"Don't say a fucking word old man." Jiraiya grunted out with obvious discomfort to the now chuckling Hokage. Hiruzen was lying comfortable in the rather lascivious seat while looking his wayward student up and down. The man's body was covered in some barely noticeable scratches and claw marks. Hiruzen could even detect the tell-tale sign of a cooling seal placed directly over Jiraiya's crotch.

The two legendary ninja sat (or stood in Jiraiya's case) in the Kage's booth overlooking the massive arena that was being used to hold the last part of the chunnin exam. Outside of the booth, the crowd was roaring with anticipation for the start of the match. Luckily the outside and inside of the booth was lined with noise cancelling seals that allowed the two to have a private conversation until any other kages showed.

"You did not tell me he had the panther contract. The toad's have spent centuries trying to cover up their complete slaughter and take over of the Panther's territory. While summoning clans were known to have small fights and spars against each other, it was unheard of to have a complete take over and almost extinction.

"Mm .. Must've slipped my mind. You do know I'm getting old Jiraiya. Can't expect me to remember everything." Jiraiya grunted at his sensei's response before turning back forward to look back down at the arena. The Kazekage sitting silently in the chair next to them, let out a small chuckle at the two's interaction.

"Hokage-San .. I mus t say you have an interesting bunch of nin participating this year." The Kazekage said in a low voice. Hiruzen nodded his head while letting out a low chuckle.

"Yes, Yes indeed. Especially Naruto-kun. I expect great things from him today." Hiruzen let his eyes wander over the still standing boy. His signature white hood was thrown over his head and covered his spiky blonde mane. He had a new lightning rod strapped across his back and his signature all white clothing contrasted greatly against the dust and dirt of the chunnin exam arena.

"I've watched some of the review film that was available from the preliminary round. I have to say his tactics are surprisingly .. vicious." Hiruzen nodded solemnly.

"Yes ..Naruto has never been known to hold back .. even with his own team mates. It's the marking of a perfect shinobi. But not for the perfect sparring partner." The Kazekage let a small chuckle at the deliberate joke.

Loud yells rang through the sewers that made up Naruto's mind scape. If one were to travel the long and winding maze of tunnels that spanned for miles and miles and that were filled with hundred of thousands of different entrances and doorways, they would eventually stumble upon the strange scene of a levitating boy yelling face to face with a gigantic nine tailed fox.

"Listen hear you little insignificant pest, eventually you will have to use my powers and when that day comes I will ravage the villages and all of those pathetic villagers." Naruto let out a small yawn before laying down mid-air as if a giant invisible bed was supporting him.

"You say the same stuff every single day Foxxy. Yet that time hasn't come and I still seriously doubt that it will come." The Kyuubi let out a massive roar that literally shook the bars of its prison.

"Stop using that nickname you fucking brat or I will skin you with my tails." Naruto floated up to the bars of the Kyuubi's cage before poking his nose. The Kyuubi let his giant maw split wide open before attempting to close it over the blonde haired speedster's hand. Unfortunately for the Kyuubi, just before his teeth closed over the boy's hand, an invisible force stopped the assault.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, when will you learn?~" The Kyuubi stared ahead with pure hate at Naruto as the blonde boy wagged his finger at the gigantic demon fox. This only pushed the fox to try harder and harder to squeeze down on the invisible force. But unfortunately for the behemoth, the force would not yield to the fox's teeth.

"I will feast on you." Naruto yawned once again before rolling over in mid-air. He kicked his feet up in the air with a very lackadaisical fashion.

"You bore me once again. You are so cliché sometimes. For a gigantic, immortal, demonic fox, you aren't the most creative." All he received was another loud growl.

"Don't you have a match to attend?" The fox growled out as he retracted his maw. Naruto let out a small sigh before standing up and slowly floated to the ground. The puddles underneath him rippled as his feet softly landed on them.

"It is .. I'm just calming myself." The fox titled its head in slight confusion. Naruto let out a small chuckle before walking over to the walls of the sewer. He slowly let his fingers run over the rough walls of the sewer. Suddenly the concrete seemed to fade away to show a glass like surface underneath. But the most interesting part was that behind the glass, the world seemed to be alit with electricity. Millions, possibly billions of different sparks and arcs of electricity was flying wildly through the air.

"I thought you could sense my emotions Foxxy? If you can't .. Well just look into the wall." Naruto stepped to the side and allowed the fox to see at what he was staring at. What he saw surprised him greatly.

