Immediately, Sonja got up, lit a candle and headed towards Leyna's room. Only, to her surprise, a light was coming from it already—and noises.

Sonja slowly drew closer to her sister's door. The noises were audible, enough for her to hear.

"Please, princess, let me sleep on your bed."

Sonja couldn't bear to look. But she knew it would be over soon.

"Enough, frog. Go back to sleep."

"Let me sleep on your bed, or else I will tell your father."

That was quite an unusual request. It was almost as if he were demanding rather than asking in his usual courteous way. Suddenly—a BANG. This was too much for Sonja to bear, and she hurried into her sister's room.

The sight was quite shocking. Her sister was against the wall opposite her bed. And on the wall which her bed was against was a frightening green slimy blob sliding down. "Now be quiet, you horrid frog!" shouted Leyna.

"NO!" cried Sonja, realizing what Leyna had done. And with that, Sonja ran towards the bed, catching the blob—the frog—in her hands.

"Sonja? W-what…" stammered Leyna, not understanding her sister's reaction. But to both of their astonishment, the slimy blob suddenly began to glow and grow and change shape, until no more was the incapacitated frog but a handsome young man in a green tunic, lying on the bed in Sonja's arms. However, he was quite pale and not stirring, and Sonja began stroking his head in panic.

Leyna, still confused, attempted to speak again. "Sonja, who…"

"His name's Edgar, and yes, I know him," said Sonja. Turning back to Edgar, she checked for a pulse. "Don't leave me," she whispered.

Suddenly, she felt him stir. He was alive! Edgar slowly opened his eyes, squinting in astonishment when he saw her. "Sonja…"

"I'm sorry, Edgar," she said. "I knew you were telling the truth…"

"No, forgive me," he said. "I should have told you about all of this sooner."

Sonja smiled. "I suppose we'll have much to talk about."

"Catching up? Shouldn't be a problem," said Edgar returning her grin. And with that, the two immediately fell into each other's arms and kissed, only after a moment, Sonja realized that Leyna was still in the room, and she had to interrupt her reunion with Edgar so that she could properly introduce him to her and explain everything that had happened. Edgar contributed to the story as well, and it turned out that instilling an "act of passion" in Leyna could easily mean instilling an angry passion, which was what he had intended to do. Leyna, of course, was quite forgiving and relieved that she would not have to spend the rest of her life with a talking frog.

Sonja's father, who had been woken up by the loud BANG that had commenced when Leyna had thrown her froggy suitor, went to Leyna's room to find his daughters and a strange young man. At first he was rather suspicious, but after they explained everything, he was quite happy that everything had been sorted out—that Leyna was no longer upset, that the prince's curse was broken, and that Sonja had developed an attachment to the young man.

In fact, so happy was the king that he allowed Edgar to court Sonja until they were ready to wed. And when Edgar and Sonja finally decided to marry, a great celebration was held. Sonja was finally able to meet Henry—whose own curse was broken—and thanked him for telling her everything when Edgar could not. Leyna continued to play with her golden ball, even during the ceremony. To this day, she perhaps still does.

And Sonja and Edgar lived happily for the rest of their days.

The End