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- I'm Back -

Arrows whizz past me and embed themselves in the tree that I was in front of moments ago. I duck under some branches and hack some more away with Riptide while constantly moving to avoid being impaled.

Tired of running, I get to a clearing in the forest where I stop turn around to face my attackers. I bat away their arrows with Riptide and they stop shooting at me probably when they realize I've blocked all the arrows they've sent.

They emerge from the trees where they had been hiding and my suspicions about who had attacked me were confirmed. Two hunters who I had seen before but whose names I didn't know stood in front of me with their bows raised.

"Hey girls, miss me?" I say to annoy them. Their faces betray no emotion but I can tell they're annoyed. I've spent enough time with the hunters to know how to get them mad. Not a very difficult task must add. They already hate me just for being a guy.

"You're under arrest for treachery to the gods boy." A voice behind me says. I turn around to see Phoebe, her bow pointed at me with an arrow on the string.

"Phoebe! Looking young as ever. How's my cousin?" I talk to her while capping Riptide.

"Surrender peacefully or die Jackson, you're outnumbered." She tells me.

"No I'm not." I counter while starting to walk towards her, wanting to keep her distracted.

Unfortunately I had forgotten about the hunters behind me who noticed me walking towards Phoebe and fired at me. I hear their arrows flying thru the air behind me and I turn and tap a bracelet on my left wrist. A bow appears that I bring back to full draw and a blue shafted arrow appears already nocked.

I let loose four arrows at the hunters. Two of them hit the arrows they shot at me dead on splitting them in half and the other two embedded themselves in the trees behind the hunters after cutting through their bowstrings rendering their weapons useless.

"Hunters!" Phoebe cries as she drops her bow and draws her hunting knives while charging at me. Young girls jump out of the trees at the edge of the clearing most of them looking to be between 12-16 years old. I see a flaw in their strategy as they couldn't fire at me without risking hitting the hunter on the other side. They instead all draw knives and rush at me.

I calmed myself and waited for them to reach me. After tapping my bracket again my bow disappears and I draw Riptide.

Phoebe reaches me first and lashes out with both her knives. I dodge both her strikes and take time to mock her. "You've grown soft." I state as I use the hilt of my blade to knock one of her knives out of her hand while grabbing her other wrist. She growls and tries to punch me but I dodge it and twist her wrist making her drop her other knife. I hit her with Riptide's flat side and she falls to the ground, unconscious . I use Riptide to disarm and subdue the remaining hunters attacking me with ease. I don't kill any of them yet but they'll wake up to massive headaches for sure.

I step out from the pile of unconscious maidens to the edge of the clearing and leaned against a tree, waiting for a certain someone who wasn't amongst the hunters.

A couple of minutes later, my wait is over as Artemis, goddess of the moon, flashes into the clearing. She doesn't notice me since I am hiding my aura, a skill you quickly pick up in Tartarus. She notices the hunters who had been knocked out though and quickly scans the area for whoever did it. She notices me.

"Hey." I say before she can react.

"Traitor." She said unsheathing her silver hunting knives. "It was you who did this to them."

"Well, I can't take all the credit." I say grinning. "They certainly made it easy. Must be all that training you've given them."

She growls and stalks towards me. "I'm going to enjoy watching you suffer boy." She says. I laugh which only serves to annoy her more. That's good, people are easier to beat if they're angry.

I uncap Riptide and the water around me condenses into aquamarine coloured armour. The enraged goddess charges at me but retains her grace as she slashes at me. I parry her blows with ease while appearing to retreat making her come at me. I pretend to tire which makes her strike with more power and brashness leaving me more openings to exploit. I use one of said moments to flip the moon goddess on her back and driving my shoulder into her stomach. I quickly grab the knife in her right hand and hold it to her throat while using my knee to knock her other knife out of her reach. use her confusion to roll her into her stomach and pin her. I take off my bracelet and put around her neck. It hardens to form a collar and then appears again on my wrist while the collar remains on Artemis stopping her from assuming her true form or teleporting away.

"I was expecting a little more from the goddess of the hunt." I think out loud. "You Olympians haven't changed a bit. I held up the sky for you Artemis and you did nothing while Zeus cast me into the pit. No one did anything while I was tortured by your enemies that I defeated for you."

Somewhere along the line I realized I had stopped talking to Artemis but rather at Artemis. Finally getting some of the betrayal that I felt and had lived with for the past year off my shoulders

"I'd be dead if not for a stroke of luck. I managed to escape the titans and trained none stop from then forth. I defeated all the titans, I defeated Tartarus himself!" I shout at her. I stomp my foot and a hole opens up in the ground in front of her. Her eyes widen as she looks at it.

"I am the master of the Tartarus now. Enjoy your time in the pit." I say coolly and then throw her in.

I watch her fall until she's just a speck before closing the hole.
Those in the pit knew she was coming. She would have a lot of enemies in Tartarus,
after all, she had put most of them there herself.

The hunters are still out cold and I take the time to tie them all to different trees around the forest hoping to not have to deal with them again for a while. I open another hole and throw their weapons into it. A sacrifice for Tartarus. As I walk out of the clearing my armour evaporates and I cap Riptide.

I'm free at last.

And now it's time for revenge.

- Close -

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