Gruesome visages of Hinata's death flashed randomly behind the wall. The images were made up of bolts of electricity and were bright blue. But even the brightness of the images couldn't distract from how gruesome they were. The Kyuubi only managed to catch a couple of the millions that flashed before his eyes but they were enough to make him actually feel sorrow for the girl his container was about to face.

Her body faced down in the dirt, only now with the skin stripped off, a whole puncturing her chest and a heart wrapped with a skin bow. Her down upon her knees as his containers slammed his lighting rod into the base into her neck and overloaded her nervous system until she fried from the inside out. Her dead body dropping to the ground as her liquified insides pooled out her mouth and nose. Naruto wrapping his hand around her neck and slowly crushing her neck as her whole family watch in shock and disgust.

"I don't know if its my animatistic nature or my absolute disgust for this girl that is causing me to want to end her life in such a cruel way. But if I don't calm myself, I will end this girl's life in a way that's a 100 times more cruel than the ones I showed you." Naruto let his fingers drag up the wall and the concrete reformed. Naruto turned to the fox with a giant shit-eating grin.

"But there's one thing for sure." He paused lightly to float back up to eye level with the fox and stared into the demon's right eye. "That bitch will suffer today. Just by how much though ... Well that hasn't been decided yet." The fox grinned before laying its head down on its paws and letting its tails wave behind him in a hypnotic way.

"I like you a lot more when you are like this." Naruto smiled before poking its nose again.

"And I love you too Foxxy-chan." Kyuubi tried snapping its teeth around the blonde haired boy but he quickly faded away from the mindscape with an insane laugh.

"I fucking hate that boy." Kyuubi said before using its tails to wipe off its nose before closing its eyes with a heavy sigh.

-ow let the Chunnin exam begin!" Hiruzen's voice was the first thing Naruto heard when he snapped out of his semi-meditation. A senbon chewing ninja was standing in front of the row of chunnin hopefuls. He let out a small sigh before moving the senbon to the side of his mouth.

"Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki. If your name wasn't called, please go up to the challenger booth." Several displays of speed later, only Hinata, Naruto and the senbon chewing nin was standing the arena. The crowd had gone silent to hear the words of the jonnin.

"Ok ... Here's how this is going to go. This is a hold no bars match. Anything is allowed, even lethal force. If you fear for you life and/or want to quit, raise your hand and say forfeit. The opposing participants will immediately cancel any attack aimed towards the forfeiting party. If they do not, I will use whatever force I believe necessary to subdue you. Ok? Ok." The man didn't even give the two hopefuls a chance to answer before jumping back. He raised his hand up into the air before dropping it suddenly.

Hinata immediately blasted towards Naruto with her finger tips blazing with the azure blue of her chakra. Her eyes spelled murder as every single footstep she took shortened the distance between the two.

Naruto lazily raised hand, formed it into a hand gun and pointed it at the running Hyuuga. A small sign of confusion spread across the girl's face but she quickly swapped it for a look of pure concentration and death. Which in retrospect for her, probably wasn't a very good idea.

Naruto's fingers jerked back suddenly as if he had followed a gun. To the crowd, nothing had happened. All it looked like was as if Naruto had pretended to shot a gun at Hinata. To the higher level ninja in the crowd, they could track a small arc of electricity shoot from Naruto's finger and impact hard against Hinata's chest.

Hinata flew to the ground, screaming as she clutched her chest. She landed on her back and immediately began to convulse and shake from the over exposure to electricity. She started to cough up blood as her body shook uncontrollably.

Naruto stood at his same position with his finger still stretched out. He slowly brought up the out stretched digit to his mouth before blowing it off.

"Damn I'm a good shot." Naruto said as he watched Hinata's shaking slow to a stop. She was breathing hard but she still managed to stand to her feet, albeit on shaky legs.

"You Hyuugas sure know how to take a hit." Hinata sneered at him before stopping the shaking in her legs. She took a deep breathe before charging at Naruto again but even faster.

Naruto watched calmly as the girl approached him at low-chunnin speed and reached for his hip with his other hand. He brought his hand up before slowly forming it into a hand gun just like his other hand.

"Dance for me Hyuuga bitch~" Hinata wanted to throw an insult back at him but was forced to dodge a literal hail of lightning bolts for her feet. She was forced to back pedal and strafe side to side faster than she had ever moved to avoid the attacks.

Naruto stopped his barrage of lightning bullets and quickly went through a series of hand signs before twenty puffs of electrified smoke appeared next to him. When the smoke cleared, it revealed twenty more Naruto's, each with their fingers out stretched and were aiming them at Hinata.

