Rating: K+

Warning: M/M

Fandom: Free!

Pairing/Relationship: Tachibana Makoto/Nanase Haruka

Status: On-going

Author: Mapping the Soul

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

Summary: This time, Haruka falls in love first.

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Chapter One

Haruka receives a call a whole two weeks later and its trouble. This time, effort is not a problem. The raven doesn't actually think. Instead he rushes to catch the very next train and fidgets during the whole trip. He's upset at a lot of things, but mainly at the Tachibana family. It's been two weeks after the fact and now is when they decide to call. It's true that Haruka was in the middle of finishing his folios, exams and the club's swimming tournament but what can be more important than Makoto?

Water, his mind screams to contradict him, water.

And then Haruka's left to be upset at himself.

It isn't a pleasant trip; his stomach is doing flips and his heart thudding in his chest. Haruka doesn't even manage a wink of sleep and it seems to take forever to arrive. But when he gets to Iwatobi Station Haruka is sure that things will pick up. He doesn't take the bus. He takes a taxi instead, urging the driver to speed up but to no avail. The driver mutters something about a recent accident and that forces Haruka to pull his lips together tightly.

Everyone in town knows and they've known for two weeks now.

The driver goes at a very slow pace and is stopped several times where the roads are being fixed. It is the longest taxi ride Haruka has been on but no matter how much he fidgets, nothing changes. When the driver finally pulls over at the drop off, the raven tosses some notes over and dashes right inside.

He finds his way towards the reception desk and when he spots it, he slams his hands on it, scaring the receptionist out of her shell with an unusually loud voice, "Which one is Tachibana Makoto's room?"

She's a little flustered and doesn't even type Makoto's name into the system but eventually gives him the room number. The boy has had a lot of visitors in the last two weeks. Haruka recites the number as he rushes off to the stairs—it's not too far off and it's probably quicker than waiting for the elevators. When he spots the door, Makoto's parents are outside—his mother crying and his father trying his best to comfort her.

"You said—isn't Makoto up now?" Haruka asks as he reaches.

"Yes—yes," Makoto's father nods, "But I don't think—"

"I'll see him then," Haruka says in return, not listening to the protests.

He slides the door open and sees the twins by Makoto's bedside. They're crying too, but he concludes that it's probably tears of joy. It should be. After all, the fool has been in a coma for a whole two weeks and has finally woken.

"Makoto." Haruka says—tone flat, but eyes easily betraying him.

The young man on the bed turns to him with a smile—the old, goofy smile and it makes everything feel okay. Ran and Ren have come to a complete stop, their eyes watching carefully, as they try to deal with the hiccups. Makoto just continues to smile like always and Haruka expects to hear his name and an 'I'm sorry for worrying you' because that's just like him.

"Yes," Makoto says instead, "That's me, but who are you?"

And unknown to him, everything in Haruka's world falls apart.


This story is going to have two other alternate endings.
Shion is the first which will have multiple chapters and is likely to be the one with most angst.
The next two will most likely be one-shots in which I will deal with the amnesia in a different way. It is intended that the two one-shots be posted at a later date and should be read after chapter two of Shion. If anyone's looking to read the less angsty stuff, do not proceed pass chapter two of Shion and wait for one of the two one-shots instead.