NCIS –Run Down

Set after 'singled out' so Spoilers up to that episode. I love the father-son relationship Tony has with Gibbs and I can see that while Gibbs was in Mexico he sort of moves that onto Fornell so here we go, enjoy part one of 2!

Tony needs a break from his team so he calls an old/new friend from the FBI for drinks. Let's just say Gibbs doesn't approve of his SFA's friendship/father-son relationship with Fornell.

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or it's characters or the whiplash inducing plot line.

Part One

Tobias Fornell was leaning against the metal walls of the elevator of the NCIS building. Visitor pass clipped on his suit jacket and hands shoved into said suit. He normally didn't come into the NCIS Navy Yard unless he was working a joint case but this time it was a special occasion. Well it had all started when he was sitting at his desk finishing up some paper work when his phone rang and he answered it with his standard 'Fornell'. It turned out to be the one and only Tony DiNozzo wondering if they could go get some drinks after work. Maybe it was the fact that the younger man's voice was shaky or maybe the fact the two of them have gotten closer over the past 4 months but either way here was Tobias riding up to gather Tony so they could head off to a bar. Normally Tony met him at the bar but today he said if he could come up and grab him he would really appreciated it. So that was what Fornell was doing, he was worried about the younger man he didn't sound that good on the phone and Fornell would never admit it but he was worried.

The elevator dinged as the doors slid open and he headed over to the bullpen expecting to see Tony bent over some paper work at the team leader desk but stopped short when he saw one Jethro Gibbs sitting back at his old desk and Tony nowhere in sight.

"Fornell?" Gibbs stood up from his desk, looking at his old FBI friend who had just entered the bullpen.

"Gibbs, so you're back from Mexico." Fornell tried to keep his face straight as the NCIS agent came over and they shook hands politely. Tony had forgotten to mention that piece of information last time they saw each other and he wasn't one to listen to the FBI gossip vine.

"Yeah I'm back, not that I'm not glad to see a familiar face but why are you here?" Gibbs questioned.

"Well I'm not here to try to get DiNozzo to join the FBI again." Fornell joked but quickly went silent at the confused look he was getting. "Never mind, speaking of where is DiNozzo?"

"Ah, sorry I'm late Tobias. I had to talk with the Director." Tony called from the staircase as he jogged down the steps and into the bullpen.

"It's alright Tony, you ready to go?" Tobias turned to look at Tony who was putting on his jacket and grabbing his backpack.

"Yeah I am, thanks for coming up." Tony smiled shyly.

"Nah don't worry about it, I always get a kick out of the look on Sack's face whenever you come up to get me." Tobias stated and Tony laughed at the memory.

"Where are you going DiNozzo, I don't have your report yet." Gibbs said harshly.

"Look at the bottom of the pile Boss, I had mine in before McGee and Ziva." Tony sighed like he had been in this same situation on a regular basic. "Let's go Toby." Tony turned his back on Gibbs.

"You know I hate that nickname." Tobias nodded at Gibbs before him and Tony walked towards the elevator.

"Aw come on it's totally you." Tony grinned.

"I will smack you DiNusto." Tobias threatened.

"I know you will but you won't." Tony smirked.

"Yeah, yeah I know you know. Hey Emily wants to know when her big brother Tony is coming back over for dinner." Tobias mentioned and he caught sight of Gibbs staring after the two of them.

"Hm I don't know, I do a have the weekend off hopefully so maybe I could come over and help make dinner?" Tony suggested.

"Sounds like a plan, Emily will be so happy to hear that." Tobias smiled at the thought of his little girl.

"How is Emily since the last time I saw her?" Tony asked as they entered the elevator, jabbing the correct button looking back at the bullpen where Gibbs still stood with a confused look on his face.

"Getting bigger everyday, it's getting hard to believe." Fornell shook his head fondly as the door closed.

"I guess I have some explaining to do huh?" Tony glanced at Fornell.

"Gee ya think?" Fornell rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, it's a long story which I shall tell you over drinks because after the week I've had I really need one." Tony rubbed his right hand over his eyes.

"Then you are getting some solid sleep, you look like crap." Fornell observed.

"Yeah I bet I do." Tony shook his head as they walked toward Fornell's car.

Soon they found them selves seated at their normal bar with their normal drinks and food plates in front of them.

"So start talking." Fornell instructed as Tony took a bite of his wrap.

"Well, do you want the long winded version or the short and to the point version?" Tony asked.

"You know me."

"Short and to the point, right okay." Tony sipped his beer before leaning his forearms on the table in front of him. "So as you know I was placed as Team Leader while Gibbs was gone, no one other than Jimmy seemed to care about me and they always kept reminding me that I wasn't Gibbs, but you know all this already so I'm just going to skip ahead." Tony ran a hand through his hair. "Ziva got in some trouble, it looked like she killed some guys and while I was back at NCIS trying to work out how to help her, and she went to Gibbs. One call from her and he was back in the states, she went to him to help her because she doesn't trust me enough to help her. Long story short we got her out of the jam and then Gibbs disappears again before he reappears again to help out his old Boss Mike Franks. I was put on protective detail for Franks but I was knocked out… I thought it was by a team but it turned out it was by Franks so he could go rouge. That didn't bother me as much as what I saw next, or didn't see I suppose. Gibbs found out it was Franks who attacked me and he did nothing… Not a thing, he just let him walk back to Mexico. The Gibbs I worked with for so long wouldn't have let that slid." Tony stopped so he could gulp down some more beer.

