This was it. Callie had been through every scenario of how she wanted to propose to Arizona. Everything she came up with just didn't seem right. She needed it to be right. Arizona deserved nothing less than the perfect proposal. A lot of people would think she was crazy with what she finally came up with... but this is what she thought was perfect. She just hoped Arizona would think so too.

Early that morning

"Arizona?" Callie calls into the apartment, miffed as to why it was so silent. Arizona should have been up an hour ago to get ready for work. Callie was just coming home from working the over night shift at the hospital and she was exhausted. Her plan was to come home, kiss her beautiful girlfriend, make her breakfast and kiss her again. She was really looking forward to the kissing. She had missed her girlfriend something fierce since she got to the hospital. Their schedules have been opposite for the past week and she wasn't liking it one bit. "Arizona?!"

Fresh faced and showered, Arizona comes out of the bedroom in just a towel... "What? What's with the yelling Calliope?"

Callie turns around, her retort is caught in her throat when she sees the delectible sight of a near naked, dripping Arizona Robbins. The blonde just grins at the dumbstruck look on her girlfriends face and saunters right up to her, throwing her arms around the Latina's neck and giving her that kiss she's been aching for all night and morning. Callie slyly puts her arms around Arizona's waist, delicately pulling at the back of the towel. "Oops... how'd that happen?" Callie whispers against slightly bruised pink lips. They both chuckle and Arizona picks up her towel, drying her hair as she seductively sways her hips into the bedroom to get ready for work. Callie has to shake her head to get the oh so naughty thoughts running through them to break through. While Arizona gets ready, Callie hunkers down in the kitchen to cook her woman a good breakfast to start her day.

As Callie is flipping a pancake in the air, it hits her. This is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Something as mundane as making Arizona breakfast before work. Coming in from a night shift to recieve a dazzling smile from Arizona... getting a good morning kiss that is so electric, it could light up Seattle for a month. Arizona is the woman she wants to spend the rest of life with. She immediately starts to think of ways to propose to the amazing woman that she's inlove with. She's had a ring in mind for a couple of months that she saw while window shopping in Downtown Seattle. It would be perfect for Arizona and Callie would be proud to have her wear it. Suddenly, Callie isn't tired anymore and she has a million things running through her mind. The goofy grin on her face can't be wiped off, even when Arizona comes into the kitchen, fully dressed and ready for work.

"What's with the grin? I didn't know pancakes got you so excited." Arizona winks at Callie and sits down at the bar, ready for breakfast.

"Oh nothing... just thinking about how I'm going to greet you when you get home tonight." Callie responds, the butterflies in her stomach out full force with what she was really thinking about.

"I'm looking forward to it."


Arizona is exhausted. After her breakfast with Callie, she reluctantly had to leave for the hospital, only to be pushed into the ER when a daycare had caught fire and several children were caught in the mayhem. All the children brought to her thankfully survived their injuries thanks to her and Alex Karev's expertise.

All she wanted now was to go to her office and sleep for a few minutes before she's dragged in different directions and to work on the Pediatric budget for the month. Out of the corner of her eye, something... better yet, someone catches her attention. "Timmy?"

Tim cusses under his breath and turns around with a smile plastered on his face to greet his beloved sister. "Hey Zona. How's it going? You look exhausted."

"I am exhausted. What are you doing here?"

"Oh nothing... just stopped by to say hey!"

"You're lying. You weren't even coming in my direction." Arizona narrows her eyes at he brother. "What are you hiding Timothy Daniel Robbins?"

Tim squirms a little bit, knowing all too well how his sister's demanding voice and eue squint can bring down the manliest of men. He holds his own though.

"I was actually here to see if the Ortho nurse wanted to have lunch. You know... Sarah? Callie introduced us a couple of months ago." Whew, crisis adverted. Arizona smiles and Tim's heart rate goes back to normal because it appears she believes him.

"Good for you brother. It's about time you settle down." Arizona jokes, bumping her shoulder into him. They talk for a few minutes until Arizona's pager goes off. Sighing, she takes it off her lab coat and looks at it in confusion. "Conference 4?" She asks herself... not really knowing why she's being paged there. They didn't have a head meeting until tomorrow.

"Duty calls?" Tim asks, trying hard to surpress the smile he wants to show.

"Looks like it. I'll see you later. Stay out of trouble, yeah?"

"Always." When Arizona went around the corner, he couldn't hold in his smile any longer. "You better say yes." He whispers to himself and stealthly follows his sister, staying back so she doesn't see him.

