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21.- Same love

I had arrived to Lima again, but this time my friends had come with me. This time it was going to work.

I couldn´t lose her, not without giving one last fight. I knew that it would be a 50/50 bet, and that maybe she wouldn´t be back, but I was willing to risk my chances and try to get her back.

Hannah, Spencer, and Aria were accompanying me. We arrived to the train station and we descended of the train as quickly as we could.

"Quick, let´s get a cab" I said jogging. The girls were jogging behind me.

"It´s already taken care of" Spencer added "I rented a car online. It´s supposed to be waiting for us right outside the station. It´s a silver Nissan Smart" she said.

"You always surprise me, Spence" Hannah said.

"Great let´s go" I said urgently rushing to get the keys until Aria stopped me.

"Where do you think you´re going? "she asked holding my arm

"To get the keys, I´m driving" I answered her. Spencer stepped forward and she placed her hand on my shoulder.

"Sweetie, you´re way too nervous to drive, you need to calm down and think about what you´re gonna say to Santana ok?" Spencer said. I thought about it for a second, and then I nodded. "Good, now wait a sec, I´ll get the keys.

Hannah and Aria sighed and I began walking around in circles with my hands running through my hair nervously. Spencer was back already. She pressed a button on the car keys and then the car opened. We all jumped in quickly.

I indicated Spencer the way and she drove as fast as she could to get to Santana´s house. I played with the album pages nervously as I thought what I was going to say to Santana. It had to be something that wouldn´t confuse her, yet something that made her remember everything. I was holding in my hands the only hope I had to get my girlfriend back.

Hannah held my hand tightly, then kissed my head and whispered "Everything will be ok" I held her hand back and wished for the best. The girls were quiet. It seemed as they were all praying for the best to happen.

I looked at the window and saw that we were approaching to Santana´s house.

"Spencer, we´re almost there, search a parking spot" I said and she nodded. She was such a good driver that she parked in two moves and as soon as she stopped moving I opened the door and rushed to the porch to ring the bell.

The girls all came down with me. A minute later Gloria Lopez opened the door.

"Emily, I thought you had gone back to New York! How are you? " She said kindly.

"Hi Miss Lopez, sorry but I need to speak to Santana, it´s kind of urgent. Is she home? "I said rushing. Her face had changed, she seemed bewildered.

"Sorry, but Santana is not home, she attended a ball with her grandmother. She´s friends with the governor and she wanted Santana to come with her" My heart almost stopped beating. I wasn´t counting on this.

"It´s something that can´t wait, really. Could you please give me the address? I said sounding desperate. She saw my face and my teary eyes, she turned over, grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from a tiny table and wrote down the address.

"Good luck, Emily" she said winking an eye. I responded her with a smile and then we all rushed back to the car.

Once again Spencer was driving and rushing over. It was a race against time. Something was telling me that I had to tell her tonight, otherwise I´d lose her forever.

I kept on thinking about every single thing that could happen, good or bad. My hands were getting sweaty, my heart was pounding loudly and my breath was uncontrollable.

"Any idea of how are we going to get in?" Aria asked

"I´ve got a plan" Hannah said "We enter from the back, get some kitchen uniforms and waitress uniforms and then we mix with the guests and Emily finds Santana and gets to talk to her."

"We could give it a try" Aria responded.

"Are you out of your freaking mind?! It´s not an Olsen Twin movie or anything like it…" Spencer said upset.

"Well then think of something Spence, ´cause we´re running out of time…" Hannah defended herself. The three girls began to shout at each other

"Or we could just talk to the security guard!" I said shouting so they could listen. Immediately they turned and saw my face. Hannah scowled, and Spencer placed the tip of her fingers on her forehead, and then she looked at me with her eyes widened

"That sounds less Harriet the spy like… I vote for that option" she said.

"Sounds good to me" Aria added.

We got down of the car and walked towards the guard. He stared at us as we approached to enter. He was a middle aged man, almost bold and sort of fat.

"Excuse me sir…" The guard turned around and saw us. His face was filled with curiosity about us.

"Invitations please" He asked. I stuttered. I was about to step forward and beg him to let us in when Aria won me.

"We don´t really-have an- invitation sir, but please let us in. It´s something important. Can you just let us through?" Aria asked the guard with her begging eyes. The man sighed.

"I´m sorry" He said apologetically "But, there´s nothing I can do. You don´t have an invitation, I can´t let you in…"

"Please sir, you have to let us through" I insisted. The guard shook his head.

"I´m sorry kid, but that´s how it goes. Can´t do nothin´ for ya" He said shaking his head as he began to ignore us.

"Please, sir. Listen to us" Spencer started "My friend here needs to talk to one of the guests, it´s something of great importance if you could only let her…" Spencer said as she pointed at me. The guard responded reluctantly

"Kid, I´ve already told ya, I can´t let you through, I don´t care who you need to talk to, I have orders, it´s my freaking job alright?" Spencer, Aria and I began to argue with the man. Suddenly Hannah shouted.


He looked down at his feet. Then he looked me in the eyes and nodded.

"Good luck, kid" He said as he stepped out of the way to let us through.

"Hannah! That was awesome! " Aria exclaimed.

"Well, you were getting me mad with all of your shouting. I had to do something…" she said blushing.

"Ok, now let´s go find Santana" Spencer said as we entered the room.

The place was crowded with lots of well-dressed people. The girls and I looked around to find Santana.

