and shoot into the sky.

Mind you because of this I'd gotten dust and dirt in my mane and coat and suffered a cleaning by Rarity, but it was WORTH IT.

It's been about four months since I've been in Ponyville, and it's been just about that long that I've been dating Rainbow Dash. And… I really want to pop the question, all the guys even think I should do it. When I'd asked they didn't even think I was rushing into anything; and I'd even asked Aurum because she isn't the kind to gossip… (Just in case I made her PPP –Pinkie Pie Promise-)

Oh, and by "all the guys" I of course mean:

Shadow Storm, Fortune Caster, Crossback, Flutter Night, Solar, Blackburn Tempest, and Sonic Lightning.

Oh and since I'm on the subject, they were even thinking about popping the question as well, well all except for Tempest and Light.

They haven't really found their special somepony yet. Even though they've been going on dates like no tomorrow, they just can't seem to find anypony that's to their liking.

But that won't stop them, they're as determined to find a marefriend as the CMC to find a cutie mark.

I wonder… if that means that the answer is actually right in front of them?...

Anyways, me and the guys are talking about when to ask, and I think that I've got an amazing idea.

~A Week Earlier~

"And that's basically it." I let out a sigh, "Just hope that I'm not asking too much here."

"Not at all. Though I'm certain that Fortune Caster and Solar can both tell you; I cannot make any expections." Celestia replied with a stern grin.

"No need to worry" Let the bragging begin, "Kyle was a part of the strongest force on Earth. The Marines are no joke."

Luna smiled, "That's just what we like to hear."

"Gross Tristan not here!" the grey unicorn shouted and sat up.

"Well that's Zach… the hell were you even dreaming about?"

"I… I don't want to talk about it." He mumbled.

The blue Pegasus yawned and sat up, "You and Zach did always have a horrible imagination."

"Oh? Well I'm currently imagining you both freaking out."

"Why would we freak out?" Kyle asked and looked around. "When'd you all become your OCs?"

Zach looked around, then went to scratch his head, only to clonk himself with his hoof. "The hell?" he took one look… and was out like a light.

"One down… how about we make this two for two?" I mumbled and looked over at Kyle. He saw Zach hit himself in the head and pass out, then looked over his own body before shrugging. "Well at least we got scruffy."

Time Change no Jutsu! (Don't judge me.)


Beside me I heard Tempest sigh, "Well let's go round up the rest of the Octets and tell them this brilliant plan of yours."

"Don't gotta tell me twice... Scruffy."

"Oh come on! I told you to stop calling me that, I mean I even cut my mane and everything!"

I laughed hard and replied, "Nicknames don't go away just because you change moron. In fact, it encourages their use. Still… I gotta say, when you first showed up in Ponyville I had no idea that it was you."

"And I had no idea that you found a mare! Couldn't even send a postcard? Or maybe some roses? Maybe even a nice mare for your ol' pal?"

Blackburn Tempest, he's a grey unicorn that has a short purple mane with spiked black tips, (he used to have a long mane but, got a mane-cut) and a few tattoos. He works at a music store, because of his burning passion for music, which is why his cutie mark is two double notes.

I shrugged, "Lots been going on. Shortly after I got here there was the whole affair with Gieremund and Slipstream, after that me and the guys needed a vacation. That's why we all went to my place in Manehattan."

"Which is when you showed up at my shop and said, 'I'm ready to work Scruffy.' "

"Yep. Now that were done reminiscing, let's go and find the guys before I forget."

"Forget what?"

"Buck you that's what." I mumbled and flew off towards our first stop.

Shadow's house.

Done! So we now know that zach = Blackburn tempest and Kyle = Sonic Lightning.

Marvelous... (Sorry about all the time changes, hope it wasn't confusing!)

Also it seems like Sally really did give the guys new memories, and so far it looks like she did a good job.

Let's hope it stays that way.