She physically paled as she saw the electricity slowly building up on the tips of their fingers.

"Bye Bye." The original Naruto said before all twenty of his clones let out a storm of electrical bullets towards the girl. Dust was quickly thrown up as the electrical bullet storm slammed into her place. The clones did not let up their assault, keeping the hail of bullets up for almost a full minutes. Finally Naruto lifted his fist up and signaled the clones to stop their assault.

The smoke slowly faded away to show a medium size dome of chakra had protected Hinata from the bullet storm launched by the clones. Spinning in the middle of the dome was Hinata. Her breaths seemed to be labored and she was once again standing on shaky legs but she was still protected by the dome.

"The invincible Hyuuga defense, Kaiten!" Hinata shouted while looking at Naruto. Naruto looked over at one of his clones before jerking his head towards the clone. The clone sighed before running over the spinning dome and tentatively poking it with his finger. A grinding noise was heard before the clone dispersed.

"Well .. it grinds." Naruto said before he put his hand on his chin. He stood there, tapping his finger on his chin for several seconds before suddenly removing it while letting out a yell of success. He grabbed his lightning rod and ran towards the Kaiten. He stopped right in front of the spinning dome made from chakra before slowly removing his lightning rod from his back. He held the rod in his hand before slowly pressing it against the spinning dome.

A loud grinding sound filled the arena as sparks flew from Naruto's lightning rod. Spectators looked on in confusion as Naruto continued pressing his lightning rod against the chakra dome.

Naruto finally lifted the lightning rod from the dome and inspected it. He pricked his finger against it and watched a single drop of blood fall. He then turned to Hinata before smiling brightly at her.

"Thank you for letting me sharpen my lightning rod against your technique. It was a bit dull and I have meant to sharpen it." Jiraiya had to use every ounce of self control that had been implanted in him over the past 30 years to stop himself from busting out laughing. He could see Hiruzen clenching the seat a little tighter as he too tried to hold in his laughter in a quickly failing attempt to disguise their humor at the situation.

Naruto slid the lightning rod back into its holster strung across his back. Hinata decided to use this temporary distraction and her close proximity to Naruto to try and attack him. She quickly dropped Kaiten and flung herself out of her spin. She planted her foot before bringing her arm back and launching the palm strike directly towards Naruto's chest.

Naruto shot his arm out and grabbed Hinata's wrist. She tried to out power Naruto and get out of his grip but it was too strong. She brought her other arm up and tried to launch another palm strike at the center of Naruto's forehead. This time one of the clones surrounding the two managed to grab Hinata's arm before it came even close to Naruto's face. Another one of his clothes came up and took Hinata's wrist out of the original's hand.

"Now this is going to be fun." A twisted grin spread across Naruto's face. He drew his fist back and launched a lightning fast punch that landed cleanly into Hinata's stomach. Blood erupted from the girl's mouth as the super charged punch slammed directly into her exposed stomach. The girl tried to keel over but the two clones holding her arms out towards the side wouldn't allow her to.

"Hyuuga-San. Do you forfeit?" The senbon chewing overseer of the match yelled. The girl only shook her head furiously before trying once again to get out of the clones grip. The man sighed before taking several steps back away from the duo .. well excluding the twenty identical copies of the same person (But who's counting?)

Naruto twisted grin slowly morphed into a morph as he brought his finger up. His finger was blazing with electricity as he brought it up towards Hinata. The girl started to twist and shake her head viciously until another one of Naruto's clones came from behind her and grabbed her head, forcing her to stay still.

Naruto closed the distance between his finger and Hinata's forehead. The girl instantly started to let out horrifying screams of pain as Naruto began to drag his finger across the girl's forehead. Blood began to leak down her face and onto the ground. The girl's screams only seem to intensified every second Naruto kept his finger pressed against her.

Finally after several seconds of screaming, Naruto drew his finger back, tilted his head and smiled at his "art".

Hinata now had a rather crude but still identifiable Hyuuga curse seal burned onto her forward. Blood was leaking from the smoked skin but you could still clearly see the seal standing out against the unmarred skin of the Hyuuga heiress.

"You may never be a caged bird in your family but to me you'll always be my caged bird. Now let me clip those wings!" Naruto yelled. Suddenly the two clones holding Hinata's arm jerked them. Two audible cracks were heard throughout the arena shortly followed by Hinata's scream.

The two clones let go of the girl's now useless arms and fell to her knees. She began to sob as blood ran down her forehead and her face. Naruto stood over the sobbing girl while smiling down on her.

