Hey hey hey! I'm posting a longer summary to be more explanatory of the plot. By the way, I'm writing this fic for a while instead of my other one, 'A New Start', until season 5 comes out because I've been finding it hard to write one shots when there isn't anything happening in the show. Enjoy, and please review!

It's just another normal day at the Warehouse.

Actually it's quite the opposite. After working at the warehouse for as long as they have, Pete and Myka have learned that there isn't just a normal day at the Warehouse. But that's besides the point. After receiving a mysterious phone call that tips them off with the location of an artifact abuser they're chasing, Artie thinks it prudent to find out who this secret helper is. The agents run off on what seems like a wild goose chase only to have disaster strike.

They become acquainted with a young genius who assists them in their adventure. But when they face a drastic choice that results in their life, will their new friend be able to make the right choice?

Warning: OC

Rated T for violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own own Warehouse 13 or any of it's characters, only the ones which I create.