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At the moment I'm lying on my side in the middle of the mirror room… body curled in a little ball while I stroke my tail to keep me sane.

I feel my eye twitch every now and then, but that's no big deal. It's just another thing that happens in this world ya know? Like how a colt's intestines can be yanked out through his mouth and stuffed back in through his-

I almost vomit in my mouth but manage to keep it down. "S-some p-pony…" I stutter. "Call my therapist… and tell him he's a rich c-colt."

I lay there for hours, replaying the scenes in my head, until something happens and… I forget what happened? "Why am I in the feetle position?" I ask nopony in particular.

I push my tail out of my hooves and stand myself up. Then look at all the different directions I can take. A sign is stuck in the ground for 2 of the 5 mirrors. So I assume that those are the ones I've been in.

"All right… so I guess I should go to another mirror?" I go down a random path, excluding the 2 with signs, and read the mirror: Providence and Morality

"This was.. Fortune and Applejack's mirror right?" I put my hoof to the mirror and it passes through, "Well, no going back." I take a deep breath and go right into the mirror.

As soon as I pass through I hear the sound of water running through a river, along with the occasional croak of a toad.

I'm surrounded by a beautiful field, flowers are all throughout in varying colors; but mostly in yellow, orange, blue, and red. The river is right in front of me, and the slight few water droplets that go into the air sparkle with the beautiful sun.

And in the middle of this field, is Fortune and Applejack.

I knew that they couldn't see me, but I also didn't want to feel like I was interrupting. So I sat where I was and didn't move.

Fortune was pulling a small cart, while Applejack trotted beside him. "Ya sure ya don't want no help there Fortune? I'd hate ta make ya pull it the whole time." She offered, even though he looked like he could do this for days on end.

He chuckled, "I told ya AJ, I'm fine. You've been working a lot more than usual lately, so I wanted to give you a load off. Besides, this isn't even heavy."

She huffed, "You've done just as much work as me! If anypony needs a load off it should be you!"

He stopped walking and took the cart's harness of his back. "Know what AJ? I'll let you pull it then. Since you insist." He then helped her get saddled up and gave her a peck on the cheek.

She blushed and began walking, "Never thought I'd see the day when ah won against ya."

He followed after her and smiled, "Expect the unexpected." After a second he said, "Oh speaking of expecting the unexpected… We're here." She stopped dead in her tracks and gave him a look that said 'Are you serious?' "Don't give me that look AJ, you might mess me up while I unload." She just rolls her eyes, unhooks herself and walks beside him. "Now before you say anything… just know that I'm sorry. The chance was too good to pass up."

She sighed and got unhooked from the cart, "You aren't mad at me are you?" he asked with a worried tone.

She moves to the back of the cart and begins to get fiddle with whatever's in it."No ah'm not mad. Don't ya'll worry about it. Wadda ya say we get everythin' off the cart before the day gets old."

"Right." He complies and helps take out… things for a picnic? There's a basket that looks hoof woven and over the top is an orange and white checkered blanket. They also take off a camera, so it looks like they plan to photograph something here. They lay everything out, and it seems like Applejack is a little sluggish.

Nevertheless, everything gets laid out. The picnic basket gets placed in the middle of the blanket, and the camera gets laid down in front of the blanket. The bring out the food. I couldn't make out what it was, but I guessed that it had something to do with apples.

After a while they finished eating. There wasn't much talk while they ate, but what was said was too hard to hear because of the mouth full of food that they both had. They sat in silence for a little while before Fortune spoke up, "AJ... you are mad at me aren't you?"

"No Ah'm not mad. Ah just…" she pauses and looks away, "Ah just wish ya would let me do somethin' every once in a while."

He looks slightly confused, "What do ya mean? You always work on the apple orchard, and I follow right behind you, Big Mac, and Apple Blo-"

"That's different!" she cuts him off, "I mean when it's just you an' me. You always go and do things yourself so there's never anything for me to do…" she pauses and looks back at him with a sad expression, "Ah want to feel like I have a say in decisions an' stuff."

It looked as if he'd been hit in his heart...

Fortune held her stare for a moment, then let out a sigh, and went over to the cart. "You… feel like you don't have any say in the decisions?" he chuckles, "You may be right… I do like to take charge and leave nothing for you to decide don't I?"

She looks downward and mumbles, "Y-yeah…"

"I'm so stupid! How could I have been so blind?! I've been doing the decision making. I've been overprotective." He turned back to her, "Well no more." His horn began to glow, "I swear to you. Upon this, that I will never exclude you from these kinds of things. I swear to you that I will be a faithful colt that will never abandon you in your hour of need." There was a bright flash and in front of his horn was his sword, which he drove into the ground. "By this sword, I swear my life and soul to you…"

"Ah… Ah.." she stutters out.

"There's more..." He kneels before her and his horn glows, after a bright flash… 2 shinning gold bracelets with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds decorating the sides. She gasps, "Applejack, will you marry me?"

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