Arizona makes it to the Conference room but it's locked, only confusing her even more. "Arizona!" The blonde about trips over herself when she hears name being called by the love of her life... even more confused now because she could've swore Callie said she was going to be at the apartment all day, catching up on her sleep.

"Calliope... what are you doing here? Did they page you to the Conference room too?"

Callie tries to remain neutral in her response, trying not to show her nervousness. "Uh yeah, do you know why?"

"I have no idea. It's locked." Arizona replies, trying to the door again. Just then, Callie comes up beside her, showing her a key. She slips it in, unlocking the door. Arizona just looks even more confused than before. "Calliope, what's going on?!" Her patience is starting to wear thin and nobody is telling her anything.

"Go in and see."

Arizona steps into the room, but suddenly stops as soon as she does. The room is lit with small candles, roses are cascading over the large long table in the middle... soft music can be heard out of the corner. As Arizona looks around in stunned silence, she looks at the head of the table, usually where Dr. Webber sits, and there is a very familiar light blue box in it's place. Her heart starts pounding as she sees Callie take a step towards it. When Callie takes the box off the table and walks towards Arizona with the dazzling smile that she fell inlove with so long ago, the butterflies in her stomach erupt and she doesn't know if she's been any happier.

"Yes." Arizona automatically says, halting Callie in her steps.

"Oh come Arizona... I had this big speech prepared!" Callie whines, secretly happy that Arizona was so willing to say yes that she didn't even need to be asked. Arizona laughs, tears burning her eyes, and shakes her head for Callie to continue what she needed to do so they coupld speed this along.

Callie takes the remaining steps towards Arizona, getting down on one knee, takes a deep breath and begins her speech.

"Arizona... this room is where I first laid eyes on you. This room is where I felt my whole world shift. When I looked into your eyes for the first time, I could've sworn that my heart stopped for a second. You were and are without a doubt, the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. Since that day, you have amazed me. First, with your beauty... then with your smile, then with your intelligence. When we first made love, and yes I consider it love, even if it was days after we met, I knew I was ruined for anyone else. I had to have you. I had to make you my girl, distance be damned. The second time this room changed my life was when you magically appeared and accepted the job here, making all my dreams come true. We were finally going to be living in the same city, working in the same hospital. I didn't think I could be any happier. Then you agreed to move in with me. I love knowing that when I get off from work, it is you I will be coming home to. It is you I will be sharing my bed with, even though you hog all the covers." At this, they both share a laugh, both of them wiping their eyes from the happy tears that flowed. "I will happily share the covers with you for the rest of my life. It only seemed right to have this moment, in this room, where you have changed my life several times. I don't know what the future holds in store for us... but I do know that whatever comes, we will make it through... because I love you more than any words can say. My life wouldn't be complete unless you were standing next to me, holding my hand." Callie opens up the light blue box and Arizona gasps, her hand covering her mouth and her other hand over her heart. This ring is absolutely gorgeous. Platinum with a shiny square diamond in the center, small diamonds around the band. "I know I should wait for the vows to say this, but Arizona Robbins... I promise you from this day forward, I will honor, cherish and love you the way you deserve. I will clean up after your messes that you love to leave... I will make sure to keep the freezer stocked with your favorite ice cream and I will promise that until my dying breath, I will make sure you know just how amazing, beautiful and loved you are." Arizona hasn't be able to stop the tears. This is without a doubt, the most amazing moment of her life. "Arizona Robbins, will you do the amazing honor and marry me?" Callie finally asks and it takes no time for Arizona to answer.

"Yes! Of course I will marry you Calliope!" Callie slips the ring on the blondes finger and gets to her feet, and wraps her arms around Arizona, lifting her off the ground. Their lips meet in a brusing kiss that they never want to end.

"I love you so much." Arizon whispers, lips still ghosting over her girlfr...fiancee's lips. Just the thought of that sends excitement throughout Arizona's entire body.

"I love you too... so so much."

The happy couple leave the conference room and are met with the sight of all their friends and Timothy. Everyone waiting, holding their breath. When Arizona flashes her ring and a giant smile, the entire group burst into cheers, crowding the newly engaged couple with hugs and congratulations.

Their road may have been rocky at the start... neither one knowing whether they would make it or not, but what they've learned is that when you love someone... truly love someone... anything is possible. The best kind of love is one we don't see coming. Just slaps us right in the face. That unexpected love makes the world brighter when you find it.


A/N So, that's it. Like I said, this story wasn't meant to be a long one. It was actually longer than I planned it lol I will write an Epilogue for this story soon. Kinda just give it closure. I know this was super short, but I like it. Thank you everyone that stuck through this story. I hope you enjoyed it. XOXO