It was just a normal day at Seattle Grace Mercy West. The Pit was booming with emergencies, every OR was booked and in use and every floor was running like a well oiled machine.

Callie Torres was the newly appointed Head of Orthopedics and loving every minute of it. She was one of the most well respected doctors in the hospital, often going above and beyond to help her patients and even the staff. Her name was well known in the medical community because she had created artificial cartilage and even won a Harper Avery for her achievement, making her the youngest person to ever win the award.

Unbeknownst to her... today was going to change her life. Forever.

In the form of a breathtaking blue eyed blonde.


"Torres! You ready for your first Head meeting?" Mark Sloan asks as he strides up to his best friend of 7 years. He was there for her through her divorce to George O'Malley and disaster relationship with Erica Hahn. She helped him man up and be a better man to his now wife, Lexie Grey. Callie is also the Godmother to Mark and Lexie's son, 2 year old Camden Andrew Sloan.

"You know it my friend. How's my boy doing this morning?" Callie asks as they make their way into the conference room and sit next to each other.

"He's good. Wouldn't stop talking about how his Aunt Cal Cal let him watch Ninja Turtles last night, and let him have gummy bears." Sloan replies, with a pointed glare at the guilty looking Latina.

"Hey, that's my nephew and Godson... he gets what he wants." The brunette replies with a shrug and snaps her attention when the door bursts open and in strides the Chief, and what Callie suspects is the most beautiful creature ever created. Blonde hair waving, blue eyes sparkling, confident swagger. She feels her mouth drop a little and she can't seem to take her eyes off the unknown woman. Webber goes to the head of the table as always, and the mysterious blonde follows suit, standing beside him, eyes scanning the room. When blue eyes met chocolate brown, Callie felt her world shift. Her heart started beating faster, her palms started to sweat, her breathing was silently becoming eratic. What the hell was happening to her?

The sound of Webber starting to talk broke her out of the staring contest with the blonde and directed her attention to the Chief. "Ladies and gentlemen, first I'd like to welcome Dr. Callie Torres to the Head meeting for the first time. I have a feeling Orthopedics will shine brightly now that she has taken the reigns." Everybody gives an applause for the newcomer, who is sporting a ridiculously adorable blush. "Now, I'm sure you've all noticed that I didn't arrive alone. This is Dr. Arizona Robbins, a spectacular Pediatric surgeon from Hopkins. We have a VIP patient coming in and I personally requested her to come here to consult on this case. Torres, Dr. Robbins will be needing your assistance for this surgery. I've cleared your surgical schedule so there wouldn't be any distractions while you come up with a plan of action. The patient will be arriving tomorrow morning, but you and Dr. Robbins can go through the charts and scans to get familiarized with the case." Both Arizona and Callie nod in approval, sharing a small smile with each other.

The rest of the meeting goes as planned and before too long, all of the Heads are leaving the conference room and going to their seperate floors when a tap on Callie's shoulder makes her stop and turn around to see the beautiful Dr. Robbins staring at her bright eyed with a dimpled smile.

"So, you're the famous Dr. Torres?" Arizona cheekily asks.

"Guilty." Callie responds with her own breathtaking smile.

Arizona's heart starts to beat faster at the sight. She knew as soon as she saw the stunning brunette that she had never seen someone so beautiful. How was she supposed to work with this woman and not want to rip her clothes off?

"Looks like we will be spending some time together for the next few days. Hope that doesn't ruin any plans of yours?"

"Please, helping a kid and spending time with a beautiful woman is hardly a hardship." Callie replies, going red at her admission that was supposed to stay in her head. Although, she is rewarded with a sweet laugh that she is now addicted to.

"Smooth. Alright, I have all the files and X-rays rea..." Arizona is cut off by the delightful squeal of an incredibly adorable kid running in their direction.

"Cal Cal!" Camden screams as he runs into the waiting arms of his favorite woman, next to his mother.

"Hey there handsome! How's my favorite guy?" Callie asks, as she peppers his face with kisses, successfully making the kid in her arms squeal and laugh. Lexie comes running up next to them and smiles at the obvious affection between the two.

"I was just taking him to daycare when he saw you and took off." Lexie explains, getting two blinding smiles from the pair.

