Kuroko Tetsuya isn't good at this. Basketball is definitely not his forte. He couldn't shoot, not even a proper dribble, let alone run for a whole game.

He is not a common player.

Kuroko Tetsuya is a rare creature. Such majesty and greatness he is, Akashi Seijuro said, and it would be a waste to not bring him out.

And so he did.

Kuroko Tetsuya is a blue rose, beautiful and blooming, rare and priceless. He is hidden amongst commoners, waiting for his time to shine.

He must be picked, harvested among the other rare flowers.

Akashi Seijuro's eyes twinkle as he brought out an order.

Another knight is born, under the redheaded prince's command, waiting to strike when his time has come.

Kuroko Tetsuya is found, by an expert eye that saw through everything.

Soon his armor will shine, brighter than the very shadow he is.
He is his own light, he is his own shadow.

And so he struck, harder and stronger than anyone else had known.

A smile he showed as they went through their victory, his presence hidden in the roaring crowd.

Akashi Seijuro's eyes twinkled, and he let out a small sigh.

His knight surpassed him, and soon, no, today…

Kuroko Tetsuya's kingdom shall reign.