A/N: My first attempt at a drabble (which, by the way, is hard!) Please reivew, let me know what you think! =)


"Mommy, have you ever seen Daddy smile?"

Gwen stared at her small son in surprise. "Of course I have."


"I… I don't know. I can't remember. It's been awhile."

"I've never seen him smile."


The child nodded unhappily. "Why, Mommy? Why doesn't he smile? Is he sad?"

The queen sighed. "Yes."


"He had a very good friend who died."

The boy's small eyes widened. "Died? When?"

"Six years ago."

"But that's such a long time! Why is he still so sad?"

Gwen sighed and took the boy in her arms. "I don't know, Merlin. I don't know."