Arizona is standing off to the side, just admiring the view. The stunning Latina just got hotter with her obvious affection towards children.

"Cam, I'd like you to meet someone." Callie says to the kid, satisfied just being in the Latina's arms. Callie walks over to Arizona and introduces them. "Cam, this is Dr. Robbins. She and I are going to be working together for a few days. Arizona, this is Camden Andrew Sloan, my Godson. Can you say 'Hi' Cam?" She asks, as she pokes her nose to his cheek.

"Hi." He shyly says, laying his head on Callie's shoulder.

"Hi cutie pie." Arizona responds, earning herself a small smile from the shy boy.

"Alright, we have to get going Cam. Mommy has to get ready for rounds." Lexie breaks up the intros. "Sorry, where are my manners? I'm Lexie Grey-Sloan." Lexie introduces herself, holding her hand out.

"Arizona Robbins, Peds surgeon from Hopkins." Arizona replies, taking the offered hand, shaking it firmly.

"Alright Cam, Mommy has to take you to daycare, but don't forget, I'll be picking you up later and we can go to the park." Callie reminds the little boy, now out of her arms and standing next to his mother, holding her hand. Callie bends down, giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek. "Love you to the moon."

"Love you to the stars." The boy replies with a giant smile. Arizona and Callie watch mother and son get on the elevator and refocus on each other once the doors close.

"He's insanely cute." Arizona comments, walking beside Callie towards the Ortho floor.

"Ridiculously so. Has me wrapped around his finger." They stop infront of an office door, Callie opening it up and leatting Arizona walk in first. "Shall we come up with a plan for our patient, Dr. Robbins?" Callie asks as she sits behind her desk, gesturing Arizona to have a seat.

"We shall." The blonde replies with a dimpled grin, making Callie swoon and melt into a puddle in her seat.


"Oh my God, that did not happen!" Arizona exclaims, laughing her ass off at the story the gorgeous brunette just told.

"It totally did happen! I can show you the X-rays and charts! It really did happen!." Callie replies, loving the fact that the reason for the angelic laughter is because of her. Well, actually, thanks to Sloan and Grey, but she also contributes her awesome storytelling skills to that laughter.

"Wow, she like... broke it?"

"Bent it is more like it. She may look sweet and innocent, but don't let that fool you."

"Wow." Is all Arizona could say as she got herself under control. They had long been done discussing the patient they shared. Coming up with a perfect plan and going over it multiple times. Arizona was blown away by the passion the brunette had for her specialty and could see that she was an incredible surgeon. Probably the best Orthopedist she had ever met, and she's met some pretty amazing Orthopods in her career. The fact that the Latina was the hottest woman she's ever seen had absolutely nothing to do with that assessment. Callie just so happened to look at the clock on her desk and frowned when she saw she had 20 minutes until she had to pick up Camden from daycare. She loved the little boy more than life itself, but she found herself never wanting to leave the blonde. That realization scaring the crap out of her, in the best ways.

"Sorry to have to cut this short, but I have to pick Cam up in about 20 minutes." Callie sadly relays.

"Oh crap... I didn't realize we've been here that long. I'm sorry."

"No worries, I enjoyed myself." Callie flashes her a breathtaking smile.

"Me too Dr. Torres."

"I think we're past the formalities. You can call me Callie."

"Then you can call me Arizona."

Callie gathers her things and they both leave the office.

"After we meet our patient tomorrow, I'm off. If you want, I can show you around the hospital... maybe buy you a cup of coffee?" Callie offers, trying not to sound as nervous as she is.

"Actually, after we meet our patient, I was just going to go back to the hotel. I had nothing else planned for the day." Arizona replies, the butterflies in her stomac not backing down.

"Well... if you had no plans, how about we leave the hospital together and get a cup of coffee at my favorite place? And, I can give you an amazing tour of Seattle."



"You're on." They both get into an elevator, Callie's having to stop at the floor before Arizona's. When they reach the floor for the daycare, Callie starts walking out, but turns when she hears her name. "Callie?" She raises an eyebrow. "Thanks for a great day." Arizona shoots her a killer wink and with just that gesture, Callie is sure she's died and gone to heaven.

They could be friends, right?

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