This is not an official story, but something I would like someone too actually try, I've been thinking of a lot of 'What If' Scenarios which could have happened in some anime, and so I decided to make them and see the results. This will account in not just one anime but multiple some may be single and others may be crossovers, but I assure it won't just be Naruto or Bleach.

This one in particular though has been bugging me CONSTANTLY so yeah its the first one to go. If you are interested in any of these ideas feel free to give me a PM.

Manga/Anime: Bleach

'What If' Scenarios

To Protect One Thing

The first thing Kurosaki Ichigo woke up to was the bright sun glaring from the blinds of his room, the blistering light stung his eyes causing him to give out a grunt of annoyance. Then he regretted that smallest action as a pain in his head echoed within his head. It felt as it a stampede of elephants were running rampant inside his skull.

'Man, what happened last night...'

His hand would have laid on his forehead, but to his slight confusion Ichigo found his hand stuck between something very soft. Blinking in confusion he clenched his hand only to feel his hand grab hold of something very soft and yet firm. At first in his drowsy state he thought it was a pillow, but then all the alarm bells in his head went off when his pillow let out a soft moan.

Instinctively his hand fondled the 'pillow' again getting another moan which only solidified his increasing worry and fear. His head moved robotically moved to his left, and for that moment Ichigo felt two things.

Awe, complete and utter awe at the perfect angel that lay at his side, it was clearly a woman with a very curvaceous build with a bust size he could literally feel was big possibly around D-cup, perhaps double D? His eyes trailed up the woman's clearly naked form finding it completely hard to tear his gaze away as he looked up her glistening skin, her long strawberry blond tresses and supple lips. Her long legs and wide hips made give a echoing gulp as heat started to rush toward every part of his face.

And his second head...

'Oh shit!

Willing that part of himself down Ichigo's eyes soon found his eyes landing on a pair of very familiar hair clips.

Then that second reaction kicked in.

It was fear.

'Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit, TRIPLE SHIT, Tatsuki is gonna fucking kill me!'

Indeed, his fears would proven correct as the woman was one of his close friends, Inoue Orihime, stark naked as the day she was born. His one arm was wrapped around her firmly while his other was smushed in-between her bountiful mounds of what Kon would call the Valley of the Gods.

That Valley felt more like a fucking time bomb ready to go off

'Seriously, what the fuck happened last night?!'

Frantically he moved about only to stop when he saw his own state of dress...

He was naked too...

His eyes grew so wide that could have rolled out of the sockets, the implications of what could have, would have may have happened flashed in his head, and his fear grew to such a level that he started to turn pale. Then he noticed his surroundings, and found that he was not at his home, but was instead at Orhime's.

Then last nights events came rushing back once his eyes landed on his Substitute Shinigami Badge which somehow had landed on the ceiling fan of Orihime's bedroom. He and his friends had come back after rescuing Rukia from Soul Society, but then Urahara threw a party for their save return, and then things got fuzzy when the man offered them some sake. Naturally they felt they were too young for alcohol, but with some taunting and jeering by Yoruichi they caved and went at it.

Then the last thing he could remember was Orhime dramatically worrying over his wounds he received during the invasion which led her to crying at one point, and feeling the need to make sure she got home he decided to take her back. Then his vision blurred when they got their for they accidentally tripping through her door, and Ichigo just remembered starin into her shocked eyes as their lips touched one another.

Then one thing led to another, as a moment of passion just surged forth, and before he knew they were...

Ichigho's face burned as he finally remembered what happened and then, only then Ichigo decided that he had to get out, and try to get some semblance of self control before he did anything further. So carefully he pulled himself from Orihime missing the disappointed frown on her face as she slept before pulling the covers over her body. With that done he quickly dressed himself, and grabbing his badge he quickly left leaving a small note for Orihime on the way out.

He had to get his head on straight, his mind was just spinning out of control right now...

He never saw Orihime's nether regions leak out with her liquids mixed in with some white liquid.

Two Days Later

Arisawa Tatsuki knew something was wrong with her best friend Orihime Inoue since she had refused to come to school for the past two days, and after deciding to go visit her. Imagine her surprise when she finally gets a text message from Orihime to come by so she could speak with her about something in private.

Naturally she sped toward Orihime's home intent to see if she was truly okay, but when she got their Tatsuki was in for a shock for when she opened the door she found the usual innocent and exuberant Orihime with bags under her eyes, while she looked a tad green, but red marks streaked down her eyes showing that she had been crying for an unknown amount of time, but judging by how red her eyes were Tatsuki guessed she'd been doing it for days now.

'' glad you could make it''

''Orihime! Oh my god, whats wrong? Are you okay?'' she rushed to her friends side, but the teenager just shook her head as she gripped two objects in hand which Tatsuki noticed.

''Tatsuki, I need to talk with you...something happened between me and...and...Kurosaki-kun. And...I think...I think...I'm...'' she couldn't finish as just pulled out the object in her right hand destroying Tatsuki's confusion and replacing it with shock as she was looking down at a Pregnancy Test.

And it was positive...

Then her confusion turned into righteous female fury...

'Kurosaki Ichigo you are so dead!'

Seeing the intense anger on her friends face, Orihime quickly spoke up, ''Please Tatsuki-chan, don't be mad at him...but...I...I would like to go see him...and tell him myself. He deserves to know what happened when we did...that.'' she finished with a small blush. Tatsuki slightly calmed down at Orihime's behest, but that didn't mean she wasn't gonna make that strawberry bastard beg for forgiveness!

