Fear notbirdsnblueskies Gale and Katniss are not over yet. Annie will make more than appearance in this story. So calm your tities. Gale was merely shocked for a moment he will come to his senses. But will Katniss…?

The day seemed like it would never end, as if were in class for forever. I made my way to my locker so I could leave all the memories of school behind. When I got there someone was already standing there. It was a familiar someone.

"Gale?" I asked, the person turned around and I was sort of right. It was his younger brother Rory. "Oh, hi Rory." I said.

"Hi, Katniss." He said. We stood there awkwardly for a moment. "Is there something you wanted Rory, because Finn's waiting for me to take me home."

"I promise I'll be quick." He says. He swings his back pack off his back and starts ruffling around for something. When he finds it he stands up straight and hands me and envelope. I stare at it before asking what it is, "It's from Gale. He wishes he could give it to you in person but you know how long his work hours are. Especially since he started in the mines."

I nod in acknowledgement. Rory skips off leaving me with envelope. I rip it open and find two thousand dollars inside. There's also a note on the inside, it reads:

Katniss I'm really sorry about the day at the Hob. I keep wishing I could take it back. Here's some money that I've been saving up. Use it for the baby. I'm working extra shifts in the mines and at the Hob so I can help with you and the baby. Sunday is the only day I get off. I'd love for you to come see me. I still love you Katniss. I'm ready to be that guy.

I shove the envelope into my back pack and head towards the bathroom crying hysterically the whole way over. Blinded by the tears I don't even notice when I run into someone knocking their books onto the floor.

"I'm so sorry," I sniff; I bend down to help pick up their books. It's Darius. "No Katniss it's my fault I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going." He stops and looks at me, I know he's looking at my face. Eyes red from the tears face blotchy.

"Are you okay Katniss?" the question brings another round of tears, Darius just holds me while I cry. I'm the first to pull away. I wipe my tears away with my shirt, "I'm sorry, I… I have to go."

Once again I run away from Darius. I stop running once I round the corner because I know that he won't follow me, I find myself searching for Finnick, instead I find the blonde boy in that's new in town. "Peter," I call after him. He doesn't answer me. Am I saying his name wrong?

"Mellark," He turns around and waits for me to catch up with him. "Hi, Katniss."

"Have you seen a tall boy with bronze hair, possibly offering the world sugar cubes, Also possibly tying and untying a piece of string?"

He takes a minute to think. "Yes I have."

"Well," I say waiting for him to take me or to at least tell me where he saw him last. "Well what?"

"Where is he?" I asked getting slightly adjitated.

"In the cafeteria with some girl." I leave him in the hallway and go off to find Finnick. When I find him he's waving by to a girl, she must be who Pete was talking about.

"There you are Katniss." Says Finnick. "I was starting to get worried."

"Who was that girl you were with?" I ask avoiding the question.

"Annie Cresta, only the world's best swimmer. She's in my aquatics class and she's like a better swimmer than I am. I was just asking her if she wanted to join the swim team."

We walk out to the parking lot. Swapping stories of our days. I decide not to tell him about the envelope from Gale. I think its best I let Haymitch know first. Finnick drops me off but declines Effie's offer of staying for dinner. He says he's got a thing with his grandma. I decide to get started on my homework, most of it consists of getting papers signed by my guardians. I choose this time to mention the envelope to Haymitch.

I slip into Haymitch's room unheard. He's asleep in his bed. I hold my breath at the stench coming from his dark room. His room probably hasn't been cleaned in ages. The first thing I do is slide the flask out of his left hand. I'm reaching for the knife in his other when he grabs my wrist. A gasp escapes my throat.

"What are you doing, Sweetheart?" he asks as he lets go of my arm.

"I was trying to wake you up, but I guess you can do it by yourself."

"You've got about as much charm as a dead slug." I send him a glare, "What do you want?" He asks exasperatedly.

"I want you to sign all my papers and read this note."

He snatches the papers from and looks at them with a squint. "Well don't just stand there," he starts, "give me a pen so I can sign the damn things"

I briskly walk out the door and down the hall to my room. I rummage through my backpack scavenging for I pen. I find one and return to Haymitch. I hand him the pen and he signs everything.

"Did you read the note?" I ask him. He nods. "What did you think?"

"I think that we need to have a little 'family' dinner with the Hawthorne's." He heads into his bathroom. Probably to clean himself up before Prim comes home.

Se my lovelies. Gale is not an entirely horrible person. He just needed time to process. He was also partly mad that Katniss waited so long to tell him about it in the first place. Plus Gale is the sole provider in his family. He has to feed himself, three younger siblings and his mother. The idea of having to take care of Katniss and A baby as well was just to overwhelming. Sure he wanted it, but wanting something and something actually happening are two completely different things.

In the next chapter there will be more Galeniss and some Peeniss friendship. Fannie will be introduced more. Darius is still super in lerv with Katniss. Also the Hawthorne- Everdeen- Abernathy family dinner will happen so come back next Saturday for another chapter of my story.