Chapter 2-Haircuts and Dinner Parties

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The brunette awoke to find a wool blanket draped around her form. Shifting to a sitting position, she yawned, memories of the day before swimming to the surface. Really, she wouldn't have believed that any of yesterday was real if it wasn't for the two empty mugs on the coffee table.

She was glad to see that the vampire had learned to turn the T.V off and had closed the heavy drapes on his way out of the living room, blocking out the midday rays of light. He's almost as good of a roommate as Yori-chan.

Checking her phone, Yuuki realized she had slept until the afternoon, her stomach rumbling in agreement. Padding towards the kitchen with bleary eyes, the brunette opened the refrigerator. She was happy to see that her parents had also thought ahead and stocked up the shelves and refrigerator for her planned stay.

"I guess I'll just have some cereal..." She mumbled, picking up a carton of milk and a box of cereal from the pantry.

Taking a bowl from one of the kitchen cabinets, she sat down in the breakfast nook. She ate her late breakfast slowly, munching on the crunchy flakes while wondering if the vampire was also hungry.

Once she was finished with her bowl she placed it into the sink, intent on finding Kaname. She darted through the immaculate mansion, checking room after room for any sign of the mahogany-eyed man.

Fifteen minutes later and after checking every single bedroom, the girl slumped back into the couch, sighing heavily. He didn't just leave, did he? The thought of the man leaving without even a parting word left a sour taste in her mouth.

A flash of inspiration struck her as she got to her feet, heading in the direction of the west wing of the manor. The brass doorknob was as cold as the day before, letting in the same chill when the girl hesitantly stepped through the door.

Sure enough, the coffin lid was closed, unlike how she had left it the day before. Using all her strength, Yuuki managed to pry the lid off, setting it to the side with a thud. Kaname was indeed inside, hands clasped at his middle, soft breaths tickling the messy bangs on his face.

"Kaname?" Yuuki whispered, torn between waking the slumbering vampire in fear of upsetting him and leaving him there to find that he wouldn't wake up again.

Slowly, he awoke, eyes the color of aged wine blinking in confusion. "Ah, Yuuki... good morning. Or evening. I cannot tell how much time passes in this room."

"You could sleep in one of the guest rooms. We have plenty."

He gave a soft smile. "I appreciate the gesture, but sunlight does not bode well with me. I feel quite drained when under the sun's heavy light and this seems to be the only room without windows."

"O-oh , okay then! Do you want some breakfast—or I guess, lunch... sorry for waking you." She added, fidgeting around the pureblood. Why am I so nervous? It's not like he's going to attack me.

He chuckled lightly. "It is alright. I would like something to eat; thank you again for your hospitality."

After a quick lunch (in which Kaname's more than unruly locks nearly covered the entire dining table), Yuuki took out her phone.

"Okay, my hair is getting a bit long as well and you definitely need a haircut. I'll call a Taxi to pick us up so we can go into town. An old family friend runs a hair salon there."

The man nodded in agreement. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. Perhaps I might see something that will restore some of my memories."

Roughly thirty minutes later the Taxi rolled up to the front of the manor, honking loudly.

"Ah, it's here! Come on, Kaname!" She grabbed the vampire by his arm, leading him towards the courtyard of the mansion.

He allowed himself to be lead towards the car, but paused slightly after Yuuki entered the vehicle. He shifted nervously, looking at the metal contraption with worry.

"Are you sure this… locomotive, I think it is called, is safe?"

"You're kidding, right? I mean, you've surely been in a car before?"

The Taxi driver looked at the pair quizzically, but made no attempt to question the man's somewhat eccentric behavior.

"I do not know. I have a faint remembrance of carriages. Do those still exist?"

The girl sighed. "No, Kaname. They exist, but are rarely used other than as entertainment."

He absorbed the new information, placing a finger under his chin in contemplation. "Well, it definitely seems I was asleep for quite a while. Perhaps even centuries."

No kidding… she thought, holding out her hand. "Let's go, the meter's running."

He looked like he was about to ask a question, but Yuuki shook her head. "It's nothing. Let's just go."

The car ride went with relatively little incident. Kaname had kept his eyes towards the window, looking with slight amusement at the rolling landscape.

"I do not know why, but this place seems very familiar…" He murmured, eyes drifting to the large clock tower in the distance.

"So, you think you've been here before?"

"Yes, although it was quite different then. There were no trees, just sand. And that clock tower was near crumbling, but I definitely remember the bronze bell."

"Anything else?" She questioned, hoping to spur more memories from the man.

"I am afraid that is all I can remember. The clock tower must be important, somehow, if I still remember it."

The brunette nodded eagerly. "Alright, after we go to the barber we can visit the clock tower. I'm fairly certain that people are allowed up to the bell."

They both stepped out of the vehicle a few minutes later. After paying, Yuuki walked beside the vampire, pointing to different shops and monuments.

