1.-The girl in the subway

I arrived to New York a couple months ago. I never imagined it would be like my home. I spent the first months of the year on my friends´ Kurt and Rachel apartment.

Eventually, due to my life style they couldn´t put up with me anymore and I moved out. Actually I guess it was better. I still talk to them though.

I managed to enter to N.Y.U, but I still had to have a part time job to sustain myself. I managed to get a good offer for a big loft on Queens by a low price (thanks to my good looks and because my landlord was really into me). And I got into a dance extension program from Kurt and Rachel´s school, which was actually good.

Life in New York was absolutely awesome. I had become a Yankee in no time.

It was a breezy morning. I grabbed my coat and went straight to school. I had to take the subway, even if it was a little crowded in the mornings I could deal with it. After all I was born and raised in Lima Heights adjacent.

I was distractedly listening to music on my way to school. I was standing up on a corner of my wagon, listening to Lana del Rey´s new cd: Born to Die; I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with it, it´s sexy and unique at the same time. Besides her voice is quite unique, and special.

I had this "crush" on a song called: Diet Mountain Dew, it was sexy and the beat was sticky.

I was humming the song when the wagon stopped to let more passengers in. I´m kind of paranoid so I always see who enters (just to see if there´s no wacko around). I was totally impressed; I think that my jaw dropped, it felt like one of those movies and even the song went well with what I had just seen

It was a really hot girl, with long hair black as night, ESPECTACULAR BODY, eyes that shone even from across the room, olive skin that I bet that if I touched it would feel even softer than silk. She was wearing a gray jacket, jeans, some boots and she carried a bag on her shoulder.

"Diet mountain dew, baby, New York City Never was there ever a girl so pretty Do you think we'll be in love forever? Do you think we'll be in love?"

The lyrics kept repeating on my head, I kept staring at her the entire time, until she had to get down of the wagon and leave. The entire day I spent thinking about the Diet Mountain Dew girl, I had seen lots of beautiful girls in the short time I had been in the city, but never one like her.

You´d think that I would get over it and never think about her anymore, but what was worse was that I didn´t. The girl was a regular underground user. Every day I saw her get on the same part of the wagon, I always played her song and fantasized of her with the lyrics.

After work, I went to my dance lesson, I was about to start the second part of my course so that meant there would be a lot of new bitches coming to take classes. We would start the contemporary dance for this month. I arrived early to stretch because there´s only so much I can handle a crowded room full of egocentric girls who think they´re the hottest piece of action in the entire city.

The teacher finally arrived being followed by the new group of girls joining the class. Then everything changed (again) "You´ve got to be kidding me!" I exclaimed in my head. Call it fate, or whatever you want, but Diet Mountain Dew girl was there. I just couldn´t believe my eyes. This was surely going to be an interesting course.