NCIS –Run Down

FallenQueen2: Hi everyone, this is the final chapter of Run Down and I just wanted to thank you all for your support and love for this story. So Gibbs at one point will be OOC but it's needed, as he can't be a bastard 24/7. I hope this wraps up nicely for you all and keep on rocking.

Part Ten-Final Chapter

Tony DiNozzo leaned against the railing overlooking the office below him. Agents were rushing about tracking down leads for cases, joking with each other to easy the tension and some fast asleep at their desks. These agents knew what they were doing and would stop it nothing until they finished what they were assigned to do.

"Director? He's here." Agent Winters who was holding a clipboard informed the man overlooking the operation below him.

"Thank you Dan… About time you got here, I was thinking you weren't going to show up today." Tony stated with a smirk, turning to look at the new comer.

"I was here yesterday wasn't I DiNozzo?" Came Gibbs reply.

"I'm just glad you didn't skip town Jethro." Tony beamed at the familiar man who was drinking a cup of coffee. "Coffee here is better isn't it? Italians do it right." Tony said smugly.

"I hate to admit it but yes Italian coffee is better than DC coffee." Gibbs grudgingly admitted.

"And the marina's and the wood and the hand tools?" Tony pressed, his smile growing bigger.

"Better." Gibbs rolled his eyes. "I get your point, Rome is better than DC."

"I think so as well. So Mr. Bodyguard, are we still going to lunch?" Tony smirked.

"I'm not your damn assistant Tony, I'm your personal bodyguard because god knows you need one." Jethro snorted.

"Thanks for taking my offer Jethro." Tony said softly and Gibbs sent him one of his now not as rare smiles. The man wasn't as much as a bastard as he was before, it seemed a change of setting was just what he needed to return to his old self.

"I told Fornell that you were my agent and I wasn't planning on letting you go so easily. Besides this place is better than the Navy Yard, no orange walls." Gibbs nodded at the pale blue walls.

"Glad you like it here so much, oh speaking of… Tobias and Emily's plane should be landing soon. It's Em's break and she insisted on coming down here to visit me. I believe that Ducky is travelling with them, he is loving his retried life but we both know he wants to check in on us before starting his tour of Europe." Tony chuckled as the two men walked down the staircase to hear the familiar thudding of platforms boots. Tony grunted as the head of the forensic unit Abby Sciuto threw the new director into a huge hug that he had become used to. The agents in the building where used to the way the Goth carried herself and how she loved hugs and they all accepted it with open minds and arms.

"Hey Abs, are you coming to lunch with us?" Tony asked into her raven pigtails.

"Of course I am Tone, do you even have to ask?" She huffed. "Don't worry he should be up here in a moment, one of his assistants stopped him and asked him to sign off on a transfer."

"Ah sorry Tony." Jimmy Palmer the head ME came rushing over to them.

"Not a problem Jimmy. Well let's head out." Tony said cheerfully, waving at the agents in the bullpen and they all grinned and waved back at their director.

This agency had been pulled together in secret under the direct order of the president and SecNav themselves. It contained the best of the best from all the agencies around the world, mainly FBI, NCIS, Customs and DEA. The only NCIS agents that were brought in where all brought in by their amazing director. Anthony DiNozzo Jr. Each agent didn't have anything bad to say about their director, actually he was hardly their director he was more their friend than anything else. He made it perfectly clear that he wanted to be addressed as Tony, DiNozzo or Boss if needed. Never Director or sir, it just never sat well with him so the agents never called him that unless in a meeting with important people like the SecNav or the President. It wasn't uncommon for Tony to come down to each team and talk with each agent, to get updates on not only the cases but their own lives which he took interest in making them feel special and cared about.

It wasn't uncommon for an older male marine to be stuck to Tony's side like glue; many rumors went around the office about who he was and how he got to become Tony's personal bodyguard. One day Tony gathered the attention of the office and told them how he had been Gibbs SFA back in DC and how after some bumps in the road he still trusted no one else but him to watch his sixth, that is why he was here as his personal bodyguard. Sometimes Tony would slip back into his old SFA mindset and could be heard calling Gibbs 'Boss,' or saying 'On you sixth boss.' The agents understood why he sometimes slipped back into that mindset and no one called him on it.

Tony also went on to clear up the mystery surrounding Abby and Jimmy, who both turned up one day already in lead positions. After hearing stories from Tony and Abby herself, then seeing the two in action there was no doubt that the two had earned their place in the agency.

