Okay, so I was up at three this morning and decided it was time to start something new. I'm going to say this now, that this story has two OC's. The first OC is Hyuuga Hariko, who's Hyuuga Hinata's twin brother. He looks like a male version of her. There were some pictures on Deviant art that I found by looking for genderbent Naruto girls. The other is Haruno Sakuno, who I've based off of a Genderbent Sakura that I saw, only I gave him blue eyes. I'm bad at describing characters, so you'll have to imagine what they look like. I also made Sakura the same age as Hyuuga Hanabi to explain why Sakuno is in the class without making him her twin or cousin.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did, Hinata would be a confidant boy that's in love with Gaara, and Harry Potter would have been raised as a ninja or something else that makes him awesome. I'm just playing with the worlds of JKR and Kishimoto.

EDIT NOTE: To clear up a question someone asked, Hariko is NOT Neji and is NOT Hinata. Hariko is an Original Character, and is supposed to be Hinata's twin brother. On the same note, Sakura has been turned into an eight year old, thus not a major part of this story. Sakuno is an Original Character I created to take her place, because I find Sakura annoying and useless until Shippuden. Sakuno is Sakura's older brother, so he has pink hair like she does except he has blue eyes instead of green and his hair is ear length. I hope this makes things more understandable

Three boys and their female sensei stand in the Hokage's office in front of the elderly man. Standing off to the side is another old man, though one that looks a little off in the head, so to speak. He wears a robe similar to the Hokage's, only his is bright blue with little golden stars on it that the boys could swear are twinkling despite the fact that the sky is overcast and the lighting in the room rather poor, so there's not enough light to make them twinkle in such a way.

"You called, Hokage-sama?" the boys sensei, Anko, asks.

"Yes, it seems that one of your boys is actually adopted through a forbidden jutsu, Anko-san. This man here knew his birth parents, who paid for seven years tuition at a boarding school that they attended."

The boy standing in the middle yawns. He has dark hair in a spikey ponytail and a laid back posture. Intelligence shines in his eyes, masked by a lazy expression. "So?" he asks. "I've known I was adopted since day one. Okaa-san and Otou-san never hid it from me or the rest of the adult clan members"

The Hokage raises an eyebrow. "You knew?"

"Hai. Okaa-san may be troublesome, but she always makes sure that I know she loves me. She's troublesome because she loves me."

The Hokage smiles. "Indeed. Well, Shikamaru-kun, Dumbledore-san here is the headmaster of the school, and would like to invite you to attend so you can control an ability unique to your birth family"

Shikamaru eyes the man warily. "What of my team? I refuse to leave them behind"

"I doubt they have the ability that you do, my boy" The unknown old man says.

Shikamaru's two teammates glare at the man, each putting a hand on one of Shikamaru's shoulders. "Either we go as well or Shika stays put" the pink haired boy growls.

"We're a team. If you dare to split us up...heh, don't be surprised if you quickly find yourself in the afterlife after a heart attack" The third boy, who has pale eyes that are lacking a pupil.

"I would respect their wishes and test them, Dumbledore-san. These Gennin are stronger than the Aurors of your people" The Hokage chuckles.

As it turns out, both of the boys have the same ability as Shikamaru does, which they're informed is magic. Over the next week, things are organised so their attending this magic school is classified as a long-term B-rank mission. Within two weeks of the initial meeting, they're in England with a scarred looking man that has sandy brown hair and golden eyes. His name is Lupin Remus, or as it's said in English, Remus Lupin. After a nifty spell and potion combination, they were able to speak and write English fluently. Remembering which language they're speaking takes a little effort, though.

Anko is taken to the school ahead of time by a magic item called a portkey. The three Gennin are told to take the Hogwarts Express, which Remus takes them to. On the train, the Gennin settle into a compartment. Just as the whistle goes, signaling that the train is pulling out of the station, a red haired boy peeks his head in.

"Can I sit with you? Everywhere else is full"

Hariko snorts, his face hidden behind a fourth year Ancient Runes book. "I got back from a walk down the train not even five minutes ago." He says in English. "There's plenty of room further down, you're just to lazy to go any further"

Sakuno sets down his own book, glancing at the redhead with cold blue eyes. "Go find somewhere else to sit. We don't like liars"

This is a lie itself, but they don't want to deal with the redhead. They saw him in Diagon Alley when they were getting their school supplies with Remus. He was bragging to his sister about how he would become Harry Potter's best friend like Dumbledore said and would get rid of 'those bloody freaks he insists on being with'. Dumbledore seems to think he can control Shikamaru. Shikamaru doesn't want people to know he used to be their savior, before his blood adoption got rid of his scar and turned him into a Nara instead of a Potter. The redhead storms out of the compartment.