I hoped that she was alone, so I could try to explain her everything. My hands were sweaty. The album in my hands was covered in my cold nervous sweat. That was my only hope to get my Santana back.

"Ok, guys. Look for Santana in all places possible, if you see her text alright? "I said. My friends nodded and we spread across the room looking for her.

After 5 minutes of looking around I received a text from Spencer. "In the bathroom. Watch out. She´s with her grandma" I took a deep breath and went straight to the bathroom to talk to her.

I was 5 feet away from the door when a voice stopped me from walking. "What do you think you´re doing here? "I turned around and saw Santana´s grandmother talking to me wearing a cocky smile and threatening eyes.

"I came to see Santana. I need to speak to her" I answered the woman boldly. She laughed.

"But, Emily. Don´t you know she´s better without you? There´s no heartbreak in her heart, no pain. She can have a better life without you, a normal life. If you loved her like you say you do, you would let her be happy" she said.

"Ever since Santana met me that´s all she´s felt. I love her and I know I can make her happy, I´d never hurt her. Her life is normal. Being gay is not a disease as you believe. We´re not freaks, we´re just like any other person, and I´m sorry to tell you this, but you caused her a lot of pain when you rejected her when she told you who she really was, and now you do recognize her as your granddaughter just because she doesn´t remember who she is. With all due respect I think there´s nothing more hypocrite than that." Santana´s grandmother was frozen. She looked wounded "If you loved her like you say you do you would have accepted her just the way she is, because she happens to be the most amazing and wonderful woman I´ve ever met. She´s a lot like you actually. Proud, strong, fierce, brave and she´s also kind and understanding and she´s got the biggest heart and the noblest feelings. If you don´t accept her the way she is, I´m sorry to say this, but you just don´t love her the way she is" Her grandmother was trying not to cry. I approached to her, looked her right in the eye and then said "If you love your granddaughter you would let her have her own happiness" She kept on looking at me, without speaking and finally she said.

"You have a lot of nerve young lady, nobody has dared to speak to a Lopez woman that way. My Santana is lucky to have someone that cares that much about her" I was speechless.

Her grandmother nodded and she allowed me to go look for her. I walked into the bathroom door and when I was about to enter I had Santana in front of me. My heart beated like a martial rhythm. She looked gorgeous. She wore a red strapless dress that allowing everybody else to see her sensuous back with its elegant cleavage. She had her hair picked up on an elegant half pony tail and her hair falling over her shoulders. I had never seen her look so beautiful before.

"Emily! What are you doing here?! I thought you were in New York… "she said surprised to see me.

"Santana, I need to talk to you" I said, having difficulty to breathe.

"Sure, Emily. What´s wrong? " I sighed and then I held her hand.

"Come with me" I said and I took her elsewhere. She looked confused. I really didn´t know what I was going to say. I just knew it had to be today.

Finally I found a spot where we could talk.

"Em, what´s going on? What is it that you want to talk about?" She said demanding me to tell her. I placed the album in her hands.

"I want you to open it, please" I looked her in the eye trying not to cry. She frowned her eyebrows and slowly she opened the album.

That was it. The last card I had left to play.

I just hoped that she would actually remember the things we lived together and that the album could help her find her way back to me. Santana gazed at the pictures as she slowly passed its pages looking confused.

"It´s… us. In New York" she said surprised "Why can´t I remember any of this?" Santana asked scared

"A few months ago you had an accident and you lost many memories, that´s why you feel like there´s blank spaces in your head most of the time" I answered her.

She kept on seeing the pictures after a while she stopped. She saw a picture of us at Spencer´s beach house, the pictures of Coney Island and I wanted to cry. There were so many beautiful memories, but the pictures didn´t seem to help her.

I saw the blank in her face. She was trying hard to remember, but she just wasn´t.

"Do you remember this Santana?" I said pointing at a picture of us in the Karaoke bar. "We went there after the dancing showcase, remember?"

"Yeah, I think so… I´m not really sure Emily"

She said, that's when the girls came in. They freeze at the scene. When those words left her lips I could feel how my heart was breaking in tiny little pieces. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks, with trembling voice I said

"Ok. Well… I tried. Don't worry I'll never bother you again. I just had to give us one last shot." And I ran out, I didn't want her to see me like this. I could hear my friends calling me but I didn't bother to turn around. On my way out I almost crash with Santana's grandmother and all I could say was "sorry" and continue running towards the exit. I flew by the guard and stopped outside the car. Spencer had the keys. So I stayed there crying by myself, I just waited for the girls to arrive so we could get the hell out of this town. And that's when I heard somebody screaming my name. I turned around to see Santana rushing down the stairs with the girls behind him.

"EMILY WAIT! I REMEMBER I REMEMBER!" So I ran towards her. Then she jumped and put her legs on my hips and her arms around my neck, all her makeup was ruined.

"Emily I'm so sorry! I'm sorry I put you through this. Thank you for not giving up on us" I couldn't talk. So I took her by the neck and kissed her, kissed her like I've never kissed anyone in my life, not even Maya. It was the most beautiful passionate kiss ever. Unfortunately we had to break apart to grab some air.

"What happened? How did you remember?" I said

"Well Aria's phone started ringing, Diet Mountain Dew is her ringtone and I remembered watching you that day in the subway, and then all the other memories started rushing thru my head" How I didn't thought of that earlier.

"I thought I'd lost you, gosh I was so scared" I hugged her again. She looked for my lips and gave me keys to paradise by feeling her lips again.