Title: Regression

By: revenanttrickster

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basket is owned by Fujimaki Tadatoshi

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Omake 2: Kidnapped!

As the blue haired ace of Touou and the teal head boy headed to the nearest convenient store, Aomine suddenly stopped when he saw a big-chested woman and whistles in appreciation. He ceased admiring the woman when he heard little Kuroko screamed his name.

"Aomine nii-chan!"

"Tetsu!" He looked around, searching for the boy and saw a man wearing all black carrying the teal head boy away. "Oi! Where do you think you're taking Tetsu?!" He ran after the man. "Tetsu!"

The kidnapper glanced behind him only to find the blue head gaining on him. He was starting to panic when he suddenly saw an alleyway to his right. He was glad that he had the town memorized at the palm of his hand and turned to the alley. He quickly shook off the scary blue haired teen in the alleys that was as confusing as a maze. He sighed in relief when he didn't spot anyone following him.

"Are we playing hide-and-seek with Aomine nii-chan, mister?" little Kuroko innocently asked, not minding that a stranger was carrying him away from Aomine.

The kidnapper sweatdropped. Doesn't this kid know that he's been kidnapped?


Back to Aomine—who was currently cursing like a sailor when he lost sight of the kidnapper—got out of the alley only to bump into someone. "Ugh, watch where you're going!"

"But you're the one who—eh? Aominecchi?!" the stranger exclaimed when he saw who bumped into him.

"Kise?" the blue head said since the blond was the only one who called him by that ridiculous nickname. "What are you doing here?"

"Shouldn't be me asking that? What are you doing in an alley Aominecchi?" Kise stared at Aomine skeptically. "Don't tell me, you're doing something illegal! Don't do it Aominecchi!"

Aomine scowled. "I wasn't! Now shut up!"

The blond ace was taken aback by the blue head's outburst; he seems to be more irritated than usual. He also noticed that Aomine was getting agitated. "Something wrong Aominecchi?" he asked, worried.

Aomine was contemplating if he should tell Kise his problem or not. Though, he'll have more chance of finding Kuroko if he has the blond ace's help. He sighed hopelessly. "Tetsu got kidnapped," he said without preamble.

Kise's golden eyes widen in shock. "Eh? What are you saying Ao—wait, you mean, you're taking care of Kurokocchi today?"

The blue head nodded.

"And you let Kurokocchi get kidnapped?!" the blond yelled. "What were you thinking Aominecchi?!"

"I just looked away for a second and then suddenly Tetsu got taken away!"

"Why did you take your eyes off of Kurokocchi?!" Kise glared at Aomine. "Don't tell me you were checking out some girl and forgot Kurokocchi?"

The blue haired ace tried to defend himself but couldn't, he knows that it's true anyway.

The blond ace started to panic and roughly grabbed Aomine's shoulders. "What are we going to do Aominecchi?!"

"Tch! Calm down Kise," the blue head said as he shook off Kise's hands on his shoulders. "We'll catch that bastard. Let's split up and look for Tetsu." He described the kidnapper to the blond. "Call me if you find them."

Kise determinedly nodded and both of them went to the opposite directions, searching for the teal head boy.


The kidnapper panted as he arrived in a nearby park. Carrying a kid and running from a fast and scary teenager was no easy feat. He put the kid down as he sat on a bench.

Little Kuroko stared at the stranger. "Are you okay mister?" he asked. "If you're tired there's a fountain over there." He pointed at the drinking water fountain near the center of the park.

The man looked at the teal head boy disbelievingly. Seriously, what is wrong with this kid?

Little Kuroko tilted his head to the side. "Mister?"

"Hey kid," the man tentatively said. "You know that I took you away from that guy, right? The one with the blue hair?"

The teal head boy nodded. "His name is Aomine nii-chan. We're playing hide-and-seek with him, right?"

The man sweatdropped. "Uh, no, actually, I kidnapped you."

Little Kuroko stared blankly at the man for a minute before shouting, "Eh?!"

The man looked at the kid in confusion. "Why did you think I took you away from your brother?"

The teal head boy didn't seem to hear him as he was lost in his own thoughts. "I've been kidnapped," he said, shock evident in his voice. He always has a weak presence and never thought that he might get kidnapped. Then he looked up at the man with sparkling eyes. "I've never been kidnapped before!"

Don't sound so happy about it! The man sighed and gazed at the kid in front of him listlessly. "Aren't you scared?"

Little Kuroko regarded his kidnapper. He looked like any ordinary Japanese man with his black hair and dark brown eyes, although there's some kind of depressing aura surrounding him. He was also wearing in an all-black get up from his shirt, jacket up to his boots. Still, he doesn't look like a bad person or anything remotely close to it. "I don't think you're scary mister," he decided.

