Cohesive Repulsion by Takato's Dreamer (rainytears)

a/n: Ooh, the title's an oxymoron! Javert is repulsed by a lowly convict, and yet there is a cohesive, obsessive interest he has in catching the elusive Jean Valjean. Anyway, this is my second Les Miz fanfic after a period of reading lapse due to the onslaught of wasted hours in school -; this one focuses on Javert, obviously. It is mainly about Valjean, the 'shifty' convict.

Disclaimer: The poem is mine, but the story is not. It is Ò Victor Hugo. (who thankfully has nothing to do with the modern movie version of Les Miz which was pretty sucky, I've heard)


I feel the eyes.

They glide past me on the street,

Darting downward.

I never see them directly,

But I can feel their lowly shadows.

They repulse me to the core,

But still have an intriguing shine.

Even so, it does not matter who you are,

For you have broken a written law.

And for this you will be punished,

Convict with the dark eyes.

Stop invading my time,

Stop becoming my mission day after day.

And yet....

Wait up for me,

For my life is not complete until you are manacled.

Stop darting, damn it, slow down!

I grow tired of your insubordination.

This thrill will collapse when you do,

You bane of my existence, you bastard,

My obsession.


end notes: A Javert poem. Simple enough. Was it accurate? Is he truly the quintessential (or prototype even) of the obsessive detective? I think so. I hope this didn't come across as slash ^-^;

Reviews are appreciated, flames will be swallowed by my large pet dragon, Terminus. (Terminus is Ò me, and therefore you may not own a large red dragon of fire, Terminus). Eh, nevermind.