Orochimaru looked at his handiwork, and he smiled a sinister smile before taking three steps back and gesturing at the four raised zombies. "Here they are. If anyone can answer your questions, it's them."

The second in the lineup of four zombies immediately went through the same string of handsigns Orochimaru had just used… and then, he was no longer bound by the Edo Tensei and Orochimaru felt his control snapping.

"Wait. What!? How is this happening!?" Orochimaru asked, alarmed as he took a step back and got himself in a stance to either run the f*ck away or fight, it was honestly hard to tell.

"Orochimaru! Don't tell me you messed up the jutsu!" Sasuke nearly growled, as the Second Hokage looked around and seemed to come to a decision.

"Who are you two?" He asked, eyes narrowing.

"Well, that one…" Hiruzen began, pointing at Orochimaru. "Is my student. He's also one of the most notorious traitors to the Hidden Leaf pretty much ever, though not quite as notorious as Madara, who was kind of the first missing nin ever."

Hashirama nodded. "Madara was always a trend setter, even with his haircuts." Spoke the first Hokage, fondness evident in his voice.

"And the other?" Tobirama asked.

"The other is, as far as I remember, a genin of our village. When I died he was still working with us, though since he looks like Orochimaru now I'm gonna guess that he ran to him like a total bitch whining all the way about how nobody understood his pain and anger and we all just held him back." The pipe smoking Hokage said, procuring a pipe out of nowhere.

"So, we kill them both and then go back to Konoha, because I'm going to bet that there's probably some kind of crisis going on right now." Tobirama summarized.

"Hey! There's no reason to kill the-" Minato began, trying to dissuade the second from his course of action but, if one were to look at their faces, one could tell that Minato wasn't really trying all that much and Tobirama wouldn't be swayed.

"Shut up, you." Tobirama said, glaring at Minato. "I don't even know you but I can already tell that you're an idiot."

"That's harsh, sensei. You know, he's probably the greatest genius to ever come out of our village." The third said, shrugging.

"Why do you hate me, Tobirama-sama? Is it because I sealed a Bijuu in my son just to get away from being a single parent when there were a variety of other things I could have done that would have been more profitable and benefitting to the leaf instead? Is it because I clearly like my son's murderous best friend, who tried to kill him on multiple occasions, more than my very own flesh and blood? Is it because of my terrible naming skills?"

"Yeah, well, we should probably stop goofing around." Hashirama spoke. "I think I can feel Madara's chakra, actually. Maybe we were revived to fight him?" He asked, looking away at the distance where many massive powers could be felt warring. "If so, then maybe those two aren't as evil as we would think from their position as missing nin." However, when he turned around to face Orochimaru and Sasuke, he only found their mutilated corpses. "What the hell?"

Hiruzen and Tobirama clearly didn't care. "Sensei's orders." Hiruzen said, shrugging.

"You're too soft. And an idiot." Tobirama explained, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, well." Hashirama said, shrugging.

Then the Four Hokage went out to join the fray. And nothing was accomplished even with them.