Pokemon Undead Gray Version

Chapter 1: And So It Begins

It is a beautiful Summer morning. The sun begins to rise, changing the world from its darkened night to a bright sun-shine day. There is a warm breeze rolling through the tall grass where the Pokemon play and the ocean is brushing up and down the beach on the southern side of Pallet Town, a small little town in the Kanto region where our hero is having his 10th birthday today. Today, Connor starts his own Pokemon journey.

Connor's eyes slowly lift open to reveal the mess that is his room. As he sits up, he wipes the crust off of his eyes after a long night's sleep. On this day, his whole life is going to change. After realizing what day it was, he jumps out of bed, throws on his favorite shirt, jumps into the jeans he had saved up for months to purchase and grabs his hat that he got for winning a contest before racing down to get breakfast before going to see the professor. Connor downs the Pikachu shaped pancakes that his mother had made for him in 18.62 seconds and bolts out the door. He walks down to the Pokelab because he forgot to put on his running shoes in his room. Connor thinks to himself "Why the hell didn't I turn around to get those before i got to the lab? Arceus, I'm an idiot!"

Connor walks into the laboratory and it looks like he just walked into a candy store. He walks down the long corridor looking for Professor Oak's section of the lab. All of this walking feels like a lifetime since he is unable to run. With each step, his heart beats faster and faster. At long last, Connor finds it. The door to Oak's office. It has a large grated window and says Prof. Samuel Oak in bold black letters. He opens it slowly to make sure he isn't disturbing any of Oak's research. He peers around the door to see the professor silently awaiting Connor's arrival.

"H-Hello. M-My name is C-c-Connor."

"Hello Connor. Nice to meet you! You don't have to be nervous, this is a very special and fun opportunity. I was informed of your arrival today. I'm sure you can't wait to get your first pokemon friend."

"I've been looking forward to this for a long time now and I put a lot of thought of which pokemon I want to start my journey with."

"Well if you would walk over here, we can start on that process."

Connor walks over to a large circular device with a red, transparent lid holding three visible pokeballs. Prof. Oak clicks a button that causes the lid to slowly open and reveal three slick, shined pokeballs. Prof. Oak grabs each and lets the three pokemon out of their respective balls.

"Now choose the one you wish to start your journey with."

Connor walks up to the pokemon. First, he walks up to Squirtle, a water type pokemon. Looks at it, picks it up, then sets it down. Next, he turns to the Bulbasaur, a grass and poison type pokemon. Like with Squirtle, he looks at it, then picks it up. Last, he walks up to the Charmander. Looks at it, picks it up and puts it down next to it's friends. Connor steps away from the pokemon, looks at the professor, and tells him "I know which of these I would like to become my new friend."

"That's fantastic news! Which one?"

"I would like.." he looks at the pokemon with much anticipation "Bulbasaur."

"That's good to hear, this Bulbasaur has gone through many trainers picking the other pokemon. Its good to see her finally get chosen."

"Then that's good that I chose her!" Connor exclaimed with a fire in his eye

"I have a few more things that you will be needing on your journey"

Prof. Oak turns to the desk that is right behind him and grabs several items.

"Here is a Pokedex and 5 more pokeballs. The Pokedex will help you gain information on the pokemon that you will encounter. The pokeballs will aid you in obtaining more pokemon friends on your journey."

"Thank you very much" Connor tells the professor as he reaches for the gifts.

Right as Connor is about to grab them out of the professor's hands, the door bursts in.

"I'm here to get my starter!"

Connor and Prof. Oak stop and turn to look at the unexpected visitor.

"Sorry for the interruption. My name is Julia" She says with a smile and a wink.
Connor looked at her, she was wearing a red skirt that only went down to her mid-thigh. Her purple tank-top seemed to glisten in the light from the corridor's bright lights. Her brown hair flowed half-way down her back with two separate strands going down her chest on either side of her head.

"She is absolutely gorgeous" Connor thought to himself.

"Oh, yes Julia. I wasn't expecting you until later. But while you are here, do you want to pick the friend that you are going to be traveling with?

"Sure! Where are the precious little pokemon you have for me to choose between?

"Right here" Prof. Oak states as he points to the Squirtle and Charmander that are trying to gather what had just happened. Julia rushes over to them knocking Connor out of the way in the process.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." Julia says after realizing what she did.

"No. It's ok. Don't worry about it." Connor had barely even noticed since he was in a daze from gazing at Julia. Julia turns back to the pokemon and begins with her analyzing.

"Oh my Arceus! This one is so cute!" Julia exclaims as she picks up the Squirtle and squeezes the hell out of it. "Oh! This one is super cute too! This isn't fair. It's too hard to choose." She turns to Connor. "Do you have a coin?"

"ummm. I think I do" Connor responds as he reaches into his pocket. He pulls one out and Julia snatches it from his hand.

"Heads, Squirtle and tails, Charmander." Julia tosses the coin into the air and everything instantly goes to slow motion. She grabs the coin as it drops and smacks it onto her arm. Julia lifts up her hand just enough for her to see it. It landed on heads, but she secretly wanted it to be tails. Julia throws the coin back at Connor.

