My back lay flat against the cold tiled floor. Lost to the world; stuck in time. How did it get so bad so fast? I ask myself. Why did this happen to us? My stomach churns as I lunge for the toilet bowl. I've been retching for over an hour and there's nothing left in my stomach but acids that burn every time I heave. I rest my head on the toilet seat as I try to breathe slowly.

Could this really be happening? My mind goes back to the night in the woods. Gale and I were best friends. We both lost our fathers in a mine explosion. Ever since then we've been joined at the hip. Sneaking off into the woods together to get away from reality, it wasn't until my mother committed suicide that I sought more than a platonic friendship from Gale. I didn't expect her to end her life. The signs were all there though. I guess I was just in denial.

She was in a deep depression after our father died. Her eyes were fixed on a point far off in the distance. No amount of pleading from me or my little sister Prim seemed to work. Even our drunk uncle Haymitch was concerned for her. She wouldn't eat for days. And prim and I began to wither from malnourishment. Gale decided that since we spend so much time in the woods we'd hunt to help our family. I didn't know much about hunting, but my father and I used to shoot in the forest.

I found my father's old bow. On our first hunt I caught three squirrels and a rabbit. I tried my best to cook for Prim and I. We even forced fed our mother. On the anniversary of our fathers death our mother killed herself. Ever since then Prim and I have been living with our Uncle Haymitch. It's been two years and Prim is now starting Elementary school. I'm in high school.

I still go to the school with Gale and we've become more than friends. Last month we were in the woods; the only place where I feel like myself. We were there because it was my father's birthday. Gale and I decided to celebrate in the woods. I really wasn't in a mood to celebrate. That's when Gale kissed me. It wasn't like any of the other kisses we'd shared. This one was deeper and more passionate. There was urgency, as if we'd never see each other again. It left me wanting more. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me closer to him.

I feel his hands snake around my body and slide up my shirt. He teases my bra until he pops it open. We hack up until my back is against a tree. I take my shirt off and he massages my breast as I moan. Then he sucks hard on my supple breast. My hands fiddle with the hem of his shirt signaling that I want him to take it off. He throws of his shirt and drops his pants down to the ground. As I slide of my panties. He lifts me up and begins to thrust into me.

The sound of the bathroom door slamming open against the wall brings me back to reality. The pungent smell of liquor floods through my nostrils making me gag. "What's the matter with you, Sweetheart?" slurs Haymitch before taking a swig from his flask. I lay my head back onto the toilet and take a few deep breaths before responding. "Galeā€¦.." my response hangs in the air as I'm wracked with sobs. Haymitch motions for me to go over to him. I slowly stand up and walk into Haymitch's arms. My vision is blurred from the sobbing.

"It'll be okay," he whispers into my ear. His scruffy beard tickles my ear. "I'm pregnant" I cry into his chest. He gently rubs circles on my back. Until a tiny voice speaks up, "What's wrong with Katniss?" asks Prim. Haymitch breaks apart from our embrace and kneels down to her level.

"Katniss is just not feeling well Princess. Why don't you go get her a blanket?" Prim skips off. A smile peeks through my tears. Haymitch may be a drunk but he has the kindest spirit. He wasn't always a drunk, at least that's what my mom told me. He had a wife once. Her name was Maysilee Donner. She was best friends with my mom when they were in grade school. She died very young. Nobody knows how she died. Or at least nobody told me how she died. Ever since then Haymitch turned to the drink. That is until young prim was born. Even though Prim is related to him and not Maysilee, he still claims prim reminds him of Maysilee. He tries to stay sober for her but some memories are just too painful.

I understand his heart ache. I lost my father in and explosion. There wasn't even enough of him left to bury. Prim was only two when he died, I was twelve. We obviously both needed our mother but she was too heartbroken to notice. The next year she killed herself. Now I have horrible nightmares.

Prim comes back with the blanket and Haymitch drapes it over my shoulders and leads me back to my bedroom. We sit on the bed. My eyes are fixed on some point in the distance. Finally he breaks the silence, "Do you want to talk?"

I look down at my hands, "You're not mad at me?" I sniffle and wipe a tear of my cheek. He scoots closer and puts an arm around me, "Sweetheart, I could never be mad at you two. You and your sister have been through too much." I look up at him; it's his turn to get teary eyed, "I should have protected you. I should have helped your mother. This situation could have never been foreseen."

"I know," I croak. Haymitch squeezes my shoulder before leaving he stops halfway out the door, "Katniss," he pauses and looks down, "I'm going to get help," with that he leaves and I drift off into sleep.

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