The man put his face in both of his hands dejectedly. "So I messed up even in being a kidnapper."

"Um, mister," the teal head boy tried to catch the man's attention. "Are you okay?"

The man shook his head, his face still buried in his hands. "You should go now kid," he mumbled. "Call your brother or even the police."

"No!" little Kuroko yelled.

The man looked at the teal head boy in surprise and saw resolve in the kid's azure eyes. "What are you saying kid? You should go and—"

"I won't leave especially when mister look so sad," little Kuroko stubbornly said, cutting off the man. "I'm just a kid and I can't do anything much but I can at least listen to your problems."

The man gaped at the teal head boy in wonder and sadly smiled. "You're a weird kid."

Little Kuroko smiled back. "My name is Kuroko Tetsuya. You can call me Kuroko, mister."

"My name is Minoru Kichirou (1)," the man introduced himself. "Nice to meet you Kuroko-kun."


"Found anything?" Aomine asked as he saw the blond ace of Kaijou in front of a store and approached him.

Kise tried to catch his breath before answering. "No. How about Aominecchi?"

The blue head shook his head impatiently. "No, but my instinct tells me that Tetsu's nearby." He pointed at the road to their left, showing rows of houses. "You go this way and I'll check the shopping district."

The blond head looked at Aomine in disbelief. "Eh? But Aominecchi we should try—"

The blue haired ace ignored him and ran to direction of the shopping district.

"—calling the police," Kise finished; he sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He then sprinted through the neighborhood, looking for any sign of his former instructor.


"You see, I'm not really a kidnapper," Minoru started his story; he and the teal head boy were now sitting on the bench side by side. "I just really need a lot of money and fast. I thought that if I kidnapped a kid and demand a ransom, I could get it."

"But, Minoru-san, why do you need to kidnapped someone for money?" little Kuroko asked. "Don't you have a job?"

"That's the thing, I don't have any job," the raven man answered miserably. "I tried every possible job I could find. But either I get fired due to clumsiness or maybe because of my unluckiness that the places I work for always get bankrupt." He then sighed in defeat. "Not only that, my wife found out that to pay our huge debt, I had to sell our house. She left me for another man after that. So not only am I jobless and homeless, I don't even have anyone except for my mother."

"So you're staying with you mother now, Minoru-san?"

"Yeah…" Minoru nodded weakly. "But my mother is already old and weak and I don't want to burden her more with my worries. That's why I thought if I could get a lot of money in a short time, maybe I could get my mother the best care she deserves and probably get my wife back. So I decided that the best way to do that was to become a criminal."

"I went to a yakuza family to join but they were too scary and intimidating, and I ran away before they could see me. The same thing happened when I tried to join some gangs. And then one day, my mother was watching a movie where there was a kidnapping scene and that's when I got the idea of doing the same thing. Then I saw you, thought it was a good chance and took you away from your brother." He turned to the teal head boy beside him and bowed his head. "I'm sorry Kuroko-kun, for doing this to you."

"It's okay Minoru-san. I understand," little Kuroko said, having already forgiven the man for what he did. "I know that you have many problems just like you said but it doesn't mean that you have to do something bad to solve it."

"I know," the raven man despondently said.

"Do you think you're mother and your wife will be happy if they found out where you got a lot of money?"

Minoru shook his head. "…No."

"You said that you've already tried many jobs but maybe they weren't the right job for you. Everyone has their own talents and abilities; you just have to know what is yours. If you give up now, you'll never find the answer."

The raven man looked shocked at the teal head boy's advice.

"Doing something cruel and terrible isn't the answer. Sure you'll get a lot of money but I know that Minoru-san will regret doing it. I know that Minoru-san isn't a bad person. You already felt guilty for kidnapping me, which just shows that you have a good heart." Little Kuroko grasped Minoru's hand. "Many people face challenges everyday like you but if you believe in yourself and never give up, I'm sure you can overcome it."

The raven man could feel tears brimming in his eyes. "You're right. I don't think I can ever show my face to my mother if I did that."

"I'm sure your mother already knows about your problems. Mothers are like that, they always know when their son or daughter is suffering. You just need to talk to her and help each other out. She's the only family you have left and she genuinely cares for you so you have to protect and take care of each other."

Hearing the words the teal head boy spoken, Minoru couldn't help it and cried his heart out, his tears flowing in his cheeks were full of regret for trying to hurt someone because of his selfishness, and sadness because he couldn't do anything and relief for finally unburdening his troubles to someone. He cried for his mother, his wife, for the situation he was in and especially for himself. But most of all, he cried in happiness because finally, he got to meet someone who can understand him.

