Alright. I'm going to be honest here, this is going to be a long story. It is a Sasuita, but it will take some time to get there. At the moment, it doens't seem like it will be, but it will!

When Sakura saw Sasuke on that bridge again, she couldn't breathe. He was as deadly as ever, poised to kill an unknown woman, whom lay weakly beside him. His face was flushed from the fight, his hair as wild as ever & his eyes… just as dark as the last time she met them. Sakura felt her knees tremble as Sasuke called out her name. For a moment everything went blank.

The plan.

The plan was to take Sasuke back to the village. To return to their normal lives. To be Team 7 again. But, Sasuke's eyes told a different tale. Sakura realized in that moment that he turned toward her, that Sasuke was not the same. Nothing was ever going to be the same. Sakura's heart ached at the thought of returning to a life without Sasuke. She shuddered as she bounded toward him.

"Sasuke-kun…" Sakura breathed as she neared him.

The woman on the ground was nearly dead. Her eyes were void of emotion as she turned them towards her emerald ones. Sakura looked away, feeling the color leave her face.

The plan.

Yes, the plan. She could fight Sasuke, here and now. Take him home… Ha. Sakura shivered realizing how foolish that plan had been. Sasuke stood before her, a demigod of darkness.

"I want to join you."

The sentence surprised Sakura just as much as it did Sasuke. His face fell for a moment before he chuckled.

"Would you do anything I asked?"

Sakura shivered. He had such power over her, did he even know?


Sasuke smirked before muttering his deadly intent.

"I plan to destroy Konaha."

Sakura's heart flooded with emotion, her face paled. The village? This was new. Sakura had assumed that Sasuke would return when news of Itachi's death reached her. But, he hadn't. What had changed?

"The village?" Sakura said slowly, not taking her eyes off of him. "What has the village done to you?"

"They robbed me of my life." Sasuke said, bitterly.

"How so..?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her.

"That doesn't matter at the moment. Will you join me now that you know what I want?"

Sakura felt her heart pound so hard, she wondered if Sasuke could hear it. Betraying Konaha to follow a man whom she was head over heels for would tarnish her good name. She had vowed to protect Konaha, but looking at Sasuke's handsome face had her second guessing everything. She wanted to be with him, no matter what. She took in a shaky breath. Even if that meant going against everything she had promised to hold dear to her. She was stunned at how easily she was willing to turn her back on her village, all for him.

"If that is what you wish, I will follow you."

Sasuke shifted his weight, his eyes falling onto the half-dead woman at their feet.

"Prove it. Kill her."

Sakura gulped. She had never killed anyone in cold blood before. Her eyes swayed from the woman to Sasuke.

"Why? Who is she? Isn't she your friend?"

"She is useless to me now." His voice was so cold.

Sakura pulled out her kunai that had originally been intended for Sasuke. She knew deep down, she wouldn't be able to kill him. She couldn't. But, she could kill this woman. Sakura advanced on the woman with murderous eyes. If this would prove to Sasuke how serious she was… She wasn't going to be left behind again. Suddenly Sasuke swung his fist of Chidori at her vulnerable back. Sakura only had time to turn to look in horror at Sasuke. But, at the last second, the Chidori was countered. Sakura felt flushed with embarrassment as Kakashi stood between her and Sasuke. She heard them speak, but the words were unclear. Her mind filled with sadness. Kakashi was sure to know what she was going to do; she couldn't prove herself to Sasuke.


Suddenly Sakura was drawn back to the fight that was before her.


"Take that woman and heal her. She has valuable information."

Sakura nodded and quickly scooped up the woman and took off, away from the battle. Sakura took refuge at the end of the bridge and quickly began healing the woman. The woman's breathing became even and she even began trying to speak.

"Please, be still. I'm almost done." Sakura said as her voice cracked from the sadness. She bit her lip trying to control her tears. Was she upset that she was going to betray the village? No. She was upset that she couldn't convince Sasuke that she was on his side. She was upset at how easily she agreed to join him.

Once the woman was healed to the point of being able to sit up, Sakura headed toward the battle unfolding on the waters below. She quickly made her way under the bridge and watched in horror as Sasuke's fighting hiccupped and he was left vulnerable. Sakura didn't even think as she pulled a poison kunai out and jumped down. She intended to distract Kakashi long enough for Sasuke to regain composure. She ran towards the two as Kakashi cried out for her to stop. In an instant Sasuke spun around grabbing hold of Sakura's thing throat and snatching the kunai out of her hands. Sasuke drew in back about the bring the weapon down, ending her sad life, when a pair of strong arms took Sakura. She was not too terribly surprised to see those arms belonged to Naruto. He set her down next to Kakashi before regarding Sasuke. Sakura took this moment to try and collect herself. Suddenly a fight between Naruto and Sasuke broke out.