Everyone respected their new director and anyone who he brought in was met with friendliness and respect. There were no secrets in this agency and no one had any personal life threatening agenda's, that Tony personally made sure of. To show respect to the many different cultures in the office and the fallen, Tony cut off a room and it turned it into a room that contained all the different religions and photos of the fallen. Kate Todd, Shannon and Kelly Gibbs and Chris Pacci were the 1st photos up there and everyone paid their respects in their own way to everyone in that room. It helped people to let go of their pain when someone they worked with passed on and no one went on off the books revenge missions anymore. Everything Tony did was for the best interests of the agency as a whole and everyone trusted him and he trusted his agents.

Tony, Gibbs, Abby and Jimmy where all seated at a long table in a private room of a local restaurant that they arranged to meet Fornell, Emily and Ducky at. They talked like old times; they avoided talking about those who they left behind in NCIS. Tony had offered each of the people sitting at the table in front of him their current positions at different times.


"Hey Black Lung, how ya doing?" Tony asked leaning against the doors of Autopsy inside the Navy Yard. It had been around two weeks since Tony had been kidnapped and shot, he had been in meetings with SecNav and the directors of FBI, DEA, Customs and sometimes the President was there VIA video call since he got out and he had accepted the position of being the director of the new agency, under the condition that he got to pick and choose three of the main jobs. They agreed to this and that was the reason Tony had snuck into the Navy Yard.

"Tony! You startled me! It's great to see you!" Jimmy hopped out of his chair and the two men exchanged a quick hug. "What brings you by? I thought you would be avoiding this place…" Jimmy trailed off.

"Actually I'm here on business, I took the offer Jimmy. I'm the new Director over in Rome." Tony informed the ME, he had told the younger man of the job offer during his recovery in the hospital.

"Congrats Tony, that is amazing! I know you will be the best director you there." Jimmy said proudly.

"Thanks Jimmy… I came here to offer you something Jimmy. It's kind of huge and I understand if you refuse… I would like you to be the lead ME in the agency out in Rome with me." Tony dropped his bombshell watching the shell-shocked look on Jimmy's face.

"M-Me?" Jimmy squeaked.

"Yes you, I know what you are capable of, I know what you have learnt from Ducky and if you are willing I would love to have you as part of my agency. I'll give you some time to think it over, just let me know before the end of the week. Consider this Jimmy, you deserve it, Ducky agrees." Tony squeezed Jimmy's shoulder before leaving the room, heading to his next stop leaving the man to his thoughts.


Tony felt like pacing outside of Abby's lab, but he knew that he would have to man up and face the Goth and explain everything to her and maybe get down on his knees and beg for her to believe him. Besides she had a sixth sense about people whom where outside her lab. He took a deep breath, squared his shoulders and entered the unusually silent lab to see the Goth sitting on her lab chair, Bert the farting hippo clutched in her arms and her eye makeup was smudged like she had been crying.

"Hi Abs." Tony said softly, hoping calling her by her nickname was still all right.

"TONY!" Abby cried, throwing him into an Abby patented bone-crushing hug.

"Whoa there!" Tony grunted as he wrapped his arms around the Goth, spinning her around like old times.

"Oh Tony, Tony, Tony. How can you even face me? I can't even face me!" Abby sniffed loudly pulling away from his arms.

"Abby?" Tony asked gently as the Goth slumped back into her chair.

"Agent Fornell told me what has been happening and god I was blind and stupid and I only thought about Gibbs and how it affected me. I didn't at all think about how it affected you and how the others saw you! I mean whenever McGee or David where down here they were here to complain about you, never about the case and you were being worked off your feet while they did nothing, while I did nothing!" Abby ranted, pulling at her pigtails in anger.

"Whoa there Abs. Don't pull out your pretty hair!" Tony pulled Abby's fingers from her hair. "Do you recognize your mistake?" He asked seriously.

"Yes I do Tony, I wasn't there for you when you sorely needed it. I now know that by having photos of Gibbs everywhere and making you a 'trainee' for the 1st month or so was underneath me and I really shouldn't have done that. I am from the bottom of my heart truly sorry Tony." Abby wiped her nose, sniffing again. "I would totally understand if you never spoke to me again, hell I don't even want to speak to me and I am me!"

"Oh Abs, I could never stay mad at you. You're my little sister and I will always love you. As long as you learnt you lesson and will never do something like this again then all is forgiven." Tony smiled.

"I promise, god I promise Tony." Abby nodded her head before burying her face in his chest, sniffing once more. "I love you too big bro."