The teal head boy patted the raven man's hand in comfort, reassuring him of his presence and let him cry his dilemmas away.


"Aominecchi!" Kise yelled, catching the attention of the blue head and ran towards him. "Have you found anything?"

"No…" Aomine said, he was frustrated that they couldn't find little Kuroko and he was starting to get worried as well.

The blond ace watched the frustrated teen sympathetically. He knows what the blue head was feeling since he was feeling the same way, too. "There's a nearby park here, we should check there," he suggested.

Aomine didn't say anything and just nodded.

The blond and blue haired aces went to the nearby park and upon reaching there, immediately saw little Kuroko with the kidnapper. They ran towards the teal head boy. "Tetsu!" Aomine shouted.

The teal head boy looked up when he heard his name and saw his Aomine nii-chan, and even his Kise nii-chan was there. He smiled and waved at them as he stood up on the bench. "Aomine nii-chan! Kise nii-chan!"

The blue head ran faster and suddenly grabbed the raven man's collar when he was within reach. "You bastard! I'll make you pay for kidnapping Tetsu!" He made a fist and prepared to punch the kidnapper.

Little Kuroko's eyes widen. "No! Don't hurt him Aomine nii-chan!" he screamed.

Minoru closed his eyes, preparing himself for the inevitable. After a few seconds and when the punch didn't come, he nervously opened his eyes and saw the teen's fist centimeters from his face. He gulped apprehensively.

Aomine pulled back his fist but didn't let go of the raven man (there's no way in hell he's going to give the bastard a chance to ran off), and turned to the teal head boy. "What are you talking about Tetsu? This guy just kidnapped you!" he said, clearly pissed.

"Aominecchi's right, Kurokocchi," the blond added. "We should turn him in to the police."

Little Kuroko shook his head adamantly. "It's a misunderstanding. Minoru-san isn't a bad person."

"Th-That's right," Minoru butted in the conversation. "I didn't mean to kidnap him."

The blue haired ace glared hard at the raven man. "I'm not talking to you."

Minoru's face paled even more and nodded. Scary!

The teal head boy looked pleadingly at the two teens especially Aomine. "Please Aomine nii-chan, Kise nii-chan, just listen to him."

Kise—who was easily susceptible to little Kuroko's puppy-dog eyes—simply gave in and tried to persuade the blue head as well. "Aominecchi, maybe we should try listening to the whole story first before we do anything."

Seeing that he has no choice, Aomine pushed the raven man to the bench, crossed his arms and glared at him. "Talk," he ordered.

Minoru fearfully gulped and started telling his story, how he always got fired in his jobs, his family situation, his reason for kidnapping the teal head boy and how little Kuroko helped him by giving him an advice.

The blue head wasn't entirely convinced and continued glaring the man. "So what if Tetsu gave you an advice, that doesn't mean that there wouldn't be a chance that you won't do it again."

"I'll never do it again. I promise," Minoru said resolutely. "I don't want to burden my mother more with my problems, she's already struggling as it is." He stood up and bowed low to the ground in front of the two teens. "You can beat me up or do anything you want, just please don't turn me in. I couldn't bear to leave my mother all alone. I'm the only family she has left."

The blond ace was a bit stunned when the raven man suddenly bowed and glanced at Aomine, waiting for his decision. "Aominecchi?"

Aomine looked between the bowed man and the determined teal head boy—who was looking at him imploringly. He uncrossed his arms and then sighed in defeat. "…Fine. We won't turn you in."

Minoru looked up at the blue haired teen in shock when he heard his decision. Even Kise and little Kuroko were also taken by surprise.

"Don't get me wrong, I still haven't forgiven you for taking Tetsu." Aomine gave the man a deathly glare. "Just don't do it again, got it?"

The raven man nodded his head in both fear and gratitude as tears gathered in the corner of his eyes. "Thank you so much for listening to me and for understanding my situation." He tearfully turned to the teal head boy. "Thank you Kuroko-kun. I wouldn't know what I would have done if I haven't met you."

Little Kuroko widely smiled. "You're welcome Minoru-san. Just take care of your mother, okay?"

Minoru nodded again and turned to the two teens to bow again. He said his goodbyes to the teal head boy and walked away.

Little Kuroko waved his hand in goodbye to the retreating man. "Bye Minoru-san!"

Minoru glanced back, waved back to the teal head boy and quietly left the park, leaving the two high school basketball players and one kid behind.