Oh he would pay!

''Come on then, let's go see Ichigo now!'' she said to Orihime's reluctance before she grabbed her wrist before pulling her along as they made their way to Ichigo's house.

Kurosaki Household

Kurosaki Isshin knew something was wrong with his son since he returned from the Soul Society although the boy didn't know that. Still he was worried for him, and his sisters were even more worried since Ichigo had kept himself locked in his bedroom not even going to school for the past two days. The only time he ever left his bedroom was to either go use the bathroom, take a shower and grab a bite to eat.

Hell most of the time he didn't even do that and Yuzu had to leave his food at the foot of his door...

Scratching his chin Isshin thought to himself, ''What happened to the boy, I wonder?'' he asked himself just before he heard the doorbell rang. Curious he gave a shout that he was coming before making his way to the door. He was surprised to see both Ichigo's childhood friend Tatsuki and his other friend Inoue Orihime however being a trained doctor Isshin could clearly see the second girl was in a state of sickness from the way she wobbled where she stood. Still, putting up his award winning grin he welcomed the two with his arms open wide.

''Ah! Ichigo's friends! Tatsuki-chan, Orihime-chan, how are you two today!'' he asked only for a bead of sweat to fall from his head when Tatsuki gave him a cold dead glare that if he were any less of a man he would be left shivering in place.

''Get. Ichigo. Down. Here. Now.'' she said through gritted teeth as a vein pulsated from hef forehead, and being wise enough to know to comply with an angry females demands Isshin quickly ran up to Ichigo's room. Ignoring the door he kicked it open before dragging his son from his bed kicking and screaming.

''OI, What the hell goat-chin!?''


''Why, can't you see I'm busy?!''

''Busy moping around like some sort of kicked puppy?! Get your ass in gear boy, Tatsuki-chan and Orihime-chan are here to see you, so get DOWN here!'' then Ichigo didn't respond just before he was sent hurling down stairs before he landed in a heap at the foot of the staircase. But Ichigo was too shocked to even utter a word even when he saw the two females waiting in the living room.

Standing up, Ichigo gave a sigh before he walked out only to hold back a grimace at Orihime's state. It caused a surge of guilt rush out of every part of his body as he believed to have her hurt her physically and emotionally.

''A-ah T-Tatsuki? I-I-Inoue? What's up?'' he asked only for Inoue to look down as Tatsuki gnashed her teeth.

''Whats up?...Whats up?...WHATS UP!? Is that all you have too say you bastard?'' she said causing Ichigo to frown before replying.

''What do you-'' he was silenced as Orihime who saw Tatsuki about to deck him in the face stood between her as she boldly faced the shocked Ichigo. Gently holding the object in hand hiding it from view Orihime spoke as her cheeks started to darken.

''K-Kurosaki-kun, T-there's something I-i-I need to tell you about what happened after...after...we...did...that...''she stuttered out while Ichigo's face darkened considerably at what Orihime was referring to.

''Y-Yes?'' he choked out only for Orihime to close her eyes before she showed him the object in hand, blinking he looked at what it was only for his eyes to widen when he saw that it was a pregnancy test an seeing the results of it.

''Y-Y-Y-Your...'' he couldn't finish as Orhime did so for him...

''Y-Yes, I-I am pregnant...Your going to be a father K-Kurosaki-kun...''

isshin who was overhearing the conversation from upstairs felt his blood run cold at what he just heard before his mind officially snapped.


Ichigo just stood there not even noticing his father's outburst just staring down at Orihime in shock, and to her surprise there wasn't repulsion or being sickened by her for letting this happen, but just a void of nothingness as he just stared at her shock. In reality though Ichigo's mind just went blank as her words just echoed within the depths o his inner world.

'I'm going to be a dad...I'm going to be a dad...I'm going to be a dad...'

Then it was to all their shock a small true smile crossed his face before he uttered only a few words.

''I'm going to be a father...''

Then naturally like any male would act when this news is given to them, Ichigo passed out falling to the floor not hearing Inoue's worried yell for his name.


Small I know, but this is just a basic of what this What If Senario is like in my mind. Ichigo is going to be a father, and in my head this gives him an even better reason to fight and survive all the hardships of the future. Because he has his family, and the woman with his unborn child waiting for him.

Now onto the rules...

1: Ichigo must bond with Orihime or any woman you decide is up to you, but I prefer Orihime. He must come to terms that he is going to be a parent at a young age, and must plan a way to support his family while he must build a relationship with the woman he consummated with to have his unborn child.

2: Ichigo must resolve to become stronger then ever before, take his training seriously to the point he is not afraid to take down his hollow and assert authority over his power. To take the reigns and become King of over his powers, and by extension his hybrid status.

3: This rule is incredibly important, and while it comes natural to any soon to be parent this is much more severe in Ichigo's case. He must be severely protective of Orihime (or the whoever you choose the woman to be) and his unborn child, to the point he threatened to murder Kurotsuchi Mayuri who found out about his child's existence and thought of ways to experiment on him. To the point of this and make his statement clear Ichigo could tear off Mayuri's limb or break every bone in his body to the point he had to be held back by the rest of the Gotei 13.

4: Single pairing is advised, but if you want you can ad more, but no more then 2 others.

Beyond that go wild!