"Do you forfeit now?~" Hinata sobs slowly quieted to a stop before she looked up at Naruto.

"I-i .. will not shame my clan's image by forfeiting to a commoner like you." Hinata said before spitting at Naruto. The glob of liquid turned into mist just centimeters from Naruto.

He shrugged before unsheathing his lightning rod and placing it under Hinata's chin. He forced her head up and stared into the red eyes of his opponent.

"You are on your knees, crying, utterly humiliated and broke. You family is already humiliated." Naruto pushed the girl on her back with the tip of his lightning rod. He placed his foot on her chest and looked down into her eyes.

"Forfeit or die." Naruto said while pointing the tip of his lightning rod directly at the eye of the currently humiliated Hyuuga. She stared as a small ball of electricity sprang to life on the tip of the lightning ball and danced sporadically in front of her.

"...I forfeit." Hinata grunted through clenched teeth. Naruto smiled cheekily towards the girl before allowing the tiny ball of lightning to fizzle out. He re sheathed the his lightning rod. He then reached down as if to pick up the girl. She turned her head away and sighed but didn't protest against the action. And when it comes to Naruto, that's always a bad idea.

Naruto may of "accidentally" taken his gloves off during the fight, exposing his skin to the outside world. Now with his massive chakra reserves and the fact he had just finished a fight, his body was letting out "small" amounts of excess electricity. And when he just so happened to touch Hinata .. Well some of that electricity jumped to her.

The girl's back arched painfully high as her scream once again pierced the arena. Her body started to shake and convulse as the electricity started to dance and play with her nerves. Naruto took a step beck and watched as medic teams rushed over to Hinata and carefully strapped her to a medic bed, even through all the shaking and spasming. The proctor looked him up and down for several seconds with a critical eye, trying to determine if that last attack was purposeful. In the end, the man didn't care enough and sighed. A small sly grin stretched across his mouth before he turned and walked back towards the competitors booth. He heard the announcer briefly announce his victory before

The moment he set foot in those stands, he was greeted with a literal uproar of boos. All around him, villagers were screaming and booing at him for his "poor sportsmanship". Some had even attempted to throw trash and object at him but that quickly ended when Naruto started to shot the object out of the air with his bullets.

Naruto whistled brightly as he strode towards the other competitors. He got a mixture of reactions from his fellow gennins. From Shino, all he received was a slight nod that slightly revealed the whites of his eyes. Naruto could see that his brutal showcase had ... awakened his friend a bit. From Temari, he saw the girl look him up and down before looking at her fan and smiling confidentially at him. Naruto released a small scoff at the girl's confidence. He had a trump card for that bitch. He moved over towards the girl's brother and say him nervously fiddling with the wrapped figure wrapped around his back. Considering the size of the lump, the calluses around the nubs of his finger and suna's specialty for puppetry in the Great Shinobi wars, Naruto could confidentially assume the boy was a puppeteer. Stood next to him was his brother, Gaara. The sunken eye boy stood straight up with his arm crossed, staring directly at Naruto. Naruto waved his finger flippantly at the boy and only got a twitch in response. Shikamaru stood ... well slouched against the railing while seemingly releasing a sigh every 5 seconds. His head leaned against the cool metal and he shot Naruto a small look before sighing even louder.

"Such a warm welcome from my fellow competitors." He was once again greeted with silence or a sigh in Shikamaru's case. Naruto merely shook his head before walking over to Shino.

"Very stunning performance Naruto-San. Though I would've ended it in a different way." Naruto scoffed at the cannibalistic nature of his friend.

"Yeah well I wasn't in the mood of Hyuuga tonight. Maybe Uchiha? I heard they are spicy." Naruto said. Shino let out a very low chuckle that indicated his found the joke funny enough to actually react to it.

"I have to say I found your the bullet technique of yours very interesting. I've been thinking of trying to recreate it with my bugs." Shino slowly raised his finger and Naruto watched as a small stream of bugs slowly ran up his finger. He heard a slight buzzing noise before the ball slowly starting to float. The ball suddenly rocketed towards the ceiling before impacting against it.

"Trying? You literally just recreated it. It took my weeks to learn how to stabilize the chakra into that shape and form and another week to make sure it wouldn't just explode in mid-air. Yet you just did it in literally minutes of seeing it happen. Not fair Shino, not fair." Naruto crossed his arms and pouted at the cannibal. The boy merely called his bugs back into his sleeve before returning back to Shino.

