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Percy Jackson woke up knowing something was wrong that day. Well, it was kinda obvious as Grover was standing on his bed wearing a dress."Good morning my dear friend Percy Jackson!" Grover sang in a high soprano."I hope you have a splendid daaaayy!" Percy looked at Grover as if he'd gone mad(which he had.)"Um Grover?"He asked."Why're you wearing a dress?" Grover giggled and twirled."Do you think it looks good on me?" He said blushing and patting his eyelids.

Percy had finally gotten Grover out his room by telling him Annabeth would want to see how HAWT he looked. He watched as the satyr skipped off to the Athena cabin. "What the hell was that all about?" Percy muttered. He pulled on some clothes and went to find Annabeth. He saw her drawing something in the dirt outside the mess hall."Lookie Percy!"Annabeth said grinning."I drew a house!" Percy looked at the picture of the house which was basically just a square with a triangle on top."Your kidding me right?" He asked."Thats the worst drawing ever." Annabeth slumped down and started sobbing."T-THATS S-S-O MEAN!" She wept."I-I TRIED M-MY H-HARDEST!" Clarisse threw herself at Annabeth."Annabeth don't cry!"She said stroking her hair."Its a lovely house!" Annabeth stopped crying and smilied."Really!"She said beaming."No foolin!" Clarisse nodded."Yes its the best house in the world!" She declared. Percy was standing looking at them in shock."What the hell is going on today!" He to Clarisse. Clarisse suddenly stood up glaring."Hey Jackson!" She snarled."You told poor little Annabeth her house was the worst!" She stepped towards Percy menacingly."Why the hell would you do that!"She shouted."I swear I'm so angry I'm going to...going to...HUG YOU!" Percy screamed and ran away from the loving Clarisse.

"What the hell is going on?!" He screamed. Then he saw Nico. He was wearing a pink jumper and was skipping. "Everyones gone mad!" Nico stopped skipping and cried."I'm a fluffy bunny!" Percy looked at the son of Hades."Yep.I was right. Everyones gone mad." Then Clarisse came hurtling down the path and jumped on Percy."I LOOOOVE YOU!" She cried."KISS ME YOU FOOL!" Percy punched her in the face and started screaming again."COME BACK MY LOVE!" Clarisse yelled.

"Bunnies!"Nico cried before skipping off.

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