When the redhead is gone, Hariko looks to Shika. "You might want to verbally renounce your ties to your birth family. If you don't do it, people can still find you and tests will show you as Harry Potter"

Shikamaru nods.

With the renouncing of his birth name, Shikamaru now only has one real identity. Before, he had two official names which were interchangeable, but now he's just Shikamaru Nara. Things such as the list of Hogwarts Students to be sorted, which is magically updated in case they die on their way to school (thanks to many wars and rough times since the schools founding), will show 'Shikamaru Nara' instead of 'Harry Potter'. Since he doesn't have that stupid lightning bolt scar and nothing, not even heritage potions, will show him as anything other than Shikamaru, he doesn't have to worry about Dumbledore insisting he's the boy who lived. He can take truth serum and state with full confidence that he's Shikamaru Nara and no one else. Though he'd have to be careful. If someone asked if he ever was Harry Potter, he'd have to answer yes.

The train ride is silent, except for a snooty looking blond searching the train for Harry Potter. When they arrive at Hogwarts, the three students get into a boat together, along with a bushy haired brunet girl who's muttering spells under her breath. The trip across the Black Lake gets gasps of awe out of most of the students.

"Aren't you impressed?" the girl in their boat asks when the ninja don't join in the appreciative murmurs spreading through the first years.

"Hmm, It's impressive, but not as impressive as some of the buildings back home" Sakuno says. "ANBU headquarters is much more interesting"

"You're just saying that because Morino-san is your idol" Hariko smirks at the pink haired boy.

"So? At least Morino-sama knows how to fight! These British wizards just wave a wand to do everything for them. They're lazy! Over fed and under exercised, I say" Sakuno retorts, crossing his arms with a small pout.

"Will you two stop bickering?" Shikamaru yawns.

"Sorry, Shika" the other two Gennin say together.

The first years are led by a large man into the castle and to a stern looking witch. The woman introduces herself as professor McGonagall and gives them a small talk about the four Hogwarts houses. When she leaves, Hariko and Sakuno exchange small grins.

"Shika is so going to be in Ravenclaw!" Hariko says.

"You sure? He's pretty lazy, not very interested in learning" Sakuno says, glancing at Shikamaru, who's seemingly napping while standing up.

"Positive. Shika may be lazy but when he finds motivation, there's nothing to stop him." Pale eyes glance around, unnerving many of the other first years.

Professor McGonagall returns and asks them to get into a neat row before heading into the Great Hall. The Hall doors open, and quite a few students gasp at the enchanted ceiling. The bushy haired girl the ninja shared a boat with whispers to the shy boy next to her about how the ceiling came to be spelled that way. Murmurs from the already seated older students and the staff members reach the first years. Some of them commenting on Sakuno's hair colour and coming up with wild theories for why it's pink. Sakuno scowls.

"It's not my fault I was born with pink hair" he mutters.

Hariko pats his friend on the back to comfort him. The sorting commences after the Sorting Hat sings a song.

'Abbot, Hannah' is sorted into Hufflepuff house.

'Bones, Susan' joins her.

'Cornfoot, Stephen' goes into Ravenclaw house, right after 'Boot, Terry'.

'Granger, Hermione', the puffy haired brunet girl from the boat, becomes the first to go to Gryffindor house.

"Haruno, Sakuno" Sakuno steps forward to be sorted.

The Sorting Hat takes a few minutes to deliberate before deciding on the perfect house.


"Hyuuga, Hariko" Hariko gracefully sits on the stool.

Again, the hat takes a few minutes before deciding on a house for the ninja.


'Malfoy, Draco', the snooty looking blond who was looking for 'Harry Potter' on the train, is sorted right into Slytherin house.

"Nara, Shikamaru" McGonagall calls out from the list.

Shikamaru heads up, plopping himself carelessly on the three legged stool. The sorting hat sits on his head for over five minutes, trying to find a house for him. The students start whispering again, though this time about why it's taking so long to sort Shikamaru.

"RAVENCLAW!" the Hat eventually calls out.

Shikamaru joins Hariko and Sakuno at the Ravenclaw table, where his new house mates welcome him as they did his friends earlier. Many of the students at the Ravenclaw table have textbooks and essays out, apparently intending to finish or go over their work before classes start in the morning. Shika just flops his head onto his folded arms and goes to sleep. This action seems to offend the older Ravenclaws.

"Don't mind Shikamaru" Hariko says quietly as the sorting continues. "He may be lazy, but he's got a genius IQ."

This seems to appease the Ravenclaws. The sorting goes on, until the call of 'Potter, Harry' goes unanswered. McGonagall is soon forced to continue on with the list. Once 'Zabini, Blaise' is sorted into Slytherin, Dumbledore says a few seemingly nonsense words before the tables are suddenly filled with food and the feast begins.

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