Hey guys it's Skystar, and I have been reading a lot of Warriors parodies on Fanfiction and Wattpad*, so I decided to make my own.

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The sun spilled over the horizon, casting its golden rays upon the Forest. Birds chirped, fluttering around the trees, singing their songs of joy and happiness. And in the ThunderClan camp, things were getting quite heated.

"MAH CHEESYPIES!" Screamed Lionblaze, ducking behind a rock up on Highledge. Lionblaze aimed a rifle at Dovewing down below.

"NO THEY ARE MAH NUMNUMS!" she screamed back, nailing him in the eye with a pistol. She did a triple back flip, landed in a split, and ran off into the forest, holding her precious cheesypies and giggling madly.

Lionblaze fell to the ground, sobbing madly. Jayfeather came shooting out of his den.


Lionblaze shot up, screaming at the top of his lungs.

"NO, MAH BEAUTIFUL FACE!" he screeched and shot off into the forest.

Jayfeather chuckled and said "Works every time" he padded into his den.

"Shawty's like a melody in my head that I can't keep out" sang Squirrelflight, dressed up in bling and controlling the DJ station and scratching the records.

Bramblestar started break dancing and Poppyfrost started shaking her hips to the tune.

Thornclaw wolf-whistled and yelled "You got it, Poppyyyyyyyy!"

Berrynose growled and started dancing with Poppyfrost.

Soon it was a full out dance party in ThunderClan, with tracks like Boyfriend by Justin Bieber and the like, although all the toms passed out during that particular track.

"I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale" sang Sandstorm softly into the microphone. Everybody started slow dancing.

Surprisingly that particular song went by interrupted.

A white tom with black spots walked into the camp, holding a cart full of catmint. The cats screamed and ran towards it. The white tom with black spots stood in front of it protectively.

"No!" he yelled.

"But Dalmatianspots," whined Bramblestar.

"Money first." He stated simply.

Bramblestar handed him 50 mice, and rolled the cart away, giggling madly. He distributed it evenly. They resumed their dance party, and Jayfeather started selling catmint filled pies, for 100 mice each. They sold like hotcakes. Because they theoretically were.

'I Knew You Were Trouble' came on next. The she-cats lined up and took turns singing verses. Sandstorm led and sang the majority, cuz she was like the Taylor Swift of the Clan.

Firestar floated down from StarClan and started doing the conga. Everyone joined in.

"CUZ I TOLD YOU ONCE NOW I TOLD YOU TWICE WE'RE GONNA LIGHT THIS UP LIKE ITS DYNAMITE!" sang Berrynose. Everyone fainted from shock because Berrynose was a horrible singer. Then they resurrected when Gangnam Style came on.

They all started doing the dance.

And then it happened. Cloudtail's dream. PIES started falling from the sky. Cloudtail screamed and started crying and catching pies in his mouth.

And then a chariot made of pies swept down from the heavens, driven by a purple panda. The door opened in the back and a beautiful gray she-cat with green eyes and a pie tattoo on her back. All the toms started drooling. And their mates slapped them.

"Hello, my faithful subjects. I am Piequeen and I shall be your queen. I shall eventually choose a Cheeseking, to rule by my side."

The toms went crazy and started screaming, 'PICK ME PICK ME!'

"DJ GOT US FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN!" Cloudtail sang, only to be slapped by Brightheart.

The cats, who by this time were pooped after their party settled down to eat fresh-kill. All the males, of course flirted with Piequeen. The she-cats huddled and made a plan.

Squirrelflight plugged her iPod into a huge speaker system, and put on what else, but Taylor Swift's Better Than Revenge.

Sandstorm lip-synched; because of course Firestar was flirting with Piequeen too. The she-cats danced to it too.

After that song was over, they played; you guessed it, ONE DIRECTION! Hahahaha, you knew it was coming!

The toms screeched and covered their ears. Piequeen, who happened to love them, went over to the she-cats and started dancing with them.

The high-pawed and continued dancing.

Over the music, Piequeen yelled, "You know, I kind of was getting tired of toms falling at my feet wherever I go."

The she-cats cheered. After the 5th 1D song ended, the toms came crawling back into camp.

Suddenly, Mistystar rode in on a turquoise unicorn.

"SLAP FIGHT!" She yelled. Everybody cheered and proceeded to slap everybody in camp. Their slap fight included knives, screaming and the occasional pie from the ones that fallen from the sky, which somebody discovered, that if taken a bite out of first, were explosive when thrown. So that resulted in some injuries.

10 hours later, the cats were pooped, and they were sitting down and doing random stuff. The elders were playing cards; the warriors and apprentices were swimming in the pool, and the leaders and the medicine cats were torturing Dark Forest cats, in the torture chamber Bramblestar installed for his last birthday.

But what were the kits doing, you ask? We shall find out soon. Heheā€¦

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