"OH MY GOD!""What? What did you do now?" Dark hazel eyes studied the slowly falling white flakes outside. "Gee….not to alarm you…but…" Gerard kept an uninterested expression on his face, and turned to see his brother practically glued to the window. "But…?" he carried on after Mikey didn't continue. A childish grin filled at least half of Mikey's face. "IT'S SNOWING! Don't you love snow, Gee? Remember when I told you to eat that snow of the wall and you did and the next day you felt reall-" Gerard cut him off. "Yes, it's lovely, but Ray's already told me five times…" he trailed off, and Mikey turned to his brother with an odd little smile on his face. Gerard flinched, scared he was going to get attacked. "Guess what, Gee?""…what?""It's snowing. SNOWING!"Gerard groaned gently in frustration, and Mikey turned back to the window, pressing his nose against the cold glass, trying to see it better."It's snowing" he repeated, and Gerard rolled his eyes. "Yes, snowing".Mikey grinned again. "You don't understand.../it's snowing/"Gerard felt ready to leave the room, when a bleary eyed, and just-gotten-out-of-bed looking Frank entered, staring straight out of the window. Frank seemed to forget tiredness and a big smile came to his face. "Hey, it's snowing!" Gerard mentally cursed whoever invented snow, and lifted a piece of toast to his mouth. Before he could take a bite, Frankie waved at him as if he had never seen him before, and it was an amazing reunion. Then the younger male frowned. "Why are you putting marmalade on your toast?" he asked. Gerard looked down at his toast, then back up at Frank. He looked a mess. His hair stuck up in angles Gerard couldn't achieve without a full tub of gel, his shirt was crinkled with the patterns of his sleeping, and his eyeliner was smudged across his face. Gerard shook his head. "Well, it's either that or some bluey greeny reddy browny mould stuff in the bottom of this jar…" He grabbed it off the side, putting down his toast. Frank studied the hairy substance at the bottom and his nose crinkled. "Can we name it…umm…. Lucy?" he asked, poking the jar as if dubbing the mould. Gerard stared at his friend for a moment, then shrugged. "Okay.. Let's see what Lucy looks like properly.." he muttered, popping the lid off of the jar. Immediately, a smell so strong and foul, it made Gerard drop the jar and Frankie stumble back quickly. "Fucking hell!" they both shouted in unison, and as the smell hit Mikey, he let out the same cry and ran out of the room into his own room, to admire the snow from Frank was tempted to leave the room too, Gerard grabbed the nearest spray and pressed the button for at least twenty seconds, aiming it at the horrible splat of mould and glass on the floor. Frank stared in disgust as Lucy disintegrated slightly. Finally, the older male stopped spraying, and put it back, moving forwards a step. "I need to clean this up before someone steps on it…" he murmured, more to himself as he opened the cupboard under the sink and grabbed the dustpan and brush. Frank watched him, figuring he'd ask if he needed help. Help which Frank would probably run away from and hide in the gas cupboard, since he was the only one that could fit. Gerard sweeped up the glass and a lot of the mould silently, nose crinkled as the smell of it was still lingering. He emptied it in the bin and shoved the dustpan and brush in too, just because he couldn't be bothered to wash , Frankie spoke. About the only word that described the situation."Ew."Gerard looked across at him and nodded gently. "We'd better clean up.." he murmured, as a large splodge of the gooey mould was still splattered on the floor. It was times like these Gerard was glad they didn't have carpet in the kitchen. Frankie nodded back and moved forwards, dodging round the mould like a little child and moving to the sink. "Um… what do we use? Just…washing liquid or what?" he asked, and Gerard pulled open the cupboard again, nodding. "That should do it. I'll get Bob to do it properly later.." he muttered, grabbing the bottle and emptying about half of it into the sink. Frank turned on both taps until the sink was full of soapy water, topped with a mountain of bubbles. Frank stared into the sink, eyes looked oddly serious. He seemed to be thinking very hard. Gerard hoped Frank wouldn't injure himself doing so. "What's wrong..?" he asked quietly, and Frank turned to him with the same expression. Gerard actually stepped back a little. Frank looked as if he was about to ask a life-changing question like.. 'will you marry me?'