A/N: Remember how I told some of you how I wasn't going to do a sequel? Well... *coughs* I was originally not going to do one, but then I got an idea for one. I tried writing it out, but it failed. Then, earlier today, I thought of this. Please let me know what you think! Is it good? Bad? Better or worse than the first one? Is it one of those sequels that's pointless and just ruins the first one? Please tell me, and thanks so much to all of you who reviewed, favorited, and followed this story! I really appreciate it!

Arthur was ashamed.

He could never smile, not even for his son.

He tried, even though he never felt the happiness that was supposed to accompany the expression. But as his lips began to curve upwards, he would see in his mind's eye that infectious smile he would never see again.

And then he would see the results of his loss.

Gwen, her body wracked with heartwrenching sobs.

Gwaine, dead in a ditch.

Gaius, cold and stiff.

The lower town, destroyed because there was no one to protect it. The countless still bodies.

And the nascent smile would slip away.