Aaand another one! This episode's the one with the finger-snap-brain-windows.

Cathica Santini Khadeni

The Long Game, S01E07

She was nervous. And rightly so. What the hell was she supposed to do anyway? It wasn't her business. It wasn't her fault. She had been quite content to just relay information, like she was supposed to. She was an honest-to-Employer journalist. She paid her levies. She dressed appropriately. She had been careful to toe the line all the time, doing exactly what a good employee was expected to do, doing everything she could to earn that promotion. Hoping, and trying, and snivelling and sucking it up for three whole years.

In the end, it was a good thing she wasn't promoted after all. Someone, somewhere, didn't seem to think she was just another of those simple, ambitious bitches. Of course she wasn't –she'd felt sorry for Suki, hadn't she?

A loud beep reminded her that the review board was approaching the satellite. Damn. She'd raided a first-aid pack and pilfered several Calmpatches for herself. She slapped another one on her arm irritably, her mind returning to its unending defensive thought cycle. Not my fault, not my fault, she chanted to herself.

His face suddenly popped up in her mind. He was solemn but his eyes were twinkling. "You'll manage," he'd said. Perhaps the highest compliment he could give anyone. And then, with a small smile, he'd explained that the human race would rise again, create the 'Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire'. "All back to normal," he'd said. Normal? Normal? She resisted the urge to stick another Calmpatch onto her skin. Any more and she'd be catatonic.

Catatonic reminded her of… that place. Where she'd seen Suki and Steve and Rodriguez and the legendary Alfonse, who'd been promoted within days of his arriving on the satellite. All of them frozen, catatonic. Dead. And with the memory of that place came the memory of the words she'd heard there. Cattle, that white-haired idiot had called the humans. Cattle! She remembered her massive rage at those words, fed in no small part by a nagging feeling that he was right, that they really were no more than glorified cattle, willing to accept everything at its face value, to do everything as commanded. Then came the Doctor's voice, explaining the situation succinctly, willing for her to take action. Using his words, with righteous fury as her driving force, she had taken action. And did it feel fantastic! For the first time in her life, she actually felt like she was doing something right, something worthwhile. Forget getting promoted to an office space made of gold; she'd just saved the entire bloody human race.

A smirk curved her lips and she stopped pacing.

Oh, who was she kidding? It was her fault.

And she was proud of it.

A/N: This little chapter was surprisingly very little about the Doctor, and more about Cathica herself. I like characters like hers, characters that irritate me profoundly at first and redeem themselves beautifully by the end. No wonder I love Hermione Granger, eh?

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