Chapter One- Face to Face

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He didn't want to leave her alone in the room. She lay there looking so pale, so still.

Allie was never still.

Even in her sleep she couldn't stop moving. In all their years together he had often joked, that sleeping with her was like riding the Tilt-A-Whirl at the fair. It used to drive him insane sometimes. Now he just wished she would move, something, anything he didn't care what. He just wanted his girl to wake up.

Doc told him time would tell. Flint had yelled at doc, "That it had been time. Three damn weeks was time enough!" Doc had just looked at Flint with sympathetic eyes and left the room. To be fair he had to concede that she was lucky to even be alive. The three Green Shirts and the chopper's pilot were killed on impact. They had crashed into the side of a damn cliff in of all places the Grand Canyon. Engine failure was reported by the pilot shortly before the crash. Flint had been in the base communications room with Duke when the call came in. Then nothing, just static. When the first responders found them, well at first glance Wild Bill had radioed back "Um fellas… this don't look good" The Apache was a pile of smoking metal. The debris field cloaked the cliff side. It was not a pretty sight!

Flint had gone stone still waiting, jaw clenched, for Wild Bill to deliver the news. Duke had placed his hand on his friend and comrades shoulder, and he too waited.

Duke wasn't sure who he had been trying most to comfort. Flint loved her, but so did Duke. No, not in the sense that Flint did. But he still loved her. Lady Jaye had been a close friend to him for years, and a confidant as well. It was to her he went with all of his personal drama. When he and Scarlett had called it quits, he had gone to Jaye. When he had lost his father to the cancer, he had gone to Jaye. She had saved his life on more than one occasion on the battlefield, and he hers. And he was worried to. Then Wild Bill's voice over the comm. "Gotta visual, I'm sittn' er down boys. Go get her!"

Flint had looked up when Bill had said that. Until then he had been looking down at the tile on the floor. Hands clenched. The look on his face, well that look would chill you to the bone. He was scared, damn scared. And it showed to those who knew him best. "Did he just say get her?" Flint asked the room at large. Mainframe, sitting at the controls nodded. He had sunk down in his seat when Wild Bill had first come over the comm. The air had left the room, and everyone in it had stopped and waited for clarification on Jaye's status. Just then Wild Bill's voice came across the radio again. "Wild Bill to base, you there Mainframe?" Mainframe sat up straighter in his seat. "Roger, Wild Bill, base is here."

"On our way in, Transporting One. Need medical on standby, over". Flint hit the comm link before Mainframe could reply.

"Wild Bill, this is Flint, who are you transporting, Over"

The line crackled for a moment and Flint's face got red. "Damn it answer me" he muttered through clenched teeth. Then

"Flint, I read ya. We got Lady Jaye, and she ain't good. Have doc standin' by. Ya copy?"

"Copy that Wild bill. What's your E.T.A.?"

"Fifteen minutes, over"

"Roger that Wild Bill, Base out".

Everything was a flurry of activity after that. Doc was notified and had his medical team on standby at the landing pad. Flint and Duke, Along with General Hawk were also there. Waiting.

It seemed like forever before Flint herd the sound of the transport helicopter. The soft chop, chop became a loud roar as Wild Bill flew in to the base. It seemed like it took him forever to guide the damn thing in and land. Doc and his team were already running towards the helicopter as it finally landed. Flint right behind them. "Please be ok baby." He prayed silently as he ran. He couldn't shake the cold knot of dread that threatened to choke him. He couldn't explain it but he just knew she was hurt. And hurt badly.

He always knew this was a possibility, they both did. But now here, face to face, with the inevitable. Well it was the worst feeling that Dashiell Faireborn had ever had. Nothing could have prepared him for this moment. No matter how many nights he and Allie had lain awake and discussed the possibility of one of them coming back injured, or worst, not at all. None of that could have prepared him for this moment. It hit him as he ran just how much he loved this woman. How much, in the years they had been together, she had come to mean to him. His world, he realized as the door on the transport opened. She was his world. And right know his world was lying on a stretcher in that damn helicopter. All he could was pray.