Once he was sure that the man really left, the blond ace instantly engulf little Kuroko to a bone-crushing hug. "Kurokocchi! I'm glad you're safe Kurokocchi!" He rubbed his cheeks with Kuroko's. "I was so worried when I bumped into Aominecchi and said that you've been kidnapped and I—"he stopped when the blue head suddenly smacked him at the back of his head.

"Stop suffocating Tetsu, you idiot," Aomine deadpanned.

Kise let go of the teal head boy and rubbed the back of his head. "That hurt Aominecchi!"

The blue haired teen ignored him and held out his hand to little Kuroko. "Let's go Tetsu. Satsuki must be looking for us."

The teal head boy took the offered hand. "Un!"

Both the former light and shadow of Teikou started to walk away with the blond hastily following suit. "Wait for me Kurokocchi, Aominecchi!"


The three players of the Generation of Miracles were walking to the convenient store when Kise decided to ask little Kuroko a question. "Kurokocchi, where will you stay tomorrow?"

The teal head boy put his finger on his chin in thought. "Hmm…I don't know yet."

"Then Kurokocchi can stay with me!"


The blond grinned widely; radiating so much happiness because he was overjoyed that little Kuroko will be with him tomorrow.

"—I pick Murasaki nii-chan then!" the teal head boy decided.

Kise felt like an invisible boulder slammed down on him. "But, Kurokocchi, why~?" he complained.

"Because I already saw Kise nii-chan today."

"That's not fair!"

On the other hand, Aomine tried to hide his laughter but couldn't help letting out a snicker when he heard his former shadow's decision.

"Please Kurokocchi!" Kise pleaded, refusing to give up.


While the blond begged little Kuroko to choose him, the blue haired ace felt his phone vibrating. He took his phone out of his pocket and answered, thinking it was Momoi. "Oi, where the hell are—"

"Is that how you answer your phone Daiki?"

Aomine almost dropped his phone when he heard his former captain's voice. "A-Aka…Akashi…?"

"Did you think I wouldn't found out that Tetsuya was almost kidnapped?"

"W-Wait, Akashi, listen first, you don't know the whole story yet. I can explain," the blue head said frantically.

"I know everything so there's no need for further explanation. Be grateful that Tetsuya wasn't taken by real kidnappers because if that were to happen, well, I'm sure you know the consequences to that don't you Daiki?"

Aomine shuddered in fear. It doesn't take a genius to know what Akashi will do to him if that really happened.

"As it is, I couldn't tor—I mean, punished you since Tetsuya is safe now and I'm busy here in Kyoto."

You almost said torture! And I know that was on purpose! The blue head inwardly protested. Nevertheless, he breathed a sigh of relief that his former captain can't punish him.

"However, I can still burn your collection of gravure magazines."


"That's your punishment for being careless with Tetsuya."

"O-Oi, wait, Akashi—"the red haired captain hanged up before Aomine could finish his tirade.

"Was that Sei-nii, Aomine nii-chan?" the teal head boy asked, Kise stopped pleading him when they heard the blue head uttered Akashi's name.

"…A-Ah…" Aomine said as he looked down on little Kuroko, his mind was now blank thanks to the red head's threat. He could also feel the sympathetic gaze the blond was giving him.

The teal head boy—oblivious to what happened—tugged the blue head's left hand. "We have to go Aomine nii-chan. Momoi nee-chan will worry if we don't meet up with her soon." He turned to his Kise nii-chan. "Are you going to join us Kise nii-chan?"

The blond shook his head sadly. "I can't. I have photo-shoot scheduled today."


Kise smiled. "Ah, I didn't tell you yet but I work as a part-time model."

Little Kuroko's cerulean eyes widen and sparkled in interest. "Kise nii-chan is a model?"

The blond nodded and crouched down to the teal head boy's height. "I'll show Kurokocchi my photobooks and magazines when it's my turn to take care of Kurokocchi."

"I'd like that! Then good luck on your photo-shoot Kise nii-chan. I'll see you soon."

Kise couldn't help himself and hugged little Kuroko again. "Kurokocchi is so cute~! I'll miss you!" He let go of the poor kid after a minute of cuddling him and said goodbye. "Bye Kurokocchi! Take care, okay?"

The teal head boy nodded and waved in goodbye. "Bye Kise nii-chan!"

"You, too Aominecchi," the blond said to his former teammate.

Aomine—still in shock—just silently nodded his head at Kise.

The blond ace of Kaijou left and walked towards the train station, leaving the ace and phantom sixth man of the Generation of Miracles in the park.

