April 7th

Sam grabbed a handful of files and took his lately-usual seat at the next table down from Dean. Ever since Dean decided to take Sam's "I would let you decide your own life and death" to mean "I hate you, infinity," they'd fallen back into that dance of distance they'd had back -

Clearing his throat and shuffling his papers, Sam tried not to think that they'd had that distance back after he'd opened the Cage and let hell loose on earth.

He sighed and let his eyes turn just briefly to where Kevin had died.

Maybe this time wasn't so much different from then.

"Hmm…" Dean said, looking at something on his computer. "Today is National Beer Day."

"It is? Wasn't it already beer day? Back in August?"

"Hey, if any day deserves a repeat, it's Beer Day."

"Yeah, I guess so."

Dean went back to his computer and Sam went back to his files.

"It's No Housework Day, too." Dean said after a while. He looked up and around. "I think we've got that covered."


"It's Metric System Day. That's one thing at least the Bunker Boys don't seem to have thought of."

Sam didn't say anything to that. He preferred the metric system because it was logical; everything fit, everything had a definite place. Dean didn't like it because 'Baby' ~ the Impala ~ didn't like it.

"Tater Day," Dean went on, almost to himself. "I wonder why not poe-tay-toe day. Unless they forgot the tots… And it's Coffee Cake Day."

Sam hmmm'd and kept going through his files. It wasn't like Dean was talking about celebrating any of these days. It wasn't like he was really talking about anything at all. Neither of them were. If it wasn't a case, they weren't talking.

"It's Beaver Day." Dean said, looking over at Sam.

But Sam kept his eyes on his research.

"I'm not touching that with - with anything," he said. That at least got a chuckle out of Dean. Sam almost said, 'but go celebrate it anyway you see fit', but he didn't say it. They didn't celebrate National Days Of anymore.

After a while, Dean closed up his computer.

"My eyes are crossing. I'm going to change the oil in the car."


When Sam finished going through his seventh file folder, he decided he needed a break, too, and went down to the kitchen.

And found a coffee cake sitting on the table.