"What are you feeling about NCIS right now?" Tony pressed, changing the subject.

"After the whole thing with Director Sheppard and Ziva and McGee, I'm not sure what I want to believe anymore." Abby confessed.

"Then I think you should consider what I have to offer you." Tony said pulling over Abby's second desk chair.

"What is it Tony?" Abby asked confused.

"Tobias told you about the offer I got to become director correct?" Abby nodded at Tony's question, she was over the moon for her surrogate big brother when she heard. "Well I want you to come with me. To Rome and become the head of the forensics' unit, who will consist of people handpicked by you." Abby stared in shock at Tony, her mind couldn't seem to process this offer. "I know it's a lot to take in and think about, but I really believe that you are to be there. I will give you a week to make up your mind and I really hope you will take me up on the offer." Tony pecked Abby's cheek before leaving the lab with a stunned Goth in his wake.


"Well this is going to be the hardest conversation by far." Tony muttered as he pulled into the driveway of one L.J Gibbs. He cut the engine, spotting the basement light on like per normal. "Wonder if his door is still unlocked." Tony mused as he slowly made his way to Gibbs' front door that at a push from his index finger creaked open. "That answers that, alright DiNozzo, you can do this." Tony steeled himself and headed down the old wooden stairs to the basement where Gibbs was sanding away.

"Hi Boss." Tony said out of habit, settling down on the 3rd step, back to the wall so he was facing the silver haired man.

"DiNozzo." The steely blue eyes flashed over the young man, as if checking for wounds.

"The door was open…" Tony trailed off.

"It's always open to you." Gibbs reminded him.

"So… I think we need to talk…" Tony cleared his throat. "I never got to tell you… Well I mean to say… Thank you for saving me." Tony said awkwardly.

"I always have your sixth Tony." Gibbs pointed out as he walked across to his workbench. "Even if I haven't really been there recently and I let a lot of things slip by that I shouldn't have."

"Well you had a lot on your mind, trying to regain your memory and all…" Tony said weakly.

"No, that's no excuse. I'm about to break one of my rules. Tony, I am sorry about all the pain I've caused you. I know nothing can truly make that go away, but I will try my damnest to fix this rift between us." Gibbs said honestly looking Tony in the eyes.

"Thank you Jethro… Then I think you should consider my offer… I don't know if Tobias told you about my offer from SecNav and the President…"

"He did." Gibbs grunted pour two cups of bourbon, handing on to the man on his stairs before sitting down at the base of the staircase, looking at the green eyed man.

"Well I have accepted but I have an offer for you… I want you to be my personal bodyguard…" Tony gulped down some of the strong alcohol, not meeting Gibbs eyes.

"You want me to protect you, the new director?" Gibbs asked shocked at the offer.

"Yeah, I don't think I could trust anyone else to have my sixth like you always have, even if you have been slacking off as of late." Tony teased slightly before turning serious. "I'm serious about the offer Jethro, I want you to have my sixth. I trust you and you know me better than anyone else. It's a big change so you will have until the end of the week to make up your mind. I'll respect your choice whatever you choose." Tony finished his drink, placing the cup down. He flashed Gibbs a real smile before exiting the basement and leaving the driveway in his car.

"Well now it's time to play the waiting game." Tony mumbled.

A day later his phone buzzed with an answer from Jimmy. The day after was the answer from Abby and at the end of the week was the answer from Gibbs. Now here they all were in Rome, Italy, everything was falling into place. Ducky and Tony had made up right before he went to talk to Jimmy it was hard to stay mad at the older man. Ducky was now retried and sadly his mother passed and decided he wanted to travel around Europe, his 1st stop was going to be in Rome before he headed off to Naples and onwards. Fornell was getting near his retirement age and Emily was soon going to go off to college, she was very interested in colleges in Rome and Tony knew Fornell was looking into an apartment in the city. If things worked out Tony's whole family would be together once more. He didn't keep tabs on Ziva or McGee and to be honest he didn't really care what they did after Tony had stolen away Gibbs, Jimmy, Abby and Ducky had retired. All he cared about was enjoying time with his family and keeping them and his agents safe at any cost. He still went out in the field with Gibbs like the old days because no one knew Tony was the director of the unnamed agency. It was more secret than the secret service which was saying something and they saved the world numerous times and still didn't get any credit but Tony rather not get credit because that would jeopardize their agency and he won't let that happen. He still complained to Gibbs about it and the older man simply delivered a softer version of a head slap.

Everything was the way it should be.