"Do not be jealous Naruto-San, now if you would excuse me, I have a sn- .. I mean opponent to face." Naruto let out a laugh at his friend's slip up. Shino shook his head before dissolving into a cloud of bugs that floated towards the center of the stage. He looked over and watch Temari float down on her fan to the center of the stage.

The proctor slowly walked up to the center of the stage before looking at the two gennins from allying villages. The two merely nodded to the proctor and he nodded back. He raised his hand up into the air before bringing it back down, thus signalling the start of the match.

Temari immediately jumped back several feet away from away from Shino and held her fan at ready. Her eyes dashed up and down his form, trying her best to discover any weakness in his form. But surprisingly .. She found several rather easily. He was just standing there with his eyes drilling into her.

"Well .. Are you going to make your move bug-boy?" Temari said in an attempt to goad the boy into making the first move. Shino slowly lifted his arms sup and let his sleeves curl up onto his shoulders. His skin was a ghostly shade of white, as if they had never touched the sun before. Temari watched curiously as the boy just stood there with his arms held up. Slowly bugs start to creep up his arm and surround his fingers. Temari watched as the bugs completely covered his arm in a black solid mask that always seemed to be shifting.

"My first move .. will be my last move." Shino lowered his arm until they were pointed at Temari. He pointed his finger towards Temari and if one were to look under his collar, they would see a wild, twisted grin.

"What the he-" Temari didn't have time to finish her thought before spheres of bugs were sent flying towards her at a rapid pace. She was instantly put on the defensive as she was forced to either dodge or counter the bug projectiles that were being launched at her.

Shino did not let up his assault, continuing to launch more and more of his bug bullets at the girl. He could see that he was slowly pressing her against the wall and he let his grin morph into a smirk.

"I may of lied." Shino said out loud before thrusting his arms out towards the girl. Instantly a wave of bugs shot of of his arm and raged towards Temari. The girl had to stop her jaw from dropping as the wave of blow completely blocked her view of the boy

"Gotta act fast, Gotta act fast." Temari said before she gripped her fan even tighter. She let it unfold in front of her before channeling her chakra through the fan.

"Wind Release: Cutting Scythe." She yelled while swinging her fan towards the wave of bugs heading towards her. She watched with satisfaction as her attack cut cleanly through the wave. Her satisfaction soon turned into dismay when she saw the wave of bugs instantly fill back in.

"Shit." Was all Temari could say before raising her fan above her, hoping to block as many bugs as she can.

She waited anxiously for the crashing feelings of having millions, possibly billions of bugs crash into her. But that feeling never came. She slowly moved the fan from out in front of her face and saw ... nothing. The wave of bugs had disappeared into thin air

"w-what ... What the hell just happened.." Temari said as she stood there in shock. She didn't notice or even hear the sound of Shino reforming from his cloud of bugs directly behind her. She didn't notice him pull down his collars to reveal his mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

"Bunshin." Was all Shino said before he sunk his teeth deep into Temari's neck. He closed his jaw around the succulent, tan flesh of the Suna princess and ripped. The flesh, muscle and blood was ripped cleanly from Temari's bone. The girl fell to the ground clutching her neck, screaming murder as blood quickly spurted and leaked from her gruesome wound.

Shino slowly pulled his collar up to cover his face once again before looking down at Temari. The girl was now laying on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably as the medic nin tried their best to calm her.

"If it helps .. You tasted absolutely delicious." Shino said before turning and dispersing into a cloud of bugs after he was declared winner. The bugs quickly floated back up to the competitors booth before reforming back into Shino right beside Naruto.

"And you had the nerve to calm my performance stunning. You copied my moves, made it look a hundred times bigger and better then bite her fucking neck? Show off." Naruto pouted at the end of his out burst. Shino only shook his head at his friend's outburst before patting him on top of his

Up in the Kage's booth, a visible frown could be on the kazekage's face. No one questioned it since he had just watched someone take a literal bite out of his daughter.

"Orochimaru-Sama ... Temari is out of commission. This could greatly hamper the plan." The kazekage's frown seemed to increase even more when the voice came through the seal attached to his ear. He let out a small sigh before pressing his hand to his chest.

"Activate Plan B. Release the genjutsu and knock Gaara out." Jiraiya and Hiruzen looked over at the other Kage in surprise when he suddenly stood up. Their eyes widened in shock when he threw down several smoke bombs that filled the kage's box.

At the exact same time, feathers seemed to fall from the sky and a sense of sleepiness fell upon the crowd.

The invasion of the Chunnin exams had begun.

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