"Ah man that is messed up Tony…" Fornell started but stopped when Tony held up his hand.

"Oh I'm not done yet and yeah this is the short and to the point version if you can believe it." Tony chuckled humorlessly, Fornell made a 'go on' gesture with his beer bottle. "So after we finish that case we come back to the bullpen and Gibbs was back in his old desk, all my things were in a box and sitting on my old desk. Not a word of warning, nothing just oh look I'm back so your demoted, hoped you had a fun ride but it's over now. Then ever since everyone minus Ducky has been over the moon that Gibbs is back and they don't see how wrong he still is. Director Shepard then came to me today with an offer, a promotion to team lead out in Rota, Spain… I had to think it over so I went through the case and heard from McGee that I didn't deserve to lead my own team and no one else even gave it a second thought that I might be skilled enough to lead my own team, all they cared about was the fact that Gibbs was back and I would never be him." Tony shook his head as he drained his beer.

"…So what did you say to the Director about the offer?" Fornell asked trying to wrap his head around what Tony has been going through.

"I told her no, I'm the only one who knows that Gibbs isn't right, and I mean have you seen his mustache? I'm the only one who can make him right again…" Tony answered.

"That may be one reason but what is the other reason." Fornell said and Tony blinked at him. "Don't give me that look Tony, we have been friends since that joint case 4 months ago. I know all your little defense tricks, so tell me the real reason why."

"I guess you didn't make it into the FBI for your looks huh?" Tony teased and yelped when Fornell's foot made contact with his shin. "Alright, alright. I guess the reason is that I don't really trust NCIS all that much anymore…If you asked me to come join the FBI as your second right now I doubt I would have a good enough excuse to say no." Tony picked at the fries on his plate.

"Wow, it must be bad if you are considering coming over to 'the dark side' as you put it." Fornell stared wide-eyed.

"Yeah you're telling me…" Tony sighed.

"But there is something else isn't there." Fornell pressed.

"How do you do that?" Tony looked at him with wide eyes.

"It's a gift, plus I can always tell when something is bothering you." Fornell said proudly.

"Am I that transparent?" Tony joked.

"Only to those who know you well. I bet Jimmy can see right through you." Fornell smirked.

"Yeah he really can, Abby used to be able to but then she went into Gibbs mode and it kind of died out…" Tony sighed. "Alright what I'm about to tell you is classified, like you can not tell ANYONE or else kind of classified, not even Gibbs."

"I know what classified is Tony." Fornell rolled his eyes.

"Alright… Once I was made team leader after Gibbs left for his Mexican siesta the Director pulled me aside and put me on an undercover assignment… I can't tell you exactly what it is but if it goes well then a huge player could be taken out. It's personal for the Director and I know better than to get involved with other people's personal grudges but she said if I didn't do this for her I wouldn't have a job at NCIS or any other agency out there so I'm now stuck in her web and I don't think I can get out." Tony explained in a hushed tone.

"She threatened your job?" Fornell's voice was full of anger.

"Yeah…" Tony nodded before looking down at his plate of food.

"Tony, I'm really sorry but as you know my offer still stands." Fornell told him gently.

"Yeah but I think if I tried to leave for the FBI now she wouldn't let it slid so easily." Tony sighed. "I think she offered me that Rota position to test me, I plan on doing some research to see if it was actually legit."

"She wouldn't do that, she is the director of NCIS." Fornell tried to assure Tony.

"You don't know her like I do Tobias, she is getting wrapped up with this case and I don't know what will happen to me if it all comes crashing down." Tony put his head in his hands.

"You will pull through like you always do, you don't let anything hold you down for long and remember if you need to talk it out I've always got an ear for you. Now I think you need to get some rest, you look like you've been up for hours on end. Wait let me guess you have been?"

"Maybe…" Tony shifted his eyes around and Tobias rolled his own as he put money down on the table.

"Come on, you can crash in your room."

"You mean the spare bedroom."

"No I mean your room, after the last time you were there Emily put a sparkly sign up on it that says 'Big Brother Tony's Room.' I'm not even joking you. You look pretty run down kid."

"This I have to see, hey… Thanks Tobias and yeah I am pretty run down now that you mention it." Tony smiled.

"Hey what are friends for? I thought as much, you really need a break."

Later that night found Tony passed out on the bed in the spare bedroom at Tobias's house, the door did indeed have a pink sparkly sign that Emily made for him. Tobias was leaning against the doorframe looking at the NCIS agent.

"Gibbs and your director really are doing a number on you kid." Tobias mumbled to himself. "Sleep well Tony." He closed the door and slumped down on the couch in the living room. Tony really needed a break from NCIS, an idea popped into Tobias's head; he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hello Director…Yes I know it's late, but I was wondering if you could do me a favor…" Tobias smiled in the darkness.