Hello! Welcome to chapter 2 of Percy Jackson's Strange Day. And in answer to my first review. I have lost my sanity.

Percy ran as hard as he could away from Clarisse."PERCY COME BACCKK!" She shouted. Percy just ran faster away from the Daughter of Ares. He finally lost Clarisse and was lying panting on the ran up to noticed she had no shoes on."LOOK PERCY!"She screamed."I HAVE TOOOEESSS!" Percy watched as she ran away screaming about her toes. "This is the weirdest day ever."He got up and decided to see if Chiron knew what was going on. On the way to the farmhouse he noticed that everyone seemed to be acting weird. Instead of hammers the Hephaestus campers were hitting swords with bananas. The Aphrodite campers had not put on makeup or brushed their hair and were currently rubbing dirt into their of the Athena campers were hitting themselves over the head with books. The Ares campers were giving everyone hugs and painting their cabin hot pink.

Clarisse suddenly noticed him. "PERCY DARLING!" She called running towards him."I LOOOOVE YOOOU!" Percy ran again."LEAVE ME ALONE!" He shouted. He ran to the farmhouse and shut the door in Clarisse's face."Chiron what the hell's going o-"Percy stopped talking when he noticed what Chiron was doing."CHIRON STOP KISSING THE ORACLE!" Chiron looked up and stuck his tongue out."Your just jealous!"He said and went back to making out with the 100 year old mummy. Percy opened the door slowly checking Clarisse wasn't there. He spotted her skipping around with Nico. He quickly ran to his cabin where he Iris messaged the gods. Apollo was apparently a monkey and Athena was reading Twilight upside down."Hiya Percy!"Zeus said from his throne."You look pretty!" Percy didn't know what to say about that."Um...thanks?" He said."Whats happened to everyone?" Posiedon skated in on rollerskates."Dionysus gave us cake!" Zeus said."It was yummy!" Artemis suddenly popped up behind Zeus."I'm a unicorn." She said.

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