"I loved that bookstore as a child. The woman who owned it was very kind and always gave me candy before I left. I used to drop pennies into that fountain as well, although I found out later you weren't really supposed to do that. Oh, and that bakery at the corner was great! They gave out free cookies and were really nice." She rambled, caught up in old memories. After moving to the city around the age of twelve, she had begun to miss the peaceful, tranquil lifestyle of the quaint little town.

Kaname smiled softly, listening to the girl as she spun tale after tale. "You have talent. Have you thought of becoming a writer someday?"

She blushed, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. "W-well, that's what my ultimate goal is. I hope to one day be published, even if it may seem a bit impossible."

"I think that as long as you tried, you could do anything." He spoke earnestly, noticing the pink tinge that had colored her cheeks. He couldn't help but find it quite cute.

"A-anyway, we're almost at the barber shop! It should be right around this block."

The bell chimed lightly as the pair entered the salon. Hair care products and hair dryers were scattered across the room, while a man in what appeared to be a green cooking apron with cats printed on it rummaged through a trunk, muttering to himself.

"I know I put the shampoo in here somewhere…" He continued his search, unaware of the two people standing mere feet away from him.

"Ah, hello, Cross-san." Yuuki said softly, trying to not frighten the man.

He shot up immediately, hitting his head on the trunk with a whine of pain. Turning around he gasped, huge crocodile-tears falling from his eyes.

"My darling Yuuki has come to see her Uncle! How sweet! I heard from your parents that you would be staying at the manor, but I didn't expect you to come by so soon!" He immediately squeezed the petite girl, pulling her into one of his famous 'death hugs.'

"Cross-san—I mean, Uncle, c-could you let go? Y-you're squeezing me too tight!"

The flaxen-haired man reluctantly let go of his 'niece' before turning his attention to the silent stranger. "Who is this, Yuuki? A boyfriend, perhaps?"

She shook her head wildly, blushing, "N-no, that's not it at all! He's a… family friend, sort of. Anyway, his name is Kaname and he's in a desperate need of a haircut." She motioned to his brown locks which almost touched the floor.

Kaien stilled as he heard the name, but immediately straightened up, holding out his hand. "Nice to meet you, Kaname-kun! I'm Kaien Cross, a long family friend of the Kuran family!"

The vampire smiled, shaking his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Cross-san."

The bespectacled man laughed, patting the youth harshly on the back. "You kids and your formalities! You can call me Kaien, if you want, or even Uncle!"

The pureblood jolted forward slightly from the impact, frowning. Yuuki gave the vampire an apologetic look before clasping the blonde man's hands in her own.

"Please, Uncle, could you help us? I know it's past shop hours, but it would be horrible if I dragged him all the way here without him getting a haircut!"

The hair-stylist's eyes lighted up, "Anything for my darling niece! Come now, Kaname-kun!" He patted the chair warmly.

Reluctantly, the brunette obeyed. He cast a worried look to Yuuki as the man brought out all manners of hair-care products and an unfortunately large array of scissors.

"Don't worry. He may seem like an idiot, but he's really good at cutting hair." She whispered in his ear, hoping to assuage some of his worries.

As soon as she spoke Kaien fell forward, nearly dropping a tray full of scissors on top of the pureblood. "Oops, sorry, Kaname-kun! I tripped over this wire by accident! I hope you're alright!"

The man gritted his teeth, fingers digging into the arms of the chair. "I am… just fine, thank you."

The pureblood shut his eyes as the blonde approached, scissors in hand.

Two hours later both brunettes sat in front of the large mirror. Kaname's hair had been cut to barely touch his shoulders, curling elegantly against his slender neck. Yuuki had only a few inches cut off, with her hair still reaching far beyond the small of her back. Her bangs had been swept to the side, leaving the girl to smile happily at her appearance.

"Thank you so much, Cross—I mean, Uncle!"

"Yes, I am quite grateful for your services as well." The man bowed, placing a hand over his heart.

The bespectacled man blushed, waving his hands wildly. "Ah, you two flatter me. I'm just glad I got to see my darling niece and her friend."

His demeanor changed instantly as he gave a serious stare to the pureblood. "Just remember, Kaname-kun, that if you do anything that makes Yuuki cry, I won't forgive you." The glare was near chilling, surprising the man entirely. He seemed almost to be a different person, topaz eyes alight with hidden furry.

Before Kaname could respond the door to the shop swung open, a flash of silver darting into the room. "Ah, my son has come back! Welcome, Zero-kun!"

The youth's amethyst eyes locked onto the pureblood. He glared darkly, pulling out a gun from its holster. "Yuuki, get away from him! He's not what you think he is!"

The vampire pushed the brunette behind him, speaking in a controlled tone, although a hint of malice could be heard, "It is not polite to point a gun at someone you have just met."

