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Elladan stalked through the hallways in a towering rage, muttering a constant stream of obscenities and flexing his fingers as though imagining them fastening around the neck of a certain elfling. Rounding a corner, he almost ran Elrohir over. "Sorry," he muttered but his twin simply laid a sympathetic hand on his arm. "Did you lose him again?" he asked and Elladan nodded disconsolately. "I have no idea where he's gone – one moment he was there and when I turned around again he was gone!" Elrohir thought for a few moments. "Have you asked Erestor or Glorfindel if they've seen him?" Elladan brightened immediately and eyed his brother gratefully. "Will you come with me?" Elrohir nodded and fell into step beside him. Unsurprisingly, they found Erestor in the library. He barely glanced up from his book long enough to register who his visitors were before instructing them to go find Glorfindel, adding "I haven't seen that scamp since breakfast and for that I am grateful!" The two exited his domain in a silence which did not last for long. "I wonder how he knew we were looking for Legolas," Elrohir said thoughtfully. "When are we not looking for him?" Elladan retorted with a grin.

They soon neared the practice courts and Elladan eyed his twin nervously. "What if he's not there?"he fretted, twisting the hem of his tunic around his fingers. "Then we go on looking," Elrohir replied calmly. All Elladan's worries were soon proved needless as they made their way onto the practice courts and were rewarded by the sight of the long-looked for elfling. Erestor had been right to send them on to Glorfindel – the golden-haired Balrog slayer stood with his back to the newcomers, carefully adjusting his pupil's grip on his bow. Elladan glanced at his brother and sighed. "To think I've spent the last few hours worrying over what Thranduil was going to do to me and the scamp has been here the whole time!" At the sound of Elladan's voice, Glorfindel and the little Elf glanced over. Legolas' face creased into a huge smile and he waved the bow at them excitedly, narrowly avoiding smacking his teacher in the face. "Look! Glorfindel's teaching me archery!" He spun back to face the other Elf as the twins approached. "May I please show them?" he begged, his huge blue eyes gazing up pleadingly. Glorfindel smiled indulgently and handed the little one an arrow. "Remember what I told you about your grip," he admonished and Legolas immediately shifted the position of his hands on the bow and nocked the arrow in a surprisingly smooth motion. He was concentrating so fiercely his tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth. He took careful aim before firing the bow. The arrow flew through the air and embedded itself near the centre of the target. "See? It was better that time!" The elfling was actually hopping from foot to foot in excitement. Glorfindel grinned down at the little one and ruffled his hair affectionately. "You just need to do that every time," he cautioned and received an obedient nod.


Elladan glanced up as his twin settled down on the ground next to him. Elrohir's already white skin had paled slightly and he seemed very apprehensive. "I saw Thranduil heading this way!" Elladan swallowed hard. This was not good at all, as neither of them knew how he would react to his son's learning archery and the Elvenking's temper was legendary. "Have you told Glorfindel?" he asked, but "he knows" was all the reply he received. Soft thuds announced that their charge was constantly hitting the target now. The twins looked at each other and took a deep breath in preparation for what was to follow as Thranduil strode onto the field, his icy blue eyes fixed on Glorfindel. "My lord," Glorfindel murmured, inclining his head respectfully and Thranduil reciprocated. He turned to Legolas. "Well?" he asked, quirking an elegant eyebrow. Immediately understanding what his father meant, the little one fitted an arrow to the string and sighted along the shaft. Elladan ached with sympathy – he could tell Legolas was nervous about shooting in front of his father and he desperately hoped that the shot would not go astray. With a twang the arrow was sent on its way and with a solid-sounding whump it embedded itself in the wooden target. Without a word, Glorfindel handed him one arrow and then another. Soon there was a group of arrows clustered almost at the centre of the target with a few stragglers lurking off to one side. Legolas lowered his bow and turned to his father, anxious for his verdict. Thranduil eyed the target expressionlessly before transferring his gaze to Glorfindel. "He shows some promise," he stated softly. "He may continue for as long as you will teach him." Legolas flung himself at his father, who leaned down to scoop him up and hug him tightly. "Work hard, little one," he whispered and Legolas nodded in determination. Behind them, Elladan and Elrohir glanced at each other and sighed in relief. Hearing them, an identically impish smile crept across the faces of father and son and Glorfindel lips twitched. Had the twins seen their expressions, both would have been very apprehensive, but instead they were blissfully unaware of what the Mirkwood royals had in store for them.

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