"Let's go Aomine nii-chan," little Kuroko said, pulling Aomine to the nearest convenient store.


The blue haired ace of Touou quickly said goodbye to little Kuroko and Momoi much to their utter confusion, when they arrived in front of the pink head's house after their trip to the convenient store. He rushed inside his home and up to the second floor. He hurriedly opened the door to his room, went inside and immediately checked his collection of gravure magazines. He sighed in relief when he saw that the magazines were still there and in perfect shape. Whew, maybe Akashi wasn't serious and forgot about it, he thought, relieved.

After finally calming himself down by skimming the latest release of Horikita Mai's (2) photobook and hiding it under his bed, Aomine then took his overnight bag, which he packed beforehand (his mother forced him to), and left the house to stay at his uncle's place for the night.


The next morning, Aomine lazily yawned as he walked towards his home from his uncle's. He woke up early so he could catch the first train to Tokyo and sleep the whole day away. Yesterday was tiring for him.

Upon arriving, he went inside the house and up to his room, dumping his bag on the corner. He sat on his bed and sluggishly groped for his Horikita Mai photobook that he hid under his bed. When he couldn't feel it, he looked under his bed and noticed that nothing was there. He checked his bedside table as well but couldn't find anything. Must have left it somewhere, he thought, unperturbed.

He moved towards his bookshelf full of novels (courtesy of his parents), basketball magazines, manga, and of course, his gravure magazines. His dark blue eyes widen when he saw that half of his bookshelf were empty. He searched for his Horikita Mai photobooks and even his Shinozaki Aki (3) photobooks but couldn't find them anywhere. He even checked his secret stash of porn but it was gone, too.

Who could do—he stopped. There was only one person who could something like this and that person even warned him beforehand.

"Damn you Akashi!" Aomine shouted at the top of his lungs, uncaring that the whole neighborhood can hear his scream.


Meanwhile, in the student council room of Rakuzan High School, the student council president (4) and captain of the basketball club—Akashi Seijuurou smirked. I don't forget any of my promises Daiki, he thought, self-satisfied and went back to his paperwork.

Next Chapter: Sweet Shopping


(1) Minoru Kichirou - Minoru (実) means 'truth' since for me, despite what he did, he's an honest man. Kichirou for Kichi (吉) means 'good luck' and rou (郎)for 'son' because his mother believes he's a good son. He wasn't supposed to have a name and I was planning to have Aomine beat the crap out of him. But while I was in the middle of writing this, he just started telling his story which I tsukkomi-ed with "Why the hell are you telling your story?! You're the kidnapper! You're just an extra character!" My sister gave me a weird look when I accidentally said that out loud. (Also, note to self: Never watch/read Gintama before writing anything because I tend to add tsukkomis in the strories.) In the end, I added his story and have Kuro-chan helped him. In turned out okay, so I guess it was a good thing.

Another one was Kise. He wasn't supposed to be in this omake but his character kept hovering in the back of mind, saying "Yukicchi, please include me!" "It'll be more fun if I was there!" "I wanna see Kurokocchi, Yukicchi!" "Yukicchi!" To say that it was annoying was an understatement. He even invaded my dreams! Suffice to say, I gave up and reluctantly included him. I finally got my peace after that. And as punishment for annoying me, I let Kuro-chan picked Murasakibara instead of him.

(2) Horikita Mai - If you're a fan of Aomine, you already who this is. Horikita Mai is a gravure model in the KnB-verse and is Aomine's favorite (because she's F cup). Aomine became more of a fan when he met (and touched) her in a summer festival when he was in middle school, according to Replace 3 Omake: Dai-chan's Awakening.

(3) Shinozaki Aki - Another gravure model. Apparently, Aomine likes her but not as much as Horikita Mai though.

(4) Student Council President - I don't know all the details since I only read the summaries, but according to Replace 4, Akashi is the student council president even though he's a first year. Akashi-kun how in the world did you do that? On second thought, never mind. If I were a student in Rakuzan, I would have voted for him to be the SC President. I mean, who wouldn't? Admit it, even you would vote for him.

A/N: Dear readers, it pains me to say this but I have a little bit of a bad news. I won't be updating Regression for two weeks. Now, before you throw me some tomatoes or get pitch forks, there's a reason for this. It's not because of writer blocks that I won't be updating, I have a lot of ideas for Murasakibara's chapter. I already even outline all the chapters up to the end so don't worry, I will finish this and won't leave you hanging. It's just that for some reason, whenever I try to write it feels lacking something and I feel unsatisfied so I ended up deleting them. And I don't want to post a half-assed chapter just because I need to update. My readers deserve more than that.

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