"I know what you intended to do back there."

Sakura felt her hair stand on end. She looked at Kakashi with as much hurt as she could muster.


Kakashi eyed her lazily.

"Sakura, you need to figure yourself out."

"Kakashi-sensei, I assure you that my loyalty lies with Konaha. I tried to fool Sasuke…" Her eyes drifted to the battle to see an unknown man. Within moments both the unknown man and Sasuke were gone.

Naruto cursed and Kakashi helped Sakura to her feet. Kakashi looked Sakura dead in the eye.

"You need to think."

Sakura felt those word ring in her head and held her breath. She did need to think.

The walked back to the village silently. Sakura kept her head down and Kakashi kept a watchful eye on her as he carried the woman. Naruto grumbled to himself about the battle. Once home, Sakura broke away from Kakashi and Naruto and headed to Konaha's library. It was the quietest place she could think of. Once there Sakura dove into the painful events of the day. She had willingly sacrificed everything in her life for Sasuke, who immediately tried to kill her, twice. Kakashi had seen her intent and pointed it out. It didn't take Sakura long to realize that she needed Sasuke. But, at this time, Sasuke was not interested in coming home. Something about the village had turned Sasuke into an even colder killer. But, what seemed even stranger was the fact that neither Naruto or Kakashi seemed too shocked that Sasuke wanted to destroy the village. How could that be? This was news to her. Sakura decided to ask them.

Of course, Kakashi was out of the question. He already suspected Sakura, with good reason, and he wouldn't reveal anything like that to her. Sakura left the library in search for Naruto, which didn't take long for he was where he always is.

"Make that two!" Naruto yelled as Sakura took the seat next to him at the ramen shop.

"Sakura-chan! What made you change your mind?" Naruto asked excitedly as Sakura placed a napkin in her lap.

"I actually need to talk to you." She said looking deep into Naruto's eyes. Naruto calmed dramatically.

"Is this about Sasuke?"


Naruto turned towards his ramen as it was placed in front of him. He seemed uneasy about discussing anything Sasuke related with her.

"Why does Sasuke want to destroy the village?"

Naruto ate quietly, pretending he didn't hear the question.

"Naruto, why? I want to know. I'm part of Team 7 too. You and Kakashi…" She trailed off as Naruto turned to look at her.

"I know, Sakura-chan. I know. I just… I can't."

"I deserve to know."

"You do."

"Then tell me."

Naruto shut his eyes tightly and sighed.

"What I know isn't verified. I can't say for sure…"

Sakura touched Naruto's arm softly. She knew it was wrong. Her acting this way towards him. He loved her so much. She knew she could play him. Naruto shrugged her away.

"Itachi Uchiha was ordered by the village to kill his clan. Sasuke's life has been a total life." He muttered looking down at his meal.

Sakura paled and turned toward her cold meal. Itachi was… good? That thought had never occurred to her, but in that moment everything Sasuke did made sense. He was just hurt… She looked at Naruto who had begun eating.

"Thank you, Naruto. I needed to know that."

Naruto remained quiet as he ate.

Sakura lay in bed trying to come up with a way to bring Sasuke home. If Sasuke had found out that his beloved brother had been ordered to kill his family by his own village… well, it was enough to make anyone enraged. Sakura mulled over every possibility she could, but it appeared that Itachi was the main component. But, he was dead. She couldn't dangle Itachi in front of Sasuke in order to bring him home… Or could she? Sakura recalled hearing about Orochimaru and a forbidden technique that brought the dead back to life. But, she had no idea how she would find out how to do such a technique. Grandma from the Sand village had brought Garra back to life by ending hers. Though it would achieve the desired effect, Sakura would wind up dead. Not going to happen.

The next day, Sakura skipped her meet up with Naruto and Kakashi in order to research resurrecting techniques. It was complicated and she was at a loss of how to start. She began with regeneration, a technique that Tsunade had come to perfect. Regenerate cells, which would lead to body parts. The process drove Sakura mad. She thought she would find a break through, but then end up hitting a dead end.

Sakura had insured to Kakashi and Naruto that she was fine, that she was just training every time she saw them. Naruto seemed slightly upset, while Kakashi seemed suspicious. Sakura didn't mind. Kakashi could think what he wanted. Sakura knew exactly how she was going to bring Sasuke back. She was going to bring Itachi Uchiha back to life.