The silverette growled, aiming at the man's heart. "Shut up! You have no right to speak, vampire!"

"Zero-kun, could you lower the gun, please? I actually know Kaname very well." Kaien spoke, all hints of the goofy, eccentric man gone, replaced by an authoritative voice.

Reluctantly, the hunter lowered his weapon, but kept it in his hand.

"You know me?" Kaname questioned, turning to face the flaxen-haired man.

"Well, more like I know of you. We met once or twice before, back when I was a hunter. You were certainly a handful then as well!" He chuckled, laughing at his own joke.

"I don't understand… are you implying—"

"Oh, Kaname-kun, you were one of the few purebloods back then who went against killing humans! You had garnered a few followers, but for the most part a majority of vampire society did not agree with your methods. Believe it or not, the Vampire Hunter Association had to protect you quite a few times!" He jeered, walking towards his adopted son.

"My goodness Zero, you owe Kaname-kun here an apology! He's been nothing but kind and you come in here and immediately point Bloody Rose at him. That's kind of cruel, considering that was his weapon at one point."

"What the hell are you talking about? I want answers now, Cross." Zero barked, finally putting the gun back in its holster.

"Calm down, Zero-kun! Let's have dinner at our house where we can discuss everything a bit more clearly!"

The dinner went by quietly, with Kaname and Zero sitting on opposite sides of the table. At one point Zero 'accidentally' threw a steak knife at the pureblood to which the brunette caught easily. He sent it back 'gently' nearly cutting the boy's ear as it sailed past him and dug into the wall.

"Boys, no throwing knives at the table!" Kaien whined, getting up to retrieve the knife.

Kaname took a sip of his water, turning his attention to the girl beside him. She seemed totally unfazed by the conflict, eating her meal happily. Somehow, the pureblood had the feeling it wasn't the first time Zero had thrown utensils at a dinner guest.

Once the flaxen-haired man returned to the table he dabbed his mouth with a napkin before coughing. "Now, Kaname-kun, I have a question for you. Where have you been these past centuries? One day you just disappeared, apparently leaving your nobles with little more than a parting glance."

"I do not know. I found myself inside the Kuran manor. I was locked inside a coffin and Yuuki was the one to wake me. My memories are still very hazy, however, and I am finding it hard to adjust to this new world."

The man chuckled, cutting into his steak. "You'll get used to it, eventually! As for your missing memories, that is quite perplexing. Yuuki, have your parents ever made mention of supernatural beings at all?"

She shook her head. "No, I'm not sure if they knew what was in the locked room either. They promised to tell me someday, but then a letter with a key appeared in front of my apartment door. It told me to 'find the secret.' I don't know whether my parents really knew what was inside; they could have been lied to. The manor has been in existence for centuries, or so I've been told."

Kaien folded his hands. "How strange. It seems that there is someone unknown pulling the strings to this charade. But, why now? Why would they want Kaname-kun to be revived now, at this time? When relations between humans and vampires is going smoothly?"

Silence followed. Zero looked away, clearly wanting to be anywhere but in the dining room. Yuuki looked down, clenching her fingers in her lap. There's so much I don't know. A whole side to a world I never knew existed.

"Uh, Uncle, I have a question for you as well. You called Kaname a 'pureblood.' Is that something special?" She piped up, curiosity in her voice.

Zero immediately stood up, taking his dish with him. "I'm going to my room."

The bespectacled man sighed, watching as the silverette ascended the stairs. "That boy… sometimes I fear he will let his emotions get the better of him someday and cause him to do something he will ultimately regret."

Kaien immediately put on a goofy smile, laughing. "Ah, I'm sorry that the mood has gotten so dark! Anyway, Yuuki, a pureblood is quite special. They are very few and are among the strongest of vampires. They are the ones who have the power to turn humans into vampires, unlike those of lower classes. And they can live forever."

She paused to absorb the information, looking into the pureblood's mahogany eyes. What a burden they must bear… she thought sadly.

Kaname suddenly felt a pressure deep in his mind, pressing against his very eyelids. He winced slightly, clutching at his head in pain.

"Kaname? Are you alright?" Yuuki questioned, noticing the pain clear in the vampire's eyes.

"I-I am alright. I think it is a memory… resurfacing." He groaned, the pain travelling from his head to his chest. Suddenly, there was darkness.

"Are you sure about this, Kaname-sama?"

The brunette turned his head to the remnants of a destroyed clock tower. The hands had been stuck forever in time at twelve o'clock.

He nodded. "Since we are tied through blood, my sleep should also put the beast to rest. However, the power needed to keep both of us asleep may cause some side-effects. Aidou, I entrust you to find someone to safeguard my coffin and the beast's. I do not know when I will eventually awaken, but you must find me before he does. If not, the human race may be doomed… forever."

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