"So what did the coin land on?" Prof. Oak questioned her.

"It landed on tails." She lied just so that she would get what she secretly wanted. "So, Charmander it is then."

"Alright, then let me get you your things so you can start your own journey." Prof. Oak turns around to the desk to grab Julia's gifts for her journey. "Here is your Pokedex and 5 more pokeballs."

"Oh thank you Professor! I"m going to head out right now to get more adorable pokemon!" She turns to bolt out the door but Connor stops her before she can.

"Why don't we go on a journey together?" Connor asks as he blushes, looking in a different direction.

"Hhmmmm. I don't know, maybe eventually." She replies totally oblivious to Connor's state

"Oh. Ok." Connor says, defeated.

"I'll see you later...Kyle is it?"

"Con-" Is all Connor is able to get out before she leaves. Connor turns to Prof. Oak and thanks him for the gifts and turns to head back to his house to collect his things for the journey ahead of him.

"Wait! I need to tell you one more thing Connor. Good luck with that one. You'll need it."

"Thank you again professor." Connor walks back to his house to show his mom the friend he had gotten at the lab and refrains from telling her about Julia.

"Well I packed all of your stuff while you were out."

"You didn't have to do that mom, I could have done it myself. I mean I am going on an adventure by myself."

"There isn't anyone else for you to travel with? Were there no other people getting there first pokemon today?" Connor's mother questions

"Well, there was this one girl, but she didn't want to go with me yet."

"Yet? What do you mean by yet?"

"She said maybe eventually."

"There isn't any chance that you have any feelings towards this girl is there?" Connor's mom said with a smirk.

"n-n-No!" Connor replies, blushing again.

"I knew it! You have a little crush on her. What's her name?

"I-I don't remember." Connor lies.

"C'mon. What's her name? I want to know before I get a wedding invitation and I don't recognize the names."

"Her name is Julia. Ok?" Connor tells her, unhappy about it.

"Connor and Julia sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g." She sings just to bug Connor.

"Mom! Stop it! That's not funny."

"I'm sorry. Why don't you go through your stuff to make sure nothing was forgotten and I'll make some sandwiches for us and make some pokemon food for your little Bulbasaur."

"Ok fine." Connor says as he storms off to his room. Connor walks up to his room and begins going through the pack that his mother had done for him. He remembers that he had forgotten his running shoes earlier and made sure to throw them into his pack. After making sure he has everything, He looks at the things that Prof. Oak had given him. He picks up the Pokedex and appreciates its sleekness. Connor opens it up and turns it on.

"Hello, My name is Dexter. I can be used for any and all information on the pokemon you have met on your travels."

"This thing is actually pretty cool. It will definitely come in handy later on." Connor grabs Bulbasaur's pokeball off of his belt. "Come on out Bulbasaur." Bulbasaur comes out of the pokeball with a flash of light. "Hey Bulbasaur, do you want me to come up with a cool nickname for you?"

"Bulb Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur replies with a nod.

"Hhhmmmm. How about...Donna." Bulbasaur looks at Connor like he is a crazy person. "Yeah, I don't see how that would work either. Then how about Hope."

"Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur screams with delight.

"Its settled then, your new name is Hope."

"Connor! Its time to eat!"Connor's mom yelled from downstairs

"Alright! Be right there!" Connor calls back. Connor and Hope walk downstairs to see plates filled with food for them.

"I need my baby with a full belly when he leaves for his journey."

"Mom, I'm not a baby anymore. I'm old enough to take care of myself in the wilderness."

"I know, but don't you want a big meal before you head out?"

"I guess you're right mom." Connor takes a few bites out of his sandwich and remembers what he wanted to tell his mother. "Hey mom! I came up with a name to call my Bulbasaur."

"That's nice. What is it?"

"I decided to call her Hope"

"That's a wonderful name. I 'Hope' you two have a wonderful time together."

"Mom. You make up some terrible jokes." Connor says trying to hold back his laughter.

"I try honey." Connor's mom replies, knowing full well that Connor enjoyed the little joke she made.

"This is delicious mom. Thank you for this last meal."

"Bulbasaur!" Hope retorts.

Connor and Hope finish up their meals and go upstairs to grab everything that they will be needing on the adventure that is ahead of them. They walk back downstairs with all of their gear and enthusiasm. Connor's mom looks at him and gives him a giant hug while holding back tears.

"Good luck honey. I'm going to miss you. Make sure you call me whenever you can. I will always be in touch. I love you"

"Will do mom. I'm going to miss you so much. I love you too." Connor turns to the door and (remembering his running shoes this time) steps out to begin his journey. Connor looks down at Hope and they step off towards the direction of Viridian city. "I can't believe I have finally gotten to this moment." Connor thought to himself while stepping into Route 1. "Are you ready for everything that is headed our way Hope?"

"Bulb Bulb Bulbasaur." Hope answers with excitement.

"Connor! Wait!"

Connor looks back to see his mother running to him looking terrified. "What's wrong mom? What happened?"

"Its terrible! I just turned on the news, and they said there was a huge explosion by Lavender town!"

-End Chapter 1-