. As he opened his mouth to speak, Gerard felt a little scared. Oh god, what was it?"I wonder what it tastes like?" Frank asked, looking back at the water. Gerard's eyes widened, but before he could stop his friend, Frank had plunged his face into the water, to taste the liquid. Gerard stood there, staring, frozen with numb shock, his jaw slack. As Frank came back up, hair plastered to his face, and bubbles covering a lot of his face, he grinned brightly. "It tastes awful!" he exclaimed, and Gerard cracked the first smile of the morning, it slowly turning into laughter. "You idiot" he said, and grinned too, using his finger to wipe the bubbles from the others nose. He shook his head and popped the finger in his mouth. His shoulders shook with a shudder at the overly soapy mixture. He pulled the finger out, and stared at the other. Both had big moronic grins on their faces. "C'mon, we gotta clean up" Frank said and turned back to the sink, grabbing a cloth from the side and putting it into the water. Gerard nodded, but his smile stuck. He was in a better mood now. Frank pulled the cloth out and moved past Gerard to get to the stain, knocking him gently. Gerard stumbled slightly, and tried to keep his balance by holding onto the side, but it was still wet from Frank's taste test, and he slipped forwards, falling straight into Frank. Frank's back hit the floor and he winced in pain, Gerard landed on top of him, their chests hitting each other. "Oh God, I'm sorry, I-I tripped and…sorry" Gerard stuttered, blushing gently, mainly because of the position they were in. Frank stared up at him, still in shock. He shook his head, and attempted to get up. Then his eyes widened, and his small smile faded. Gerard looked worried. Had he seriously hurt him? "What's wrong? Frank?" he asked, and Frank shuddered. "I landed in the mould! EW! GET THE HELL OFF ME!" he shouted, disgust taking over as he felt the sticky and warm stuff seep through his shirt. Gerard was suddenly pushed off the other, with force that Gerard never knew Frank had. Gerard landed in a heap, eyes wide as they stared at his frantic friend. Frank grimaced and tore off his shirt, still muttering 'Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew' to himself as he used the remains of his shirt to wipe the stuff off his back. "My God, that's gross!" he complained, throwing his shirt down at the mould. "STUPID LUCY!" he shouted, and moved out of the room. Gerard looked down at the mess, and then at the clock. Bob would be back soon. He'd leave it for him. He moved after his friend, trying his hardest to repress giggles in the back of his throat. Frankie had gone straight to the bathroom, turning on the taps for the sink and filling it. Gerard came in and hid his smile. "Sorry Frankie.." he said quietly, and Frank look over at him, same delighted boyish expression on his face as normal. "Hey, no big deal. I just need to wash it off, then I'm gonna take a shower and wash the soap out of my hair" he said, and soaked a cloth to wipe his back with. He tried to pull it round, but had struggle reaching it. Gerard watched in odd fascination as his friend struggled to get Lucy off his back. "Gee?" Gerard snapped back to reality as Frank called him, and he looked at him to see an outstretched hand with the cloth in it. Frank smile apologetically, "Help me?" he asked, and Gerard rolled his eyes playfully, grabbing the cloth and moving closer to him. Gerard pressed the cloth gently against the others back, and felt Frank shudder very lightly at the feel of the cloth on his skin. He moved the cloth across his back slowly, being careful that only the cloth touched his friend's skin. Gerard finished with the cloth, and put it back in the sink. "Ok, you're done" he whispered, and realised he had been holding his breath. He moved back quickly. Frank turned to him, an odd expression on his face, one that Gerard hadn't seen him do before. Gerard looked confused. Frank must have noticed, because he immediately changed his expression to the same smile he always had. "Cheers. That stuffs gross. I wonder what it was a couple of months ago?" he asked, and Gerard's worries vanished. "God knows" he answered and laughed slightly. Frank grinned and ran a hand through his hair, which still stuck out oddly. "I'm gonna take a shower now, okay?" he more stated, than asked his friend and Gerard nodded. "Yeah, sure. I should probably /try/ and clean up before Bob gets back at least..." Frank smiled in return, and Gerard moved out of the room, closing the door behind him. He sighed in relief as he was out of the bathroom, and shook his head. "Weird.." he muttered, wondering what had been wrong with him in there, and moved back to the kitchen to finish cleaning. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Frank pulled off his boxers and shorts, and stepped into the shower, turning it to just the right temperature. As the tiny beads thundered against his back, he closed his eyes, and thought of Gerard. His best friend. Why had he reacted like that? He'd known Gee for so long…surely if…if… He didn't dare dwell on the thought, but instead tried to concentrate on the sound of the water hitting his back.