Hey Everyone!

I have been very busy for the past few months, with absolutely no time to post even a tiny chapter for any of my fanfics. I have certainly been thinking of ideas, and lately been a little less busy. With season five of Warehouse 13 done, I decided to continue with this story, although there are only a few chapters left that i'm planning to write. How did you all like the Series finale? I found it amusing albeit utterly random and nonsensical, much like the rest of season five. They could have done a better job I think, and everything was a bit rushed, but I won't give away any spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it.

I am so sorry to keep you waiting, but all the other authors out there know how it gets. I sympathize with all of you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Unfortunately, I am unable to update another chapter right now, but within the next week i hope to have one coming. After school gets out, which should be soon, I'll be updating like crazy! So basically, don't worry and look out for a new chapter!


P.S. Did any of you recognize a part of the Series finale, the 42nd Street part? With the tap dancing artifact? Is it just me, or was that suspiciously like what I wrote in chapter 4 of this story? I thought it was a little odd, but it could just be me. The whole episode seemed like it was made of crazy fanfictions tacked together, so maybe it wasn't just me they plagiarized. Don't plagiarize, any of